Blackjack – Meaning of Dream


Pleasant or frightening, warning about the impending trouble or luck, showing the past or the near future – these are all the dreams that people see every day. Striving to interpret a dream has always chased people who tried to know something about their future, to learn at least something what to expect.

During the day, people absorb a lot of information that enters their head as continuous stream. Human subconscious mind stores only important and significant information, and the rest of the data is filtered out. In spite of this, people still remember the smallest details of everything that happens to them. This happens due to the fact that subconscious mind first collects and then analyzes the information received. In a dream, the human subconsciousness always comes out on top, thereby showing the information which a person missed, using the dreams.

This fact complicates the re-evaluation of the meaning of dreams, but you can not exclude the fact that dreams can be formed under the influence of impressions received during the day, or it can be the echo of recent past events. Yet dreams are inexhaustible sources of information.

For example, if you consider a dream about winning, especially if it is a game of Blackjack, it is a sign of a winning over some difficult situation, battle, victory over the disease and the improvement of stability.

If you win a lot of money in a game of Blackjack, it is a sign of bad society, which you can’t get rid of. Winning in the card game, promises you troubles with the law, where you will have to put a lot of efforts to solve the situation.

If you lose in a game of Blackjack, it is a warning that someone’s bad deeds will affect you good intentions, which may entail the loss of money.

If you see your real opponent winning a game of Blackjack, it means that your business and family affairs will be in a full harmony.

If you watch a stranger winning a Blackjack, it promises you immediate appointment with a good company and fun entertainment. If you count the money which you won in Blackjack in a dream, it means that you have to be ready for some expenses in real life.

If you see yourself playing Blackjack with your colleagues and you win, it means that you will be promoted. A dream, in which you are wagering and betting, portends that you will be lucky.

If you win a difficult game of Blackjack, it warns you not to miss the chance to fulfill your plans. Loss in Blackjack promises a loss of confidence and trust to people.



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