August 23 Birthday


YOUR SIGN – Leo/Virgo



YOUR RULERS – Sun/Mercury

August 23 Birthday interpretation.

This August 23 birth date centers upon the cusp of the signs of both Leo and Virgo, and in addition, the symbol for this date is that of the sphinx.

The sphinx forms a representation of a creature that has the body of the lion, and the head of a king or monarch gazing out across the land.

An interpretation of the sphinx identifies with that of the “instinct and passion” of the lion (Leo) becoming overridden and dominated by the human reasoning and logic of the king (the head).

In other words, as an August 23 birth date you are gifted with that exceptional energy associated with the lion, while at the same time have the ability to utilize that energy together with the benefit of a sense for direction, clarity, and wisdom.

The August 23 can tend to approach both their personal and working life at a scorching pace, but will do with a sense of absolute concentration.

While you are certainly very keen to be successful in your life, you are one who will certainly want to do things correctly and avoid anything of a devious nature.

While the world and its opportunities lay open for your participation, you are one who will tend hold back and give good consideration to any activity or undertaking before moving forward into any opportunity that you deem is right for you.

There are some influences associated with this August 23 birth date to indicates that you should take caution and give some consideration when it comes to your material position in life.

This can be because you might have a potential tendency to over spend or over commit your capital resources without thinking.

As an August 23 however, you are attracted to the more practical offerings in life, and can sense that you will be rewarded whether financially and/or professionally, when you make the right choices.

There are some August 23 birthdays that fall at the very end of Leo, and this position holds an indication for the qualities of magnanimity, destructiveness, military honors, and independence.

For others whose birthdays fall in the very beginning of Virgo there is a powerful fiery influence from Leo that indicates an individual who will have a highly sociable and poetic character.

In relation to your personal and romantic relationships, you are the type of person who, by your very nature, has an inherent deep understanding of people.

With this wonderful quality you should find that generally, your relationships should develop and progress very well, and this will be because your partners in life will always know that if they have a problem, then they will always be able to talk about it with you, and in a completely frank manner.

As an August 23 born on this day, you have a path in life of setting your sites on a heavenly star and resolutely sticking with your course.

You have the ability to communicate with higher orders and will often reach out to those realms for guidance and comfort.

Take the time to listen to their replies, because there is always guidance and support available for those who are of faithful heart.

The colors of red, scarlet, beige, maroon, yellow, white, and gold relate well with this birth date, and on those occasion when you might wish to enhance your drive and energy, consider wearing a neck piece, scarf or tie, in the colors of scarlet with some gold touches running through it.

The gemstones of emerald and citrine can help your sense of inspiration for security.

On the home front, the August 23 will like living in a home that sits on higher ground allowing for overviews of your surroundings. A view of the sea would be a good bonus for you.

Consider a décor that includes shades of white, gold, and your furnishings should project a luxurious image with designs and shapes to suit your particular flair. Space, and an organized layout are important for you.

Paintings or pictures of angels can be beneficial within your home, as can images of your ruling signs.

You might like to consider incorporating representations of your elements of fire and earth within the home, and this might take the form of a feature piece built from bricks i.e. a fireplace, kitchen feature or an outdoor brick barbeque oven.

Hand made pottery pieces are items that can be of particular appeal for you.

Keeping some basil on your window ledge will help to attract wealth in your direction, and where you keep a small angelica plant in a blue-green painted pot within the home you will find that your emotional life goes from strength to strength.

In the bedroom consider a bed that is elevated to cater to your sense for the higher ground, and you should keep an arrangement of dried flowers in the colors of muted reds and purples.

In addition, a vase of roses in the bedroom will also help you with your sense for good judgment.

As an August 23 birth date, you are one who will love animals and in particular furry animals. Cats and/or kittens are likely to be valued little family members within your home.

On the out doors front, the August 23 will enjoy both high country and sea environments.

Out door entertaining is a delight for you so that you will like a good spacey area for adult barbeque activities and perhaps some form of play facility for children such as a swing or sandbox.

Night lighting appeals to the August 23 so that outdoor lanterns or torches will provide a perfect setting for your summer outdoor dining occasions.

When considering flowers for your garden, you should look to including a fair selection of white flowers, as this is a color that suits both the Leo and Virgo characteristics.

Your special magic numbers are 4 and 2.

The twenty-third day of the eighth month reduces to four, and the number four represents that of order, reason, and the concrete reality of the physical world.

The 236th day of the year reduces to two, and the number two adds the element of consideration and receptiveness.