Bible – Meaning of Dream


If you see a negative attitude towards bible in the dream or you neglect it, such dream has a completely opposite meaning. It means that you subconsciously ignore ethical behavior, produced for centuries, and hence your inner feeling of protest will result in a negative experience.

A dream, in which a man throws a Bible on the floor, stomps, or burns, means that a person does not believe in the supreme justice and harmony. You are seized by chaos. After all, even a person who doesn’t believe in the existence of God treats the age-old wisdom book with respect. After such a dream, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of own life, because any kind sin brings different negative fruits not after a physical death. In own “today” every person creates own “tomorrow” and it may not be as happy, as it planned to be.

The Bible is basically can be dreamed by deeply religious person, who honors the greatest books of all books. Although, sometimes it is seen by people, who don’t connect their lives with religion, and manifest themselves as atheists. In any case, to dream of the Bible, flip its pages and read the parable, portends a wonderful, clean and cloudless days, filled with light and joy.

This dream fully reveals the spiritual essence, giving it to blossom. For religious people, reading the Bible in a dream is a direct call to visit the church and confession. And even if the believer does not approve of the dream interpretation, or do not trust astrology because of own religious views, at least he/she should rely on psychology. Own subconscious hint him/her to go to church, because it has pushed him to read the Bible in a dream. And you should not forget that many prophetic dreams were dreamed by Saints.

Wondering what bible means, people often turn to the source. Holy Book often reports that through dreams people communicate with God. For example, He warned the pharaohs about hungry and rich years, and advised Magi not to go to Herod the Great. Bible in the dream can presage a variety of things.

And if you memorize the number of a Bible verse or a line from the book, perhaps in real life you should read it more carefully. Because these are the words of the Holy Book can be prophetic, cautionary or guides.

At the same time, it is advised not to blindly believe to all the dreams about Bible. Anyone who wanted to know why he dreamed of the Bible, of course, must not attach too much importance to this dream, it is better to focus on own spiritual growth.