August 8 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Jupiter

August 8 Birthday interpretation .

Born on the August 8 Leo birth date, you will tend to have a very wise and adept mind, with the result that you will be able to undertake roles in life of considerable responsibility.

Other aspects associated with this August 7 day, identify that you are one who can always be relied upon to be able to follow through in order to get a job done and completed to a satisfactory conclusion.

As result of these qualities, you are likely to be in considerable demand both at work, and by others around you, who wish to ensure that projects are carried out and completed on time.

A characteristic of the August 8 is the ability to suddenly rapidly jump from a relatively quite and inactive existence, and leap into action with an enormous enthusiasm and passionate vitality.

Alternatively, you can effortlessly, and quite as swiftly, revert from out of a highly charged activity into a quite, passive and laid back existence. You can do this as if nothing of importance has taken place.

As an August 8, you have excellent powers of recuperation, and are likely to maintain a very healthy vitality and dynamism, throughout your lifetime.

The only weakness that may relate to your personality is that you can at times suffer when it comes to heart related matters. You are one who will commit so much of yourself into your relationships that you can quite easily become disappointed and upset when others who are the closest to you, do not live up to your expectations.

You must remember however, that such expectations are your own, and they may have little in common with the interests or abilities of others.

As an August 8 birth date you are endowed with an inherent ability for understanding and forgiveness. You are one who has learnt to understand that it is only when we can forgive other people, and fully understand the situations that are annoying and hampering us, that we can start to begin to recuperate and to heal.

An image for those of the August 8 birth date is that of the suns rays emerging forth after a dark storm.

The path in life of the August 8 is that of learning, understanding and mastering the processes of nature.

You are endowed with a particularly powerful and penetrating mind, and as result, you have an inherent desire to learn and understand the principles and reasons behind why things work.

The pattern of this path requires that you continue to delve into the mysteries in life, and where your motives are pure, your ultimate success is assured.

The only danger involved with this path is that of your to strictly adhering to the rulebook at times, and you should remember that at times, it could be more advantageous to step outside of the box or that of the accepted.

An employment venue for you could be in the arena of research and development.

The colors of red, green, olive, gold, yellow, pink, and purple resonate well with the August 8 birth date, and the gemstones of citrine and amethyst are stones that can help to intensify your powers of concentration.

On the home front, the August 8 should surround themselves with pictures and images that hold an association with their desires and goals in life. Consider also the inclusion of some form of imagery of your ruling sign the sun within your home

You can at times have a tendency to feel downhearted or depressed, and to help to counteract such feelings you might like to consider decorating some major room in your home in colors of autumn shades such as olive and russet for example.

Olivewood resonates strongly with your August 8 nature, so you might like to consider having some item or objects made from this wood about the house.

In your bedroom, your personal wardrobe should include some very comfortable casual clothing, and a thick comfy robe made from terry toweling will be perfect for lounging about in.

With your penetrating mind, your home is likely to feature numerous gadgets and, in particular, those of a mind demanding nature. As example, computer games and other types of mentally challenging games.

On the outdoors front, the August 8 will love the sun and the sea, and as an example, a vacation in any place that has a Mediterranean type climate would be a perfect environment for you.

A sun porch leading out onto a terraced garden will appeal to your senses and you might like to grow vines such as bougainvillea or ivy around the sun porch.

If your climate allows, then consider growing some citrus trees such are oranges, lemons and tangerines.

Certain aspects associated with your August 7 character suggests that some form of manual work can be an excellent way for you to relax, and that gardening could be an ideal hobby activity.

Large yellow, red, and pink flowers are good choices for your garden, and anemones, small pink roses, and yellow poppies are further possibilities.

Purple pansies and violets relate well to you, and these may be grown in your garden or in pots on your windowsill.

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 5.

The eighth day of the eighth month reduces to seven and the number seven represents that of victory and promise. It further identifies with a temporary period of cessation after a period of activity.

The 221st day of the year reduces to five, and the number five provides the quality of adaptation to your process. In other words, you will always search for the means to the end.