August 15 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Mars.

August 15 Birthday interpretation .

Born on this August 15 Leo birth date, you are likely to find that there are times in your life when your lifestyle might be compared to that of living within a circus environment.

You can find yourself witness to numerous little dramas and comical events that take place in your daily environment. Some you will find amusing, and on the other hand, there will be occasions when you will feel upset, concerned and even distressed.

Other aspects associated with this August 15 birth date indicate that you will have a particularly strong sense of urgency, and there are times when you may find yourself working considerably faster and harder than is actually necessary in order for you to succeed.

As an August 15, you have by nature a sense of boldness and daring, coupled with the courage to express yourself and your feelings in a very open way. These are qualities that many around you will admire and respect.

Alternatively, others can often misinterpret your tendency for self- projection, and look upon it as somewhat overbearing and as desire by you to command center stage, and to dominate the environment.

It is necessary for you therefore, as an August 15, to be able to identify and appreciate your own boundaries in order that you can avoid stepping upon the toes of others, and invading upon their space.

This August 15 birth date identifies with both that of serving others, as well as that of ruling or governing.

The spiritual side of your nature inspires you to explore and develop your knowledge, and to then endeavor to share that knowledge with others.

You have the ability to put a hold on your own desires and plans, for the purposes of giving out help to others in order that they in turn, may be able to achieve their goals and ambitions.

There will be times however, when you will begin to feel somewhat exhausted and drained from such time and commitment that you give out to those around you.

Another aspect associated with this August 15 birth date is that of “fearlessness” and in relation to that of physical activities and sports you have an inherent danger-factor.

As result, you are likely to favor many of the more dangerous sporting activities that prove particularly exhilarating for you.

As example, white water rafting, hang-gliding, rock climbing, blue water sailing, or bungee jumping.

As an August 15 birth date, you have a path in life of responding, taking action and adapting to the various challenges and opportunities that your life presents up to you.

This will necessitate that you learn to delve deep into the recesses of your creative process, and to develop inventive ways in order to overcome what might, at first glance, look like problems and obstacles.

In other words, turning those stumbling blocks in life into stepping-stones for advancement.

The colors of red, yellow, gold, apricot and light brown resonate well with this August 15 birth date.

Gold is a metal that compliments well to your birth date.

The gemstones of “moonstone” and “yellow jasper” are gems that can help to inspire and enhance your sense for self-sufficiency.

On the home front, the August 15 will like a spacious roomy type of home environment with plenty of natural light.

You will like to achieve a relatively luxurious atmosphere in your home with a décor and furnishings to match such tastes. You will certainly need some suitable area for the purpose of entertaining your many friends and visitors.

Lighting is important to you, and you will use lamps and lighting accessories to their very best decorating advantage.

An imposing fireplace setting that includes a mantel for ornaments would be a wonderful focal point in your main living room.

Reading can be an important pastime for the August 15, so that a book cabinet or inbuilt shelf system is a likely feature within your home. Romance and poetry could be of particular interest.

Consider keeping four blue glass goblets with a yellow border in your bedroom you will find that you have much more energy in your life.

To encourage you to slow down into a more relaxed outlook in your daily life consider acquiring an old-fashioned oil lamp with an emerald-colored glass casing.

In your kitchen, consider keeping a variety of aromatics such as sage and rosemary, and having some incense about the home is another good idea for you.

Where you would like to increase the potential for a more positive atmosphere within your home consider hanging a mirror within the home that has a white and gold frame.

On the out doors front, the August 15 will find that an environment of high mountains will have the effect of stirring the poetic side of their nature.

You are the type of person who likes to look downward, so that you should endeavor to have some raised area, such as raised sundeck or balcony from which you can overview your neighbor’s.

Sunlight is an important feature for you so that you should aim for a garden design and exposure that will facilitate plenty of natural sunlight.

You are not likely to be the most enthusiastic of gardeners, so that your garden could be in a bit of a wild state with no clear-cut design, or definition among your flowerbeds.

In the garden you should look to surround yourself with the taller growing flowers such as sunflowers, dahlias, and gladiolas.

Your special magic numbers are 5 and 3.

The fifteenth day of the eighth month reduces to five, and the number five represents that of change, uncertainty, and adaptability.

The 228th day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the element of creativity to those unusual solutions that you visualize.