Bogie – Meaning of Dream


After a dream about a bogie/brownie, the modern dream book suggests that it will be extremely difficult for you to keep calm. Most likely you will be upset with some accidental misunderstanding.

If in a dream you are friendly with a bogie, then be ready for a very unusual and pleasant experience. Unfavorable sign is if you get rid of a bogie, hence no one guards your house. This dream predicts a significant deterioration of family relations. You can avoid this if you pay more attention to people you love.

If you see yourself as a brownie, it tells that your active work outside the home leaves no time for a loved one. This may lead to the rupture of relations.

Miller stated in his dream book that if a bogie has chosen your house in a dream, it bodes prosperous life. Living in your house, it will bring good changes that should be felt in the near future. If you do not like that a bogie lives in your house, then you might face serious family conflicts. The same meaning has a dream in which a bogie leaves your house. If you are afraid of a brownie, it is a sign of possible errors in relations with close relatives.

Vanga stated that a brownie is seen in dreams of those people whose behavior is reprehensible, but all sorts of evil forces like it. Particularly a bad omen is benevolent conversations with a bogie. This dream says that the dreamer does not control own life.

If you witness the mischief of a brownie, it bodes that your tricks might harm people around. If you expel a bogie from your house, it is a good dream predicting that soon a dreamer will realize own mistakes and will repent of bad deeds. Because of this, his/her life will change for the better.



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