Binoculars – Meaning of Dream


Binoculars in a dream are a very good symbol that promises you a speedy implementation of some of your secret dreams. Broken binoculars in a dream are a bad omen, heralding worsening of your financial well-being and loss of social status. Often this dream means that in the future you will have conflicts with superiors or even dismissal, or a complete failure of the case, in which you have invested a lot of own money.

If you dream you gave binoculars to a person with whom you presently have loving relationship, it means that in reality you do not trust your partner and doubt the sincerity of his feelings. Maybe you do not perceive your relationship as serious, and do not treat this person as someone with whom you want to start a family and live a happy life together.

A dream as if you peep through binoculars for couple in love, suggests that soon you will have a fun entertainment, and it is likely that it will be connected with the flirting and fleeting love affair. If you observe somebody with a help of binoculars – beware not to be involved in bad and questionable venture.

If you notice that you were being watched through binoculars, on the contrary, it is considered to be a bad omen that promises you trouble and inconvenience which would be the cause of the annoying attention of unpleasant people.

If you rent binoculars in the theater, in real life you are afraid to take responsibility for solving your problems and prefer to shift all responsibilities on someone else’s shoulders. This dream suggests that soon you will have to ask for help from friends or colleagues, as you will encounter difficulties in cases that you can’t manage. To look through binoculars for entertainment (theater, horserace) – means, that you will have great financial perspectives.

Binoculars in a dream are a sign of increased attention towards you from the opposite sex.

If you use binoculars, it means that soon you will lose favor of your friend.

To use a broken binocular, means that your position in society and welfare will be in danger.

If you break or smash binoculars – it is a sign that your relations with friends are under risk, you will have omissions and misunderstanding. If you treasure your friendship you will save it.

To receive binoculars as a present means that there is a danger of unconscious participation in a questionable venture. To present binoculars to somebody means that it is better for you not to seek help of others.



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