Bench – Meaning of Dream


There are many interpretations of dreams about benches; first you need to recall exactly where you saw it: on the street, in the house, etc. If you dream of a bench in the park, this is an indication that you need to rest, you should pay attention to your state of mind, do not overwork, and take time for your hobby.

If you see a bench inside the house – pay more attention to everyday life and everyday problems, because they will not be solved by themselves.

Also pay attention to the material of a bench: wood, iron, etc. Of course, it is difficult to recall all the details, but you can close your eyes and try to focus.

If you dreamed of a wooden bench, it forebodes that soon you will have a romantic adventure. Also wooden benches are associated with promises; most likely someone will finally have respect for own promise. If you dream of an iron bench – you can expect a gift. Perhaps at first it may seem strange and useless, but its value will be seen later. It can also be treated as a “godsend” and some significant event in life. In addition, it is important to remember whether someone was sitting on the bench, or it remained empty.

If a person sits on a bench, he/she should be careful with the debtors and enemies – never trust them and be alert. If you see children on the bench, it is a herald of quick illness. It is worth paying attention to own health and not to risk unnecessarily.

Empty bench portends the help in trouble and faithful friends with whom you may not be afraid of anything. If you found yourself under the bench for some reason, this is a sign of humiliation. The main thing is not to yield to provocations and to know own worth. Perhaps soon someone will try to encroach on your personal space and pride.

Dreams are the natural reaction of our brain to the real events, worries or things that cause joy. Often with the help of dreams, our subconsciousness is trying to draw attention to something and tells us something. It is very important to understand and be able to interpret the dreams, because it is the shortest way to achieve harmony with yourself.

You should remember that true and complete interpretation of the dream is possible only with conjunction of all its components. Interpretation of one element will not give a complete picture, but nevertheless, in any case it is necessary to listen to the advice of a dream book and be alert.



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