Bolt – Meaning of Dream


A bolt which appeared in a dream, bodes obstacles that might arise in the realization of own plans. If the bolts are in poor condition, then your hopes for a good outcome of the business would be futile, and expectations will be in vain.

If in a dream you were holding a bolt in your hands, in the upcoming future you will earn money by hard and monotonous work, presupposing neither creative nor intelligent load. Perhaps this will be the reason of your intolerance for the drawbacks of others. In turn, it may lead to family quarrels and tension in the relationship with relatives.

Extremely unfavorable dream is if a dreamer sees a bunch of very different screws and bolts. This is a prediction of bad relationship at work and possible insults from colleagues.

If you scatter bolts – you will encounter mess and bustling, you will have problems with people you love.

If you see bolts in rust and quite old, this dream foretells unfulfilled hopes.

A dream as if you screw bolts signifies that you should be more prudent and diligent.

Screw in Miller’s dream book is evidence that you have to work in the sphere that is unattractive for you. Moreover this job is not only difficult and tedious, but also thankless. In addition, you will be surrounded by a very grumpy people with whom, nevertheless, you will have business relations.

If you got injured because someone threw a screw at you, then you will not be able to use your credit. However, you will easily find a way out. Screws also serve as a warning of the need to diligently fulfill your duties and save money.


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