Basement – Meaning of Dream


If you dream of full basement with goods, stocks and food, this bodes well development of the situation in the future. All benefits will appear due to prudence and thrift of a dreamer. It is believed that anything under the ground (caves, catacombs, pits, etc.) represents a serious state of mind and strong deep suffering. If you get to the surface out these premises, it is considered as a very good sign: you will find the way out of the intractable problems and will relax.

If you stay in a cold basement, you will be tormented by doubts and apprehension. A dream in which there is a basement or a room like it always has a meaning. This image represents the past of a dreamer and the very depths of the subconsciousness, which occasionally manifests itself in dreams. The dream about basement induces to think. Thus, a person gets a clue about not healed trauma and anxiety reigning in the depths of the soul.

According to most dream-books if a dreamer stays in a basement, or in a cave, the dream foretells the loss of a lover, and also reminds about the failed marriage in the past. In any case, the dream is referred to the deep feelings that shouldn’t be neglected.

All the events and circumstances that are expected after the dream can be realized and analyzed before they even happen; therefore, these dreams are good hints. They provide an opportunity to understand the cause of troubles and problems. After all, many difficulties often have their roots in the past. Any dream always has a positive meaning.

Through dreams people learn about the secrets of own consciousness, they are expressed in the desires and dreams. In the dreams many images are intertwined by seemingly unpredictable ways. But if you pay careful attention to your night visions, you will understand them and change something for the better.