Bear – Meaning of Dream


In your dreams a bear symbolizes intensive rivalry, which can exist or appear in different spheres of your life. For example, if a girl/woman is seeing a bear in her dream, it denotes that soon she may meet a rival. This girl/woman will stand between her and her beloved. Also, it can happen that he will break up with his present girlfriend and will date with this one. If you know your faults, which can become a reason for your break-up, try to acknowledge and smooth them. But if his leave is motivated purely by this another girl, then don’t feel blue about it – he isn’t your destiny. Don’t hang your head down and don’t be afraid to enter relationships with another man.

In the addition to this, competitiveness may reach you in your business sphere as well. It may happen that you’ll fall on evil days for some period of time because you won’t be able to stand it. Your rivals may be stronger than you. That’s why you may be deprived of luck in getting some profitable and serious projects or winning tenders. To make surviving such a difficult period easier, remember that this series of misfortunes is temporary. Besides, it may be smoothed down by your persistence and diligence.

At the same time a bear symbol in your dream refers to good luck in gambling.

If you’re seeing a furious growling bear in your dream, this threatens entering a conflict with highly respected people, who rank over you in status and position. Such a conflict can be hardly called insignificant. It will drag negative consequences for you. Maybe, you’ll be even fired because of your impudence. But you shouldn’t be depressed, especially if you’re sure in your correctness. If you’ve gone there, there should be solid grounds for it. Don’t be upset. Instead of this think what to do next; calculate the ways of remaining in the ranks.

Hunting a bear in your dream represents that you’re aware of the danger you may face in the nearest future. Moreover, you’re ready to it. Good for you that you don’t give up even in such an unfavorable situation! Your courage and determination will bear fruits.

If there is a bear in a cage in your dream, it implies that you’ll find the supporters in some conflict. It will help you to take the upper hand in it.

Seeing a wounded or killed bear stands for defeat of your evil-wishers or enemies.

If you’re seeing that you’ve fallen into a bear’s clutches, it means that you’ll suffer losses in the nearest future.

Fighting with a bear in your dream forebodes fighting with crying injustice in the future.


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