Bill – Meaning of Dream


If you dream of bills in a sheaf, it foreshadows communication with a person whom you absolutely dislike. If you count the bills in a dream, it is possible that you will participate in a fight that at first will seem not serious, but consequently several people will be injured.

If you dream of emission or create bills by yourself, this is a herald of the conversation with a person who can give a good advice, which will be very useful later in life.

Torn bills indicate difficulties in reality which will be soon replaced by the joyful and pleasant chores, however not long lasting.

If you are a forger in a dream, it tells that in reality you will not be able to hide the fact of treason or other important information related to the whole family.

If you roll in money and sprinkle them all over the place, this is a sign of possible success and wealth. But in order to make it real, you must change yourself and become sincere, kind and responsive; only then people will notice you good traits and will consider you as a friend.

It is important to remember the main thing, if you receive money and hold bills, this is an omen of joy, profit, and solution of many problems including financial. You will have some pleasant chores and joyful events. But if you give out your bills voluntarily or under constraint, it portends loss, disappointment, betrayal of loved ones or relatives. You might have financial problems that won’t be easy to solve in foreseeable future.

If you just see the bills and do not touch them, it foretells that you will not have any changes in monetary terms, and everything will be in its place.

A dream about bills implies force and control over others. For more accurate interpretation do not ignore those who participate in your dream and remember the actions that they do with the bills.

If a person dreams of bills, it reflects the constant thoughts about money in real life. Perhaps, the lack of finance is related to the inability to handle money. It is often seen by people, who have a lot of debt.

If in real life you have financial problems, the dream about bills, give hope that soon everything will work out, and the money will be self-evident.



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