Authority – Meaning of Dream


To recognize somebody’s authority in the dream is a warning that you can be impertinently used. If you have such dreams very often, it is a sign that in real life your relatives or surroundings influence a lot on you.

Dreaming of authority in the image of your father is a symbol of repentance and difficulties in affairs; however, if he died you need to go to church and light a candle. If he’s alive, his presence indicates that a dreamer finds it difficult to cope with own problems and challenges alone. In order to manage the situation you will need to ask for assistance of an experienced person who will give you advice and support.

Authority for a young unmarried girl means that her boyfriend is cheating on her and soon she will find out. If you see your dad cheerful and joyful, it means that the family will be happy; also there is a possibility of economic advancement.

If he argues with you in a dream, most likely, in the near future you will be in a weakened state and dejection or depression.

If you see a sick authority – be ready for inheritance or disorder in your family; if you see him in a coffin, prepare for a great trouble which will come into your family.

If you receive an advice from authorities – soon a wise and caring person will appear in your life who will solve all difficulties and show you the right way.

If he is badly dressed, drunk or has a strange behavior – be ready for serious illness, betrayal, loss of prestige, failure and fiasco in all endeavors.

If he is neat, clean and well dressed – be ready for radical changes for better in the near future, you can safely start new business, personal life will be happy and everything will be good.