Bananas – Meaning of Dream


Banana is a symbol or unpleasant and unforeseen situations or machismo and sexual relations.

If a man gives a woman a banana in a dream, it means that he wants to have an intercourse with her. If a man dreams that a banana is given to him by a woman, this dream means that a woman rejects his attention or will refuse communicating with him in the near future.

If you just see the banana, you are going to experience exciting adventures. It is possible that it is going to be love affairs.

If you see a rotten banana, all your business plans are doomed to fail.

If you dreamed of a huge bunch of bananas, it is a warning, be ready for a big trouble.

If you see bananas on the table, this dream for a woman means, frustration and futile efforts, unpleasant pastime, countless disappointment and romantic affairs with a man who is not worthy of her.

This dream, foretells a vicious circle, which will be difficult to get out of.

If a woman is eating a banana in a dream, it foretells her rich intimate life.

To dream of bananas in the market or in the store, means that you waste your money a lot. Be more economical, and then you will be able to avoid many problems.

If you dream that a woman peels a banana, it means that she is very angry at her man and wishes him only the bad.

If you dream you eat spoiled banana, this dream foretells a bad mood, and the emergence of new life circumstances which will greatly upset you.

If you buy bananas on the street, be ready for some new pleasant appointments.

If you dreamed of bananas in the shape of canapé on the stick in chocolate, it means that you will meet a new person in life, the relationships and communication with which will only bring you joy and pleasure. If you eat such bananas in chocolate in your dream, it means that your life will be sweet and prosperous.

If you see how someone of your friends is eating a banana, a dream foretells sorrow, and you won’t have anyone to tell about it. If this person shares with you a banana, be ready for a quarrel, where you are an initiator. If you dream that you are trading bananas, it means that you are pursued by idea, which will be useless in practice.

According to Z. Freud, if a woman dreamed of bananas, one of the obvious phallic symbols, it means that the sexual sphere of her life develops quite harmoniously. Current partnerships of the dreamer are satisfactory, and she perceives her future positively.

If a woman sees herself picking up ripe fruits, it shows her subconscious desire to dominate in the couple, and subordinate male partner to own desires.


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