August 13 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Jupiter, Mars

August 13 Birthday interpretation.

Those of the August 13 Leo birth date have a very lively and vivacious nature. They also have that tendency to want to stand out, and command the attention of others around them.

As an August 13, you are endowed with leadership abilities and, you can react quite fiercely on those occasions when you might be let down or become disillusioned by someone or something.

You can have a leaning toward that of totalitarianism, so that if you redirect your outlook toward that of understanding more, you will find that you will able to react in a more reasonable manner.

You are one of those uncommon people who have an inherent ability to project kindness toward just about everyone you encounter in life.

You have a natural inherent talent for forgiveness and, in the main you are certainly not the type of person who will continue to bear a grudge toward another.

Influences associated with this August 13 birth date suggest that you are the type of person who will act as something of a protector toward those who may be in your care.

With this attribute therefore, there is a strong likelihood that you could become involved in a working environment that will involve you in dealing with either children, or with others who may be vulnerable in society.

Truth is a quality that you hold in the highest regard, and it is something that you will tend encourage in others.

Those of the August 13 birth date have very conscious sense for personal security, and you are certainly one who will look to, and want to provide for future eventualities.

It would not be unusual for you to have extra food resources well over and above that of your usual weekly usage, and other commodities such as money hidden away for when it might be needed.

Effectively, as an August 13 you can often tend to worry quite deeply about things that have not yet eventuated.

When it comes to financial matters and investments you are the type of person who should avoid the speculative, and stick to the form of investments that are as safe and secure as possible.

As example, it will be more natural for you to invest in something like a low-risk, long-term growth annuity than to leap into, even though it might promise much greater returns, some high-risk speculative venture.

Born on this August 13 day, the pattern of your life path requires that you endeavor to maximize to the fullest extent any potential that you may find within your environment.

Your courage can be an example to others irrespective of whether others around you might feel, or accuse you of, rushing in where angels fear to tread.

The only danger that can be associated with this life path, is that you may become like some tyrannical child, who always expects to get his or her own way.

A mirror with its reflect qualities resonate well with you, and gold is a metal that can help to inspire you. Having, or carrying about you, some items that incorporate these particular features can be beneficial.

For you, looking into a mirror can be more of a confidence booster rather than an action of vanity.

As example, a gold plated cosmetic compact with mirror for the ladies, a traveling mirror for a man, and gold colored framed mirrors within your home.

The colors of red, yellow, scarlet, and orange relate well with this birth date,

When considering gemstones, “azurite” can help to calm your excitement and enthusiasm, “red jasper” and “amber” can help with your sense of perspective.

On the home front, the August 13 will love a home location with some view of the sea. A sunny front porch or sun deck, would be a perfect relaxation setting for you.

You need a spacious type home environment that provides for plenty of light flows.

You will favor a relatively luxurious atmosphere in your home with furnishings and décor to match your tastes. You need an attractive arena for the purpose of entertaining your many friends and visitors.

In keeping with that “caring” aspect inherent in your nature, an ornamental item such as a wooden shepherd’s crook would be a wonderful object for you.

Consider decorating your bedroom area in a range of cream and pink tones as these can help to encourage and inspire your goodwill toward others.

Consider hanging a mirror with a white and gold frame somewhere within your home if you feel that you would like to increase the positive effect of truth.

You can be a little pedantic when it comes to your dress wear for specific activities. As example, specific dress for sports, apron for cooking, floppy wear for hobbies.

As an August 13 you will tend to need a little drama in your life and the action of changing your dress wear tends to help you to get into the right mood for each situation.

When it comes to your bedroom activities however, you need nothing more than plain white bed sheets because since you are one who will not need any nighttimes stimulation, nor in fact any nightwear.

On the outdoor front, the August 13 will like the sea and water views in addition to that of hilly type country. Most types of water sports are likely to appeal.

A low maintenance garden or yard area with some facility for simple exercise would be advantageous for you.

Consider including some red and yellow flowers in your garden, and sunflowers and marigold are perfect companions to your outdoor meditations.

Include some symbolic objects or items that associate with your ruling sign of the sun.

Your special magic numbers are 3 and 1.

The thirteenth day of the eighth month reduces to three, and the number three signifies that of growth and development, a path in life that might be typified by that of a childlike courage and optimism.

The 226th day of the year reduces to one, and the number one contributes the need for new beginnings. This support will aid you in the path of self-discovery and understanding.