Azalea – Meaning of Dream


If you see the flower of azalea in your dream, in real life you will have to wait for something for very long time.

However if you see azalea blooming/in blossom, for a sick/ill person this is a sign of soon relief/recovery. Also it is a sign of success and happiness.

If you dream that you plant a flower in a pot, it means that in real life you are tired of the daily hustle and seek for solitude.

Dreaming of a green azalea plant is a harbinger of worries, after which you will come to a sense of deep satisfaction.

House plant in your dream is a symbol that reflects your inner feelings and nature.

Your room with lots of flowers causes your admiration and desire to stay in it as long as possible. However, this symbol in a dream is a reflection of some hidden feelings in real life. Perhaps, you are afraid to open your heart to someone and therefore experience anxiety, or, alternatively, the other person does not dare to confess with own feelings to you.

Dried indoor flowers in a dream mean that your family will get into troubles; if you dream that you water them and take care for them every day, it means that you will have to fight for your family.

If you see a blooming azalea in your room in the dream – it is a harbinger of your prosperity in business and affairs in real life.



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