Ayurveda – Food to be taken in respective Months (January to December)

January (Posh)

The following things should be taken in Posh season:

  1. Carrot, jujube, sugar cane, sesame seed (til), brinjal, tomato, mogri, and similar nutritious articles.
  2. Jaggery and sesame seed (til) balance each other. Sesame seed is heat much use predominant it destroys kafa, and jaggery quiets the pitta excited by too much use of til. Thus, til and gud supplement each other as winter food items.
February (Maha)

The month of Maha is more for the assimilation of nutrients than for taking in nutrients. We will find patients suffering from cold, cough, flu, and pneumonia as the weather is alternately hot and cold.

Take care of the following during the Maha season:

  1. Sufficient physical labor or exercise is needed for assimilation of nutrients and providing heat to the body to protect the body from diseases.
  2. On Shivaratri Fasting and waking for the whole night or, at least till mid night are prescribed for these to remove kafa. But on the contrary, we eat sweet and sour dishes to celebrate Shivratri, thus inviting a horde of diseases.
March (Phalgun)

Take care of the following during the Vasant season:

  1. Enjoy the sunshine. You can walk, play, and dance in it. J 
  2. Light a bonfire in the evening of the Holi days and walk around and receive the heat on your body.
  3. Stop taking sweets in Phalgun and take plain, easily digestible food like Jawari pops, baked gram, dates, and coconuts to your heart content.
  4. Boil Kesuda flowers and wash yourself with that water and advise others to do the same. Besmear your body with sandal paste.
  5. In order that the borderline weather of Vasant may not cause harm to people prone to kafa, if there is a congestion of kafa, get rid of it either by a purgative or by causing vomit. In order to excite vomiting, take five grams of Mindhol powder with lukewarm water. As purgatives Harde, Sena leaves or three grains of baked Kadu may be taken.
  6. Do not eat fatty and sweet things.
  7. Do not give peppermint, chocolate or ice-cream cones to young children, as they produce kafa.
  8. Do not sleep during the day. Kafa predominant people should wake late into the night, this thing checks the congestion of kafa.
  9. If you feel like having kafa trouble, take alkaline diet. Alkaline diet dilutes and dissolves cough, and is discharged by it self. For quicker dissolution, javakhar, tankankhar or salt does well.

If a little understanding care and caution are practiced in the borderline Vasant and a health giving routine is observed with faith, the month of Phalgun will be for us a month of gaining maintaining health even in this weakening weather.

April (Chaitra)

Practice the following in Chaitra so that the summer heat does not affect the health adversely:

  1. Use a paste made by crushing fresh neem flowers and use it as food item.
  2. Eschew salt altogether from your diet or take as little of it as you can.
  3. Drink water copiously in summer.
  4. Take sour, pungent, and sweet drinks and eat such food.
  5. Use yogurt, buttermilk, and tamarind mixed drinks as a daily item of food.
  6. Patients suffering from Bleeding (Rakta pitta) and diseases of blood should eat rose jam, aamla jelly and plain aamla jam.
  7. Consciously abstain from sex life to protect and store semen.
May (Vaishakh)

Practice the following in Vaishakh for health giving pravas:

  1. Avoid moving about under the hot sun.
  2. Reside in cool or cooled houses, on hill stations or near seaside.
  3. Take more than other food, sour and sweet predominant foods. Orange, sweet lemon, mango, tamarind syrup, phalsa, watermelon, mulberry, and similar other fruits should be taken freely.
  4. The semen has, by now, grown diluter and weaker and also less in quality as a result of heated body constituents. In this condition it is necessary to preserve the balance; and so abstinence should be observed. The children that have been conceived in this season are born weak and become chronic patients of rickets, bone tuberculosis, flesh depletion, ratava, and skin troubles. So it is no gain to anyone in the world to beget such progeny.
  5. Avoid salty, sour, hot things; sour mixed with sweet can be taken.
  6. Onion is a shield and antidote against sunstroke in summer; it is nutritious.
  7. Infants and very young children may be given bath with water boiled with Kesooda or sandal or aguru and be massaged with these things.
  8. Sleep under the sky in moonlight; have full sleep, and have midday siesta.
  9. Drink buttermilk, water, and sugared water freely.
  10. Eat light, nutritious, and sweet foods. Avoid heavy and gas-causing foods.
June (Jyeshtha)

Practice the following in Jyeshtha to take advantage of this month:

  1. Free use of butter and churned yogurt.
  2. Yogurt mixed with sugar should be taken. The custom of preparing shreekhand by almost dehydrating yogurt and then adding sugar to it is harmful.
  3. Mangoes should be sucked. Jaamboos should be eaten.
  4. Light, easily digestible foods should be taken.
  5. Pure sweet dishes should not be eaten. They should be mixed with sour.
  6. Fried, sour, or salty things should not be eaten. Salty things harm the body constituents, resulting in debility. Such salty articles also cause certain skin diseases in this hot season.
  7. We should not expose ourselves to the sunshine of Jyeshtha and summer. We must have sufficient rest. We must conserve as much energy as we can in this hot season that sucks away and dries up the moisture in the body.
  8. Brahmacharya should definitely be observed in this season. Semen and ova also keep heated like the other inner limbs. Conception in such weather does not yield good children. They would be born weak and emaciated.
July (Ashadha)

The following rules assume importance to keep up health during Ashaad.

