Barge – Meaning of Dream


Barge in a dream is a symbol of big workload, maybe not very pleasant, but useful and important. Do not reject participation in big projects, as you may receive great experience out it, learn something new, and of course make your own contribution to the development of that matter.

If you see a loaded barge, it means success in financial sphere and profitable deal. If you put enough suitable efforts you will easily get what you want. You should remember and follow this rule, as it will be your motto in life.

If you see an empty barge in a dream, in real life you feel that nobody needs you. You might have a fight with a close person. But you will suffer not for a long time, soon you will feel yourself loved and needed.

To be on a big barge means to wait for news from a friend. You didn’t have any information about your friend for a long time, now he/she will inform you about all details of his/her life. When you meet this person behave worthily, don’t try to hide from him/her. Your fear can be used against you, and your “friend” might hurt your feelings. You need to behave like nothing happened.

If you dream of a barge next to the shore, it means that a person whom you considered to be your friend have forgotten you and preferred somebody else.



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