August 29 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin



August 29 Birthday interpretation.

Strength is a quality associated with this August 29 Virgo birth date. However, this takes the form of strength of willpower and that inner strength rather than that of pure physical strength.

As an August 29 you are endowed with considerable powers for concentration and focus, and these are qualities that you are likely to sense and be fully aware of.

For those of this August 29 birth date, success in life centers upon being able to deal with a wide mixture of matters and events.

You should be careful of all forms of disorder and messy clutter, be it of a mental, emotional or physical nature.

Look to do-away-with anything that is no longer a necessity in your life, and do not be deterred or nervous about leaving an empty space, because as and when the time is right, you will discover that which is necessary to fill that space in your life. Never be afraid of destroying or abandoning that which needs to be reborn.

It with be important for the August 29 to give due attention as to how the various parts in life fit together into an overall picture and, to be able to understand this while at the same time, always remaining aware of the greater or ultimate goals to be achieved.

Where you concentrate on that which is current, and then work to refine that which you already have, then where your efforts and actions are directed towards the positive construction of your life, you will find that you will attract that which is right and good for you.

A challenge for you as an August 29 will be to remain determined and persistent when setbacks and obstacles occur in your life.

One aspect associated with this August 29 birth date identifies with that of major changes or upheavals that can impact upon one’s life. In the main however, it is likely that this quality will generally relate to your moving home to another location.

Those of the August 29 Virgo birth date are endowed with a pleasure-seeking nature. They have a youthful outlook to life and are very likely to always look considerably younger than their actual years.

These buoyant qualities in outlook tend to insure that you will continue to develop your skills and talents throughout your lifetime.

Many of this birth date will tend to find a keen interest in the subject of conservation, and the environmental sciences. This particular interest is effectively a reflection of you with your constant life process of recycling.

As a Virgo born on this August 29 birth date, you have a path in life of developing and cultivating your own personal uniqueness and distinctiveness compared to those around you. Take caution however, that there can be a danger with this path in that you might tend to take this process to extremes.

You should endeavor to achieve a balance in life in order that your own individuality of personality becomes an asset, and not that of becoming a divisive, or a discouraging influence.

Your individuality and uniqueness should be an appealing factor that will attract others to you, and not a negative effect in that it might drive others away because you may appear different. Yours is a path in life of ongoing self-discovery as you progress into the unknowns of the future.

The colors of green, royal blue and slate gray resonate well with this birth date and, to help you to stimulate your powers for imagination and enthusiasm, consider acquiring a jewellery piece that incorporates either a “ruby” or a “fire opal”.

On the home front, the August 29 is likely to take pleasure from items within their home that will resonate with both their artistic interests and an association with their Virgo Earth element.

Items of natural materials such driftwood or shaped wooden pieces are likely objects to be found around your home.

The kitchen or dining area can be a particular focal point for you with a substantial wooden dining table that will be utilized for many activities other than just for meal times and eating.

Consider some attractive landscape paintings together with some other ornamental items created from natural materials. These could take the form of macramé work planter hangers or carved wooden items.

Quality chinaware can often be of appeal to those of the August 29 birth date so you might be interested in collecting certain types of chinaware for display in your dining room cabinets or kitchen.

The word “Harvest” has an association with this birth date so that you might like to have some reminders of the “harvest” with in your home. These could take the form of a collection of nuts and/or fruits positioned in a prominent place throughout the year.

Fern type plants can have a calming effect for you so you might like to consider incorporating some attractive potted ferns about the house.

On the outdoors front, it is likely that you will gain particular pleasure from the growing of herbs for your cooking processes.

With an inherent interest in matters of earth and cultivation you are likely to have something of a “green-thumb” with talents for growing most forms of plants, flowers and shrubs. Vegetables in particular might of interest.

With your personality, you are likely to thoroughly enjoy the activity of out door entertaining, so that an outdoor patio table and chairs will be a place in which to set out some of your creative outdoor meals.

Your garden can be a place for your creative talents and it is likely to feature some not so common items such as sculptures and garden ornaments.

Your special magic numbers are 1 and 8. The twenty-ninth day of the eighth month reduces to one, and the number one is the number that represents that of originality, inventiveness, the beginning, and initiative.

The 242nd day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds the understanding that different forms of expression always stem from a single source of creation. This is an asset that will assist search for originality.