  1. Neither to drink flowing water of rivers nor the fresh water of lakes. Use well water and that too boiled if possible.
  2. Not to eat the vegetable growing in fresh rainwater or eat as little of them as you can.
  3. Use sour lemon freely.
  4. Neither to drench ourselves in the rains nor to breathe in moist air. Patients of cough, hard breathing, Asthma, tuberculosis of the lungs should be more careful.
  5. Not to roam about barefooted in the rains.
  6. To maintain body heat by wearing warm wools or thick cottons.
  7. To eat, according to taste and appetite of fried, sour, and hot (chili mixed) foods.
  8. The above-mentioned fried articles should be eaten hot i.e. freshly fried and immediately, for if these get cold and stale they become difficult to digest and so harmful to health.
  9. To fast or take very limited food if there is indigestion.
    If these rules for Ashadh are followed, Ashadh proves a very useful and important month during this recreation period of the seasons and it lays the foundation for good health and energy that enable people to guard against the diseases of Sharad.
August (Shravan)

The following things should be done during Shraavan.

  1. To check the accumulation of impure material from getting accumulated in the bowels and then decay, observing fasts or taking light diet.
  2. Salty, sour, hot, fried articles should only be taken hot so that they remove Vaayu.
  3. In the last days, milk products such as rice gruel, and if one can digest it, milk and rice porridge with hot fried diet should be taken.
  4. Not to take fresh raw water; if one has to drink it, it should be drunk well boiled and well cooled.
  5. To eat less green vegetables.
  6. To take daily a mixture of 3 grams of dried ginger powder and 3 grams of gud to help the digestion of undigested food or Aama that creates diseases, and to maintain heat.
  7. Women under labour, who have already delivered, should take a lot of dried ginger in this season, in the form of sweet balls or other sweets containing a good deal of dried ginger powder. This will help them to be free from vaayu (gas) and indigestion and step up digestion, and also produce a larger supply of milk in the mother?s breasts. The most useful fruit for this season is sour lemon. It should be taken freely.
September (Bhaado)

The following instructions may be followed with advantage in Sharad :

  1. Take milk, milk gruel, milk and rice porridge.
  2. Take either ghee-besmeared chapattis or fried in ghee.
  3. Take sooran(yam), moong (green gram), or vegetables with little water.
  4. Oranges, sweet lemons, sour lemons, grapes and such other sweet citreous fruits are givers and sustainers of good health.
  5. Crushed banana with sour lemon juice sprinkled over it is highly beneficial.
  6. Bitter tasting leaves and vegetables are also necessary for the cure of excited pitta-caused diseases.

In this season the following do?s and don?ts should be borne in mind :  

  1. Don?t take sour buttermilk. Take it only after adding sufficient salt so that the sourness may be counteracted.
  2. Don?t move about in the heat.
  3. Walk about in the moonlight and play games etc. enough to cause perspiration.
    Dance in the rings and sing songs.
    If this much care and caution are taken to keep healthy in the unhealthy weather of Sharad and medicines necessary to purify and control disease causing things are taken good health will result.
October (Aaso)

The following things may be done with advantage in the month of Aaso :

  1. Give rest to your stomach by facing or by eating light and less food. Do not take heavy undigestible things.
  2. Move about at night in the open under the moonlight sky for giving alertness to your body. Preserve your health by dancing, playing games etc.
  3. Do not eat cucumber in this month, Cucumber engenders pitta and brings malaria.
  4. Eat milk gruel and sooran(yam) freely in Aaso, Sooran(yam) is light, appetizing, digestive and nutritive. Patients of piles are treated with sooran(yam).
  5.  Make sacrificial fires and worship them and observe fast and repeat hymns.
  6. Cleanse your house, whitewash it and put lamp decorations in the front. This will purify the atmosphere and give health.
November (Kartik)
  1. Fruits and vegetables available in winter Jujubes, Aamlas, Sugarcane, Tomatoes, Carrots etc. These things full of iron purify blood and strengthen the bowels also contain Vitamins B and C.
  2. Sweet taste, followed by sour and sour taste followed by salty taste in this season maintain good health.
  3. Tulsi recommended for use in this month of Kartik. Tulsi removes Kafa and Vata and being hot (bitting inside the mouth like chillies) and bitter (like quinine) it gives energy. Tulsi which promotes digestion suitable in the cold season of winter. Tulsi destroy worms and germs. If in this season there has been an over use of sweet dishes, these foods are likely to remain undigested, decay and create worms. Tulsi is recommended as a balance against this bad effect.

December (Margshish)

  1. Tomatoes, Sugar cane, Jujubs, Brinjals, the leaves of Palakh, raw turmeric, wheat etc. Increases blood and energy.
  2. Fatty and sweet foods recommended in order to compensate for the loss of energy due to intense cold (the inner organs of man dry up).