Blood – Meaning of Dream


Blood or bleeding is not the most auspicious sign in a dream. If the blood comes out of the cut or wound, it foretells anxious restlessness or illness. In addition, you risk failing with business transactions – if you have foreign companions, you should make all possible not to let the deal go wrong.

If you dreamed of blood-stained clothes, beware of your enemies in the coming days – they are looking for an opportunity to interfere with your prospects and plans; the strange friends should also be avoided.

If you see your hands in blood, this is a signal of close failure. However, this dream is a warning, because the problems can be avoided if you undertake due care and caution. In any case, bleeding is an indication that fortune had left you.

According to Miller’s dream book, if you see clothing stained with blood, it indicates your big career prospects. However, this dream warns that your enemies do everything possible to prevent you from being promoted. In the coming days you should avoid making new friendships, especially with people who seem strange to you. If you dream of bleeding, it portends a possible disease or anxiety in the near future.

In Vanga’s interpretation blood symbolizes strength and indestructibility of kinship, punishment and conflicts. If you dream of a bleeding wound, it indicates longing for the one you loved, and who died recently. Blood on the clothes is an omen that people in your surrounding will have a negative impact on your reputation.

If you dreamed of a fight, you defended yourself and swipe the opponent that he/she started bleeding, you should beware of upcoming conflicts, as your intervention in quarrels and scandals between relatives may result in serious risks and disastrous consequences. A dream, in which you drink delicious cool water, which turns out to be blood and you see your hands, clothes and mouth in the blood, is a very bad omen. It symbolizes the ancient and powerful curse that lies on your family, and your life can derail. The curse will last until you ask the Creator for forgiveness for the sins committed by your ancestors.

Blood and bleeding in Freud’s interpretation tells that you tend to take seriously each of your intimate relationship, despite the fact that you had a lot of them.



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