Avalanches – Meaning of Dream


Avalanche, falling down from the mountains, sweeping away everything on its way and breaking trees is a sign of inner turmoil and excitement. Feelings arise in your heart but you are trying to violate them. These emotions may yet have not come, but in the near future they will be evident. The most obvious and imminent execution of a dream is a harbinger of bad weather – strong winds. If you are blown down with an avalanche – get ready for big love.

If you sit in a car and it is buried in snow under strong avalanche, it is an indication of your suspicion of treason; however it is worth noting that in most cases your fears are meaningless.

If you were completely covered with an avalanche this is a very good sign. In the near future, you may expect pleasant changes; quarrel with dear people will stop, and you will experience the long-awaited truce and peace of mind. However, you should wait for this day and remain calm, not to leave broken hearts of superfluous and unnecessary words spoken in anger after the avalanche of emotions.

The last possible dream is the approach of the mountain avalanche, which you observe out of the window and can’t escape from the room. In this case an avalanche foretells a vicious circle in the relationship. You are stuck in the maelstrom of own feelings, and it is impossible to get away from them. This is a period of crisis for you, when love is a burden and you can think only of rest.