Balalaika – Meaning of Dream


To see balalaika in a dream means to get into the center of rumors and intrigues. Even though it will be unpleasant for you, still this situation may teach you a lesson and you will know how to behave in future in order to avoid such nuisance.

A dream where you play balalaika is a prognostic of undeserved offence. Perhaps, you were too spineless, and your enviers presumed some unnecessary talks that were unacceptable for you.

If some of your friends play balalaika it means that soon you will have unexpected but very pleasant visitors. Party time is guaranteed for you.

If you dance with balalaika tunes, it means that you can get under influence of a frivolous person. Hence, try not to get rid of your own opinion and view for life.

A dream, where you take balalaika apart or brake it, is a sign of soon recover from crisis.

If in a dream you buy a balalaika, you will be forced to write a complain letter on some of your folks or neighbors.

In intimate dream interpreter, to play balalaika means that you are too conservative in private life. You oppose vigorously all the attempts to change your sexual relation and you don’t like to try anything new. It is a sanctimony, and your relations will not last for long with it. If you try to play balalaika but don’t hear even a sound, it means that in intimate life you have problems, and you can’t find the reason.



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