August 28 Birthday



Symbol: The Virgin



August 28 Birthday interpretation.

As an August 28 Virgo birth date, you are endowed with a great mental agility, and you are one who is likely to be able to dream and visualize very clearly, and to be able to translate such visualizations into an everyday reality.

This is a birth date that provides you with strong characteristics for the qualities of courage and self-motivation.

The term “Partnership” has strong association with this August 28 birth date, and it does so in respect of being able to appreciate and understand the power of partnership.

For the august 28, the basis and foundation for success in life, lay with the understanding and acceptance that real achievements and accomplishment can be dependant upon the help, support and input of others who have knowledge and talents to add to those of your own.

As an August 28, you are one who will like to initiate, design and develop your own concepts, systems, methods, and techniques for the purpose of getting things done in life.

This is a personal characteristic that can potentially be directed toward, and result in a successful career or vocation.

As example, this could take the form of creating and developing business systems or computer software programs. These are beneficial resources that will enable others to utilize their talents in order to structure and utilize their own resources in a more efficient manner.

The concept of service is one that will tend to filter throughout your life, and you should always remain attentive, and open to those opportunities that arise, whereby others extend and offer their help, whether that be in friendship, or in your time of need.

As an August 28, you will be wise to keep in mind to take the time, and to listen to, the advice and counsel of others who are wiser, and more knowledgeable than yourself.

More often than not, experience can be the greatest educator in life, and giving the time to listening to the voice of experience can result in one avoiding becoming involved in, or making serious and unhappy mistakes in life.

You would be wise to center your ambition and desires upon the gaining of wisdom and knowledge rather than purely upon the accumulation of worldly possessions.

Endeavor to orient yourself to not worry too much about the potential shortcomings in life but to recognize the abundance that surrounds you.

While the sign of Virgo identifies with that of the harvest and abundance, you are not the type of person who likes waste and, you can be extremely careful where it comes to money.

Irrespective of the aforementioned, you will find that, as an August 28 Virgo, there will generally always be more than enough in your life.

This August 28 birth date can fall on a “critical degree,” and where so, it can indicate that you are one who will tend feel very intensely, the highs and lows that you experience.

You enjoy reading, and poetry with its rhythmic spoken words, could be particularly appealing for you.

As an August 28, you are one who loves variety and the spectacle of life.

Your pattern in life requires that you involve yourself in activities, work or otherwise, that will for example, enable you to progress from that of the unskilled through to that of the master craftsman. In other words, you must take the initial difficult steps in order that you may advance to that that level of ultimate competency.

As example, consider one who undertakes dancing lessons. They start in a fumbling fashion, but under the skilled tuition of the teacher they progress to become an accomplished dancer.

The colors of green, opaque gray and royal blues resonate well for those of this birth date.

The diamond, and in particular the blue diamond, is a gem of particular significance for the August 28. This is a gem that perhaps represents your life path in that it originates as an unattractive item that, once cut and polished, develops into a beautiful attractive and prized stone.

Consider acquiring and wearing a ring with a blue diamond inset to remind of your path in life.

On the home front, the August 28 should consider incorporating some representations of their Earth element within the home.

These could take the form of some attractive landscape paintings and/or some natural material type ornamentals such as macramé work items.

Some fern type houseplants could be of particular appeal for those of the August 28 birth date.

On the outdoors front, you are likely to have a certain “green thumb” talent for cultivation of plants. This will extend to most forms of garden plants and shrubs including flowers and vegetables.

It is likely that, as an August 28, you could take a particular interest in the growing of herbs such as basil, oregano or mint for example, for your cooking processes.

Some sculptures or unusual garden ornaments would not be out of place in your garden.

As an August 28 you are likely to have a strong affinity toward animals, and in particular small creatures such as birds. A bird box or feeding perch in the garden could provide you with some pleasant times of enjoyment.

Lighter shades of flowers will appeal, and you should consider including some white and pale yellow flowers in your garden flowerbeds. Lilies, chrysanthemums, white tulips and daisies should look nice.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 7. The twenty-eighth day of the eighth month reduces to nine, and the number nine identifies with that of, accomplishment, attainment and success conclusion.

Born on this August 28 birth date, your path in life is that of a readiness to become part of a particular endeavor, and then to learn and develop your mind and experience in the knowledge that, irrespective of any risk the act of involvement and participation is the ultimate crowning achievement.

The 241st day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven provides that inherent expectation for success and victory in every form of endeavor that you decide to undertake.