Birthday – Meaning of Dream


If you dream of own birthday, in modern dream book it is interpreted as a harbinger of a long but not very easy life. On your way you will meet worthy enemies and unworthy friends, generosity and betrayal. For elderly people, this dream foretells longevity, and those who are sick will soon recover.

If you were celebrating someone’s birthday, be ready for news from loved ones. Sometimes this dream is interpreted as dissatisfaction with own destiny, desire for change, and envy for those who live differently, as you wanted to.

If you had fun when celebrating a birthday party, you are going to receive important and good new; if the party was sad and uninteresting, this dream foretells disappointment and at the same time encourages to be more active and to avoid depression. If you receive a package for your birthday, you will have fun, surprises and news from the ones you have not seen for a long time.

The eve of the holiday: cooking and setting the table in a dream predicts a stable, peaceful and prosperous life. If you worry before the celebration, it is possible that in life you will encounter sudden frustration as well. If there is no table cloth, this dream indicates the power and independence of your character; stained tablecloth symbolizes friction with children or subordinates. Empty tables portend deprivation and poverty.

For a young man, Miller interpreted a dream about birthday as a possible financial difficulties, and intrigues on the part of friends. If an old man, this dream is a harbinger of serious disappointment.

Vanga interprets a dream about birthday as a chance to start a new life. This dream proposes to revise priorities, gives reason to think about the meaning of life and purpose of existence.

Birthday, in a dream book by Freud, with a lot of dishes, indicates that your appetite for sex is inexorably rising. If you eat a little at birthday party, it indicates that your partner will be an insensitive, or a man with weak capacity.



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