August 21 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Mars.

August 21 Birthday interpretation .

As an August 21 Leo birth date, you are endowed with an easy and comfortable manner, in your dealings with other people.

Qualities associated with this August 21 date indicate that you have a positive relationship with all the signs of the zodiac. This in turn indicates that you have a good social mobility, with the ability to be able to mix and communicate quite effectively on all levels of society.

You have an inherent ability to be able to identify new methods and ways in which to deal with organizational matters and problems in life.

As an August 20, you are one who will tend to make fast and effective changes in your life as apposed to taking any steady approach in your development of any new plan, project, or idea.

By your very nature, you are the sort of person who will rely a great deal upon your instincts during your progress in life, and in particular, this August 20 birth date indicates that your life can benefit from you developing your instinct into objective and conscious thought.

An objective for you is to avoid becoming to heavily involved in dramas that might arise in your life.

In your working environment you might like to give consideration to your thoughts, reactions and feelings.

There is a strong likelihood that you will need to learn how to control, and direct that “instinct” aspect of your nature, in order that you do not suffer limitations as result of uncontrollable emotional responses, or confused and illogical thoughts.

On the career front, the August 21 is endowed with skills that are well suited to the creation and circulation of information.

The vocational arena of writing, and working with communication devices, are natural extensions of your inherent talents and abilities.

Mathematics is another subject that can prove of interest to the August 2, and tools and equipment related to that subject can be of significance for you.

As an August 21 you are a good conversationalist, and the sort of person who fits in well in any social settings.

You are likely to love sharing your ideas, and engaging in vibrant and lively conversations with your friends and associates.

One aspect associated with this birth date indicates that you can at times become worried and hold concern that your plans might fail, and fall through and just at the time when you are on the brink of success.

This can be explained as a fairly common fear of success, and constitutes a feeling that can help you to avoid disappointment in the event that things do fail.

Born on this August 21 birth date, your pattern in life invites you to devote your energies to that of accomplishing high ideals.

As a result, you will enjoy both the tangible and intangible rewards for your efforts and carve out for yourself a place of dignity and respect.

This indicates that you might well like to consider involving yourself with those larger service type organizations that can provide you with an environment in which you have plenty of room to develop, grow and advance.

This birth date is positioned toward the end of Leo time frame and this represents you as a steadily glowing fire rather than a blazing inferno.

You are endowed with a very strong will, and are likely to be identified by others as a person of wise judgment and maturity.

The colors of orange, red, royal blue, white, yellow, magenta (purple-red) resonates well with this birth date.

Blue and orange sapphires are gems that can help to inspire and increase your drive and, if you like to consider keeping a bloodstone about your person, it will assist you to maintain a positive approach and outlook to life.

The color gold relates with your personality so that items of that color, such as brass ornaments, gold plated items, or jewellery pieces for example, can only help to broaden your outlook on life.

On the home front, the August 2i will like a home that is on higher ground with views that overlook the neighbors. A sea or water view is likely to be of particular appeal for those born on this date.

A two-storied property could be a good idea as it meets the aforementioned criteria.

You will appreciate plenty of space and furnishing of a more unique or unusual design. An image of luxury will prove comfortable for you.

Your bedroom should be on the upper level and your bed sited in a central position. An elevated bed could be an additional benefit for you.

Curtains or lighting that cast a yellowish light similar to those in Renaissance paintings would create a fertile atmosphere for your ideas and dreams,

You are likely to have culinary skills, or at least have a keen interest in the preparation and serving up of nice tasty dishes for both yourself and your visitors.

In your kitchen you should consider a substantial circular table as a centerpiece for people to sit around after their meals, for those conversations that you by nature will enjoy.

Consider decorating your kitchen, cooking area in shades of light yellow, and some small potted cacti or other succulent type plants appropriately positioned may well appeal to you.

An image or statuette of any horned animal positioned within your home will help you to find success in your life progress.

On the out doors front, the August 21 will enjoy outdoor environments that involve the sea.

In your garden area you will love to entertain, and to engage in conversation around a picnic table.

An outdoor barbeque with outdoor night lighting will provide the sort of relaxing and seductive atmosphere to match your food inspired preparations.

You will like dabbling in the garden, and are likely to enjoy growing both flowers and vegetables.

Flowers for you are bird-of-paradise, forsythia, dahlias, lilies, asters, hibiscus and sunflowers.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 9.

The twenty-first day of the eighth month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of division, and the ancient emblem of the life force. This represents a path in life of developing and building strength of character through the accomplishment and completion of your ambitions.

The 234th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds to this path the important element of goal achievement.

In other words, you will be supported in life by an inner knowledge and understanding that you will be able to complete and finish anything that you begin.