August 19 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Mars.

August 19 Birthday interpretation .

Those of the August 19 Leo birth date tend to have a somewhat chameleon like personality in that it is never seems totally possible to be able to identify exactly what sort of person they really are.

As an August 19, you will be, for many with whom you associate in life, a somewhat interesting and intriguing individual.

While this aspect of the August 19 nature might well be of value when it comes to some of their relationships, there will be those occasions when they will need to be very clear cut, in order to project an image, that identifies exactly who they are.

As an August 19, you have a powerful compassionate streak in your personality that can become very apparent when dealing with children, or others who may be less fortunate in life than yourself.

With such a quality, it would not be unusual for you to find that at some point in your life, you become involved in some activity that caters for young people who are in need of help.

As an August 19, you are a highly affectionate person who will enjoy physical contact.

This can take the form of touching and caressing, hugs and kissing for example, but such actions must not be misconstrued as actions of a sexual nature, because they are for you, just part of your natural affectionate make up.

When it comes to your romantic relationships, you are extremely open when it comes to your approach and intentions. You are likely to conduct a full-on campaign that personifies the affectionate and romantic side of your nature.

The absolute romantic lover who will take pleasure in creating the right atmosphere for your romantic pursuits with candles, low lighting, soft music, chocolates and some good champagne.

As an August 19 you have an inherent ability to be able to identify, and understand the viability of all forms of undertaking.

With such a quality there is a strong likely hood that you could become quite successful in a working environment or profession that might be a considered a little unusual or unique.

Irrespective of whatever working environment you decide upon, you will find that where you endeavor to strive for goals with a spiritual dimension, then your instinctive generosity will thrive.

As a Leo born on this August 19 day, you have a path in life of responding to the creative aspect of life itself.

You have a deep sense of integrity, and are unwilling to compromise your principles for any purpose of a short-term satisfaction in your life.

This pattern calls to mind your sense for that which is possible, even though it may be beyond the bounds of reason, so let your imagination loose and let it soar.

As an August 19 you should give due attention to your hunches, and learn to trust your sense of intuition.

When you look back on your life you will discover that most of the best advice you received was given freely and without your enquiry or request.

The rainbow is a symbol for you, and you have a great love of color and sense for festivities and social occasions.

With your love for children you could well take great pleasure in simple artistic entertaining activities such as magic tricks, puzzles or balloon art.

Consider playing with logic problems and word puzzles in your spare time, as this will enhance your problem-solving prowess.

Red, yellow, emerald green, azure, blue, gold and orange are colors that relate well with the August 19 date.

The “aquamarine” gemstone can help you to link to your subconscious, and a small piece of iron pyrite kept about your person can help you to be true to yourself when necessary.

On the home front, the August 19 is the type of person who will enjoy a sense of humor within their environment.

This could take the form of some comical pictures, cartoons, photographs of funny family events, or unusual humorous ornaments. You might even like to display some of your own creations.

Sun images are good for you, so consider incorporating some cheering sun colors such as yellow and orange within you’re home décor. This could be in the form of furnishing accessories, room fabrics or wall pictures.

Since the rainbow is a symbol for you, consider having some representations of the rainbow in your home. Simple items such as photos, pictures or curtains are all good ways of keeping you in tune with your higher self.

Gold is also a color in keeping with your personality so include some items of that color such as brass ornaments, gold plated items, or jewellery pieces, as these can help to enhance your outlook.

On the outdoors front, the August 19 is very much a rural type person who will love the country life, animals, and in particular, horses could be a special interest.

Even if you do not ride yourself, the excitement of horse racing and horse related shows are likely to be of great interest, and entertainment value for you

High country and mountain environments will also appeal to your senses as a medium that can help to keep your thoughts and outlook on life in perspective.

Your garden can form a format for your own self-expression, and incorporate many of those humorous ideas and concepts that may appeal to you or spring to mind.

For you it can form a place that is somewhat unusual and unique to you, and be a focal interest for your friends and visitors.

Include some large yellow flowers (i.e. sunflowers) in the garden because they tend to resonate well with your birth date. Other flowers in keeping with you are, clematis, forsythia, dahlias, lilies, asters, and hibiscus.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 7.

The nineteenth day of the eighth month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of attainment and completion.

The 232nd day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven contributes a sense of safety and security in your ability to be able to follow your mental inspirations, concepts and ideas.