Barefoot – Meaning of Dream


Even if you are quite happy with the development of your business, after some dreams everything can change dramatically. Such a meaning has a dream as if you see yourself standing barefoot. In the near future you will experience unpleasant events, scandals, and slander.

If you see a footprint left by a bare foot is also a bad omen. A dream warns you of a short-termed success that will not last for long. For a woman it advises not to cherish vain hopes even if she unexpectedly notices an increasing interest on the part of men. This interest will be a temporary and very short-term phenomenon.

If you dream of your shoes being worn by a stranger, and you have to walk barefoot, foretells the appearance of a serious contender.

If a young girl had a dream where she walks barefoot on the seaside or a bank of the pond, it means that her plans will be successfully implemented.

According to Miller’s dream book, your hopes will be vain, if you dreamed of late night walk through the streets in torn shoes or barefoot. Such a dream is a warning that some unfriendly forces are ready to intervene in your destiny. If you look around, it is possible to realize where the danger comes from.

To walk barefoot means not to be shy of own feelings in real life. To lose shoes and to be barefoot is a sign of uncertainty.

If you feel uncomfortable of walking barefoot, it means that you need to dispose of inner uncertainty, and delay some deal for now.

To step on the ground without shoes is an indication that soon you will be very lucky, and your social state will extremely improve.

To see a footprint on wet sand is a prognostic of subjugation of something new and opening up fresh opportunities. For a woman, such a dream symbols close attention of opposite sex.

If you step barefoot on the grass, you will catch a cold. For sick people, such a dream is one of the best ways to recover.


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