Badminton – Meaning of Dream


If you play badminton in your dream, it means that you like to waste your time, giving preference to the relaxed pastime. This behavior can’t remain unpunished for a long time. In the end, you will become very vulnerable even to minor adversity.

If you have been involved in the game, but you lost, it means that you will not get what you have been planning for out of the communication with your new friend. The best what it can be is only disappointment.

The game of badminton in a dream foretells you difficulties in solving various problems.

If you observe the movement of the shuttlecock in a dream, it portends difficult negotiations between business partners.

If you throw a shuttlecock and hit it back, it is a sign that your business will stagnate. It is possible that your partners are simply deceiving you, each time assuring you that if you do this and that, then they will do their part. This dream often indicates the futility of such cooperation.

Playing badminton in a dream means that you will meet a man who can be your partner in life, but it will be difficult to hold him in leash.

If you watch how others play badminton, it means that some of your friends or relatives will suddenly become famous.

Whether you are taking part in badminton game or not, it is a sign that the people around you are unhappy with your behavior. Soon you’ll feel their ill nature towards you.

In addition, the dream depending on the circumstances may have other interpretations. So if you see a game of badminton, and you play the role of the viewer in the dream, it means that your major qualities of the character are presented by modesty and even diffidence. Soon it can become an obstacle to participation in a very promising business.

If you are the player, it means that in reality you are risk- prone. Nevertheless, you try to carefully think through all the consequences of your risky ventures, and therefore almost never suffer from them.

If you play but windy weather disturbs your game, it means that soon there will be many obstacles on the way to your plans implementation. If at the time when you played badminton, the wind was blowing, there is a danger, that you will encounter strong opposition of the enemy. Sparing neither time nor effort your enemy will seek to cause you significant harm, both financial and psychological.

If you want to play badminton, but you don’t see any worthy opponent and you are engaged in the search, it means that you really need the help and support of loved ones, but you hide this fact even from yourself. A dream book says that you would be able to do better, if you don’t neglect the help from your relatives and friends.



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