August 12 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Jupiter.

August 12 Birthday interpretation .

As an august 12 Leo birth date, you are a person who will have a very strong character, and your drive and vitality, will be something that is highly obvious to those around you.

The glowing nature of your personality will tend to overshadow, and possibly conceal from others most of the other aspects of your nature.

Your August 12 qualities for energy and drive identifies with an individual who has the ability to, not only to undertake considerable responsibility in life, but to also be able to exercise authority in a careful and fair manner.

As an August 12 birth date you must take some care that you do not succumb, and become overcome by the compliments and flattery of others. Once you have developed beyond the bounds of vanity, you will then move into the higher nature and greater potential arena for this particular position of Leo.

You have a great generosity of spirit within you that should be allowed to reveal itself, and you are capable of devoting yourself to causes and issues that can be of great benefit to others.

You have an inherent talent to be able to apply subtle meditation techniques when it comes to the helping with the disputes and upsets of others, and in general, a superb ability in encouraging good relationships between people.

As an August 12, you are likely to feel very comfortable when working in support of children, and this could take the form of an involvement in their education and development.

With your fun loving spirit, you are the type of person who can be in their element when involved in active and entertaining environments.

You will be the perfect person to have around during visits to the zoo, amusement parks, sporting arenas, jovial club events and on cruises to places of interest.

Dependent upon certain star configurations related to this date, there can be a tendency for some born on this date to be slightly bombastic in attitude.

In addition, those same configurations can identify with, and help to encourage and facilitate, both your artistic perceptions and the ways in which you express them.

Your challenge in life is to maintain a contact with your inner self and integrity so that what you then project out and present in your life will be in keeping with those true inner ideals.

As a August 12 Leo, you are able to develop the balancing aspects of your mental abilities to the extent of becoming able to drawn out from both your environment, and your every day situations, all of those things that you deem necessary.

To achieve this it will necessitate that you develop your mental processes to a fine point of receptiveness.

Your path in life is that of applying detailed accuracy in asking the question, and then patience and alertness in listening for the answer.

The reflective qualities of mirrors resonate well with those of the August 12 birth date, and gold is a metal that should feature within your environment. You should consider having items of this nature both in your home and about your person.

As example, these might take the form of gold-plated fittings within your home or personal jewellery or accessory pieces.

The colors of yellow, russet, blue and gold are complimentary with your birth date as are the gems of “blue agate” and “carnelian”. These are gems that can help you to inspire and improve your mental processes.

On the home front, the August 12 should consider a home design that is spacious, and in a location that caters for the maximum in sunlight.

For your interior décor you might like to consider a color scheme that incorporates the colors of red, yellow and orange.

Some items or imagery that project or feature the qualities of the sun should appear in your home, and since star shapes are also likely to appeal, consider some item or image of such shape in a more personal area of the home.

Consider some impressive gold colored or gold plated frame mirrors to hang on your walls plus a number of smaller ones sited in other rooms in your home.

With your fun loving spirit and liking for children you will probably appreciate having a particular room for games for those family fun time activities.

On the out doors front, the August 12 wants an environment that provides for plenty of sun, space and views. The sea and water locations will appeal to your nature, as will most forms of water sports.

You are not likely to be the keenest of gardeners so that ‘low maintenance” type of garden design will be necessary, and even so, you are likely to allow that to stand in a slightly wild state.

To enhance your relationship with your ruling element of the sun you might like to consider having some symbolic objects or items of the sun in your garden

Flowers for your garden could include sunflowers, foxglove and delphiniums.

Your special magic numbers are 2 and 9.

The twelfth day of the eighth month reduces to two, and the number two represents that of receptiveness and reflection.

The 225th day of the year reduces to nine, and the number nine adds the quality of the pure and clear expression of a seed idea, and in addition it assists your process as it develops.