Bikini – Meaning of Dream


In a dream you came to a beach and surprisingly discovered that you forgot bikini at home, it predicts sad feelings and grief over trifles.

If bikini was taken by sea wave, then get ready to meet the intruders. Paraded along the beach in a very immodest bikini that barely hid your charms, it means that on the next week you will agree to take part in some risky activities. Try to behave cautiously and prudently, explore your surroundings, otherwise you won’t be able to avoid serious troubles.

In a dream you tried on the bikini, it is a good omen that promises new pleasant acquaintances and activity. It is possible that you will suddenly discover that you possess extraordinary abilities and talents.

If you see yourself diving in bikini in the sea, it means that very soon you will be covered with a wave of strong sensations and emotions of love. Dived into the pool – alas, you won’t be able to fully implement your plans. It is not necessary to be frustrated and give up. It is better to rest a bit and to continue moving forward with new strength, not drawing attention to the problems and difficulties.

If you saw two girls in the same bikini, it means that in real life you will become a subject to follow. Just do not rejoice in advance: this situation won’t end up good, on the contrary, you will lose something dear and beloved.

If you dream of someone lying on the beach in bikini, it is interpreted as innuendo between relatives. Most likely, you don’t tell everything to your relatives and it hurts them. Try to spend more time with family and children, share your plans and thoughts, otherwise the situation at home will become unbearable.

In a dream you took off your clothes and remained in bikini, it means that you will get rid of disturbing troubles, worries and concerns.

If you run in bikini in the pouring rain, it is a sign of disappointed with your friends.

If you see bikini at Friday or Saturday night, it means that a representative of the stronger sex will rush for you, hence this will be a fateful meeting with a charming man.

According to the dream interpreter, if a man sees a dream with a lady in bikini, soon he will meet a woman of his dreams and will be happy with her. In general a such dream is a prognostic of new stage in life.

If a woman sees herself wearing bikini and everybody around adore her, it means that soon she will meet her betrothed.

If you try on bikini in a dream – beware of fraud and deceit. If you try on somebody else’s bikini – you will attract danger with your behavior.

To take off bikini means that you need to be more prudent and cautious, otherwise something bad will happen.



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