August 30 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin



August 30 Birthday interpretation.

As an August 30 Virgo birth date, you have an inherent ability and capacity to be able reach into a higher order of knowledge and understanding. In essence, you have the ability to be able to gain access to both your memory and intuition at will.

The qualities of both “love” and “innocence” hold an association with this August 30 birth date, and in this respect, there are few things that are more romantically appealing than that of unconditional, or innocent love.

Having said that however, it is an important factor in your life that you should certainly have some extent of worldly wisdom about you.

As an August 30 you can have a powerful desire, if not a need, for things to be right. You should remember however, that if you endeavor to commit yourself in total to the idea perfection and purity in all things, then you will tend place yourself in a frustrating position of trying to live up to standards that are impractical, if not indeed, impossible.

It is important that learn to accept yourself for who you are, and to refrain from criticizing yourself for not living up to what might be impossible ideals.

As with any individual, it is necessary that we to develop and progress in life with the objective of making the most out of whom we are.

This cannot be achieved by continually measuring yourself against the standards or achievements of others, and certainly not through undue self-criticism. Learn to give more attention to the person you are than to the person that you are not.

This August 30 birth date holds a connection with the ideas and concepts of wealth, and financially you are likely to pretty successful in life.

In relation to this wealth factor, you would be wise to give due attention to your association with others as in some cases, their motives toward you might be far less honest than you would realize and expect.

As an August 30, you are likely to have a significant, if not striking sense of style, with a tendency to favor the more classical style in fashion. You will tend to appreciate good quality as indeed you will appreciate good value.

Born this August 30 day you have a pattern in life that calls for you to put together the various aspects of how your mental processes function, and then to offer a further development of intelligence.

Yours is a path of exploring the wonders of the mind in order to express new frontiers and concepts of mental awareness.

To facilitate these qualities consider opening yourself up to the wider world through the avenues of travel, by documentary films or, through a study of human psychology. You might even like to consider joining an organization such as “Mensa” and become involved with like-minded individuals or groups, who are involved in the emphasis and enhancement of the mind.

The colors of copper, royal blue and slate gray resonate well with this birth date and, to help you to gain additional inspiration with your communication abilities, consider buying yourself some pieces of quartz crystal.

On the home front, the word “Harvest” has an association with this birth date so that you might like to have some reminders of the “harvest” with in your home.

These could take the form of some bowls of fruit or other natural edible about the home, or some freshly cut flowers such as yellow tulips or freesia placed in an attractive cut-glass bowl would look refreshing upon your dining room table.

Your Virgo ruler Mercury, rules over communications, so that telecommunication equipment such as phones, faxes and computer communications will be items of considerable interest for you.

As an August 30, you can be endowed devious sense of humor so that items or pictorials of a comical nature are likely to feature in your home. These might take the form of intriguing, if not naughty objects, cartoons or comical jokes or ditties.

On the entertainment front, your are likely to prefer conducting your at-home socializing activities with small groups of friends or acquaintances after dark.

The quality of sound is an important to you, so that you will appreciate good quality sound equipment in your home on which to play your favorite musical pieces.

By your nature you will like animals, and in particular, you are likely to prefer cats. Contrary to the belief of many, a black cat could prove to be a bearer of luck for you.

As a measure to attract wealth your way, consider positioning a metallic six-pointed star above the front door of your home.

On the outdoors front, with your August 30 Virgo personality, you are likely to thoroughly enjoy out door entertaining, so that an outdoor patio table and chairs will be a place in which to set out some of your creative culinary delights.

For you, the garden is a place in which to express your individuality and creative talents. It can be simple in layout or design but likely to feature some not so common items in the form of shapes, sculptures and garden ornaments.

The simple act of walking outside in the garden or a stroll through the park or countryside can be an excellent activity to settle any nervous upheavals. Rural sounds in the form of a bubbling stream, light rainfall and birdsong are all conducive in providing a settling effect to your temperament.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 9. The thirtieth day of the eighth month reduces to two, and the number two identifies with that of duplication, reflection, and the ability to think meditatively.

The number two relates to the arena of the subconscious mind, and your path is that developing and cultivating intuitive ways of understanding and knowledge.

The 243rd day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine contributes the quality of clear expression of seed ideas to your mission in life.