August 22 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Mars.

August 22 Birthday interpretation .

This August 22 Leo birth date falls at the end of the domain of Leo, and moves toward that of Virgo. This results in a turn from that “instinctive” nature of the Leo toward that of the more logical and mental nature of Virgo.

This combination can at times lead to some degree of mental confusion as that “instinctive” voice speaks to you on the one hand, and the “logical” aspect of your nature speaks on the other.

This can result in your having an essentially innocent approach and outlook to the world around you, that at times might even appear to be somewhat naive.

Irrespective however, as an August 22 birth date, you are the sort of person who does have that strength of will to make things happen when there is a real need to have your point of view heard, or to get something organized and completed.

As an August 22 birth date, you are one who will make a conscious effort to be somewhat unique. In this respect, you are likely to be quite particular and discriminating in your dress wear, and in your speech.

Some people might consider you to be a somewhat stubborn person.  In the main however, most folk will tend to admire and respect you for your steadfast and determined attitude and also, as the sort of person who will undertake to take care of your own responsibilities in life.

By your August 22 nature, you are one who will like to have involvements in many things at the same time.

This aspect of your nature arises from an inner motivation to derive the pleasure to be found in creativity and in seeing how many opportunities there are for self-fulfillment.

Sometimes the extent of such enthusiasm can make it difficult for you to be able deal with, or relate to, some of those more annoying demands of everyday living.

The August 22 tends to be a fairly stable type of person emotionally, and is likely to have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances as apposed to, just having a few extremely close friends.

You can be very popular among your friends, and there are times when you will need to give some real consideration as to your areas of commitment when it comes between that of your friends, and that of your partner in life.

As an August 22, you are likely to be a person who is very active physically, and particularly so, in those areas or activities that involve the need for the power of strength, rather than that of pure agility.

As example, weight lifting or weight training could be the type of physical activity that can develop your physical strength capabilities.

As one born on this August 22 day, you have a path in life of developing and strengthening your deepest attachments, and that of cultivating ethical courage.

This is a pattern that requires that you spiritually cultivate your sense of belonging, and become involved in some form of arena that involves a service to humanity.

Where you take up any such inherent call to action then the result for you can be a wonderful sense of both satisfaction, and richness of spirit.

As example, consider a voluntary involvement with an organization such as, the Red Cross, a local hospice or the international “Save The Children” fund.

The colors of red, purple, gold, orange, yellow and white resonate with this birth date.

The gemstones of “ruby” and “amber” can help to influence a strengthening of your will power.

Gold is a good metal for you, and irrespective of whether or not you happen to be married a thick gold ring band worn on your forefinger forms a symbol of unity for you.

On the home front, the August 22 will prefer a home positioned on higher land that allows you to look down upon the views and events in your surroundings. A sea view would certainly be a good feature for you.

You will desire you’re in-home furnishings and décor to be representative of your particular flair, and to present a very tidy and organized impression.

An ideal color scheme for at least one of your main rooms could be that of white with some small inspirations crimson.

You will like space within your home and take enjoyment in the unusual, or different from the normal, features or items in your home. Many such items are likely to be interesting, and provoke conversational discussions.

A large centerpiece fireplace will appeal to you, and especially so if it is of a design that allows people to easily gather around when desired.

Sun light is important for you, and a feature that could really appeal to your senses for the “different’ or unusual, could be a stained glass window. The sun shining through glass segments of reds and purples could be a perfect addition to your home.

In your bedroom, consider an elevated bed as it will cater to your sense for the higher ground, and keeping a vase of roses in the bedroom will help you with your sense for judgment.

On the out doors front, the August 22 will enjoy not only outdoor high country areas but also views of the sea.

In your garden area you will love to entertain, so that an outdoor barbeque together with some attractive form of outdoor night-lights can provide the perfect conducive atmosphere for your visitors.

You are likely to have culinary skills, or at least have a keen interest in the preparation and serving up of nice tasty dishes for both yourself and your visitors.

You like the outdoors and may be fond of a garden or yard with a wall around it. The idea is not so much for the purposes of keep other people out but more so to enable you to have an outward view of your surroundings.

As an August 22 you are likely to enjoy pottering around in the garden and take pleasure in growing both flowers, and vegetables.

When considering flowers, look to bird-of-paradise, forsythia, dahlias, lilies, asters, hibiscus and sunflowers.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 1.

The twenty-second day of the eighth month reduces to three, and the number three represents that of growth and development.

The 235th day of the year reduces to one, and the number one adds the singleness of purpose that this path requires.