August 7 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Jupiter.

August 7 Birthday interpretation

Certain energies associated with this August 7 Leo birth date identify with an individual who will be a very attractive person to others, and this is a quality that will not wane as the years progress.

Unlike most of us as we age over the years, those of the August 7 birth date are likely to continue to turn heads and attract a fair share of admirers throughout their life.

In addition to that wonderful quality for attractiveness, the August 7 is inherent of a particularly powerful sexual appetite.

As an August 7 birth date, you are born on a day positioned at the exact midpoint of the sign of Leo. As result, you will be to the fullest extent, endowed with all of the pride, passion and potency characteristics that are associated with this Leo sign.

It is important for you receive recognition in life, whether in respect of your success in a particular enterprise, for your expertise in a particular field, or as one who is successful in relation to your relationships.

As an August 7 you are far from a modest, unassuming or retiring person, and one who will not be able to suffer work, career or personal romantic relationship set backs or failures lightly.

You will tend to be quite serious when it comes to matters in respect of yourself, and will not appreciate others laughing at your shortcomings even though you might at first laugh at them yourself.

In your working environment you are likely to be an extremely responsible type of person, and it would not be unusual for someone born on this August 7 day to be involved in a senior managerial-cum executive position.

As an august 7 however, and where in such a senior working life  position, you will need to take care that you do not become too over judgmental in your treatment of any of your staff.

You might like to consider utilizing the colors of pale blue and cream within your office environment as the influence can help to temper your sense for understanding and that of appreciating the views and opinions of others.

As a August 7 birth date you can be extremely generous by nature, but having said that, you should not have the expectations that others will return your generosity in any likewise manner.

You are endowed with that showmanship characteristic associated with the Leo, and this is a valuable talent, especially when you utilize it in order to share your abilities with others.

You can suffer some adverse Moon influence at times, and this can emanate in the form of your feeling tense or depressed at the time of a full moon.

The path in life for those born on this August 7 day is that of living in the true spirit of community. As example, consider involving yourself in some kind of team effort.

This pattern identifies with a calling for you to engross yourself in group type efforts or activities, and where doing so, preferably something that involves the creation of something beautiful and harmonious.

As example, a choir or some other form of vocal group is an excellent example of this principle.

There is a saying that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” so that where the efforts of individuals join together in a blended result, and single voices are not heard, but the ultimate sound can be glorious.

The colors of red, yellow, purple, green, honey, cream, and pale blue resonate well with the August 7 birth date. On those special occasions when you may want to make a particularly impressive entrance, consider including something in a dark purple color with your dress attire.

The gemstones of “fluorite and “tourmaline” relate well for you, and where you want to combat any feelings of tenseness or depression carry a “yellow jasper” gemstone about you.

On the home front, the August 7 will feel comfortable in a home that will reflect their particular personal style and flair.

Your home is likely to be an ongoing exercise for your personal creative talents, and include plenty of gadgetry and artistic features.

You are likely to enjoy having nautical features about your home, and these could take the form of pictures and paintings, or physical objects such those old glass ball fishing floats.

Glass balls that resemble bubbles can be good decorative objects for you.

The colors of red and yellow infer a good influence for you; so consider decorating your home with flowers of these colors.

A solarium or enclosed sun porch can be an excellent place for you to sit, relax and recharge.

On the out doors front, the August 7 will enjoy nautical activities so that water environments and, in particular, the sea will form perfect settings. Sailing could be of particular appeal for you.

With your garden, you will like to create an outdoor garden environment that is both visually impressive and dramatic.

The “Arch” is a shape of particular appeal to the August 7, so that you are likely to like incorporating such a shape in the garden. This could take the form of a constructed archway entry out onto the garden area or arches created from scrubs and greenery.

A sun porch will be perfect for you and you might like to grow vines such as bougainvillea or ivy around it.

Hibiscus flowers and sunflowers relate well to your birthday.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 4.

The seventh day of the eighth month reduces to six, and the number six indicates that of beauty, regularity, and the balancing of polarities.

The 220th day of the year reduces to four, and the number four contributes the influence of order and measurement. This assists your inherent appreciation of the mathematical and geometrical factors that underlay beauty.