August 5 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Jupiter.

August 5 Birthday interpretation

Born on the August 5 Leo birth date, your mind and mental dexterity are your greatest asset in life.

You are gifted with an excellent memory, and the ability to be able to apply it creatively.

The August 4 is also a person who has great energy resource, a powerful passion and, with a goal in life to achieve mastery over all situations.

You will take great pleasure in relating many of the events and experiences in your life in the form of stories and tales that will amuse your friends, family and associates.

In addition, you are likely to have no hesitation, or problem, in slightly changing, or dramatizing an event or situation, for the purpose of proving a particular point, or in order to give your listeners some greater amusement.

If you have children, they will love you to read stories to them or, even more so, participate in a game with them. You will have the skills to be able to relate to them some wonderfully detailed stories of your own childhood.

As an August 5 birth date, you are the type of person who is kind, sincere, generous and well meaning. On the other hand, you can at times, tend to take yourself a little too seriously, and as result you will have to be careful that you do not end up transforming your concept of reality into the world of fantasy.

The element of friendships are very important in the life of the August 5, and as result you are likely to enjoy quite a wide circle of friends and people with whom you feel particularly close and a special bonding.

The August 5 will enjoy reading, and books on such subjects as romance, children’s literature, adventure and travel, are likely to feature in your book cabinet.

Travel is a particular favorite activity for you, and you are likely to grab every opportunity in order to take off to some interesting or exotic local, or overseas location.

Born on this day, your path in life relates to that of pageantry, display and ceremony. This identifies that you should involve yourself in the exhibition of both your own accomplishments, and of those of your community.

This does not in any way infer that you are an exhibitionist or overly arrogant, but more so that you have a genuine pride in sharing with others.

Consider visiting or contributing to a local farmers fair, or other group organization where the contributions of other people are on display to be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Alternatively, join and make an organizational or creative contribution to some local voluntary organization of your choice.

The colors off red, tangerine, purple, blue, violet and butterscotch resonate well with this birth date, and if you want to project out your affection toward others utilize the colors of violet and blue within your dress ware.

Gold is your metal, and you should endeavor to have a many jewellery or accessories pieces as you can.

The gemstones of “moss agate” and “peridot” are minerals that can help to feed and inspire you’re your sense for creativity.

On the home front, the August 5 will love a home environment where they can enjoy a view of the sea. A rocking hammock on a sunny front porch, sun deck, or veranda would be a perfect relaxation setting for you

A spacey combination living/reception hall design will cater to your image needs, with furniture and décor that project a more luxurious atmosphere for when entertaining your many friends and visitors.

You are by nature a night person, so that you should consider incorporating some heavy dark material curtains within the home, and for those relaxing times at night, candle light will be your favorite form of lighting.

With your particular delight for personal grooming and, in particular your hair (Leo mane), you will need a good dressing area facilities, with some gold-plated brushes, combs, and hand mirrors to suit your tastes

Some old seafaring maps or pictures of sailing ships from the past will help to remind, and inspire you, in relation to your interest for travel and exploration.

On the out doors front, the August 5 is very much a night person and you will always feel much more alive and active once the sun has set.

One of your greatest enjoyments in life is that of sitting back in the sense of peace and tranquility that the nighttimes brings.

While the August 5 birth date falls under a fire sign, you are certainly likely to have a keen interest for sailing vessels and nautical themes and activities.

In your garden, an elevated area from which you can overview the views around you will be appealing.

You will enjoy an organized garden in which you can wander and potter while thinking and contemplating.

Flowers such as dahlias, marigolds and primrose can be of particular appeal for you.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 2.

The fifth day of the eighth month reduces to four, and the number four signifies that of order, classification, and measurement.

The 218th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two contributes the influence of duplication and replication. This influence can tend to make it easier for you to repeat your successes.