Bald head – Meaning of Dream


First of all you need to recall whose bald head you saw in a dream and what it actually meant. For example, after seeing the bald head of your old uncle you shouldn’t worry at all, as a key element of this dream is uncle, and this means that you need to look for the interpretation of relatives.

A girl with luxurious hair, who saw bald pate on her head, should come to her senses and stop casting a blight on somebody’s life, because it may have even worst results than she expected. She should be careful with close people.

If a man has fine hair in reality but dreams of bald head, he should pay attention to his health, follow the daily schedule and diet.

If see a bald head at the time of the full moon, get ready for sudden loss, or vice versa – easy acquisition of money, generally from fast insignificant financial adventures.

For a married woman, a bald head in a dream foretells a romantic trip with her beloved husband in a beautiful but little-known place.

If a mother sees her bald baby in a dream, she will soon find out something good about the kid from somebody else.

A dreaming of bald father or mother tells that you have to visit them, do them a favour or just talk heart to heart.

If a girl dreams of a bald stranger, this is a warning that she should be more selective in choosing her partners.

A man, who saw a bald stranger, has to be vigilant in the coming week, as there may be unpleasant conflicts with colleagues.

If your entire dream consisted of one big shiny bald head, this is a signal of the good weather without rain in the next three days.

If you dream of a bald head on the even days of the months – wait for relatives, they can come to visit and bring sudden news. Bald head on the odd days – hope for promotion in the coming days.

A bald man in your dream may mean that someone tries to ruin your plans. But if you find out about his treachery in advance, you will take advantage of the situation.

If a man dreams of a bald woman, this dream predicts the relations with a quarrelsome wife, who would ruin his life.

Hairless heads of the children in a dream are harbingers of happy family relationships, love and obedient children.



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