August 17 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Mars.

August 17 Birthday interpretation .

With your August 17 Leo birth date, you are one who will tend to project a demeanor that comes across to others as somewhat fragile and delicate.

Despite your tendency to project an outward appearance of being reluctant to become involved in activities of a physically exertive nature, you are, as an August 17, the type of person who in reality, has an inherent inner core of steel

This is a characteristic that will become apparent to others around you once they start to witness the manner in which you can quite ruthlessly deal with difficult problems and crises in life, both on the personal front and in the work place.

It is not uncommon for people who are born on this August 17 birth date to be particularly self-sufficient in out look, tend to leave home at an early age, and desire to make their way independently in life and without support from family.

You would find it very difficult to follow any path set out for you by others, irrespective of how ever generous or loving any offer might be.

For the August 17, it is a matter of discovering the internal source of their own strength in order to generate their own lifestyle, and to create their own reality in life.

As you progress in your in life, you will find that you will meet up with others who in effect will become the basis of a new family to you.

The great benefit arising out of your August 17 birth date is the opportunity and ability to be able to generate and activate new opportunities out of such relationships in order to fulfill your goals and ambitions in life.

As an August 17 you are one who will sincerely appreciate, and be extremely grateful for what others might give to you.

You are far from selfish by nature and will very readily give reward to your friends by way of shareable gifts such as tickets to a concert or the theatre, invitations to parties or to other forms of entertainment or sporting activities.

You are by nature the sort of person who will energetically pursue whatever gives meaning to life.

A characteristic of this birth date indicates that you are likely to have a very strong connection to the Earth, and this might result in your having a considerable interest in environmental issues and organizations around the world.

Furthermore, you are, as an August 17 also influenced by the energy of the moon, and it is this influence that provides you with your emotional sensitivity, and that impressive ability to be able to express yourself with clarity.

With your Earth influence, you can have a penchant for a more rural environment with result that you could gain particular pleasure and interest from either owning a farming business or, in simply just spending some times in a farming environment.

Born on this August 17 day, you have a pattern in life of identifying those cycles in life, and then being able to know when it is time to pause between those periods of creation in order to rest.

As example, each day the sun rises in the morning, and although it is in constant cycle of motion, its ongoing movement is always predictable.

The colors of white, indigo, orange, light green, saffron, gold, red, and yellow relate with this birthday, and some mineral “Tourmaline wands” will help you to both clarify your mind, and calm your emotions.

The color of gold is a good color for you and metals of such color, such as that of gold or brass, form perfect metals to have about you. As examples, gold jewellery and accessories, brass ornaments or a collection of old gold or brass based coins.

On the home front, the August 17 needs plenty of natural light, and you should consider a home décor in the color of white with the added influence of other colors, such as gold for example, to accent your décor features.

You might like to invoke a more personal in-home atmosphere in keeping with your Earth connection, and to achieve this through your home décor.

As example, the utilization of natural fabrics and non-dyed materials, and the use of recycled or reconditioned furniture pieces.

Ceiling moldings and/or medallions are elegant features that you are likely to enjoy within your home.

As an August 17 you have a strong appreciation for the arts so that you might like to consider having some paintings or images within your home that reflect both your connection with your ruling signs, and the more delicate aspects of your personality.

In particular, a picture or painting of a swan would form an excellent image for you, as it will reflect both the delicate and strength characteristics of your personality.

In the bathroom, consider burning some ambergris incense to help you to connect with the moon influence.

On the outdoors front, the view and the environment of high country, and in particular that of mountains, can help you to keep things in perspective.

You will appreciate a well-designed and laid out garden or yard and should consider a color contrast to the earth greens of the garden by way of a white gate and fencing.

White is a good color for you so that you might like to consider incorporating some white flowers such as dahlias, lilies, or asters for example in your garden

Your special magic numbers are 7 and 5.

The seventeenth day of the eighth month reduces to seven, and the number seven represents that of rest, security, and the perception of safety.

The 230th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five contributes the influence of change, and mediation, that help to make it easier for you to flow with the cycles of change.

As example, the cycles of change give you a sense of continuity. No matter how dark the night, dawn will always follow.