August 11 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Jupiter

August 11 Birthday interpretation

Aspects associated with this August 11 Leo birth date, identifies with an individual who has a very passionate nature, and one who holds a strong belief in themselves.

This August 11 Leo birth date is powerfully connected with the art, and the skills related to that of conversation and communication.

The August 11 is literally bubbling with creative ideas and concepts, and it is your inherent natural inclination to project and present your ideas and plans to others in such an enthusiastic manner, that you will generally receive an immediate favorable reaction of support.

You are certainly the type of person who will want others to benefit from your ideas, and to enjoy a fair share of any financial gains.

You must take care however, to ensure that you are consistent in the manner that you cultivate people with your creative vitality.

Endeavor to make sure not to involve you friends or co-workers in projects, and then shifting your attention away from them once they have come to an agreement to participate.

You must learn to develop a true sense of equality in all that you do in life, and endeavor to steer clear from any temptation to take the “lion’s share” from any project or activity.

You do have an inherent rebellious streak in you with a desire to change existing conditions, which connects you to your spiritual nature. It is this aspect of your personality that will sustain you in the event that another party lets you down.

As a businessperson, the August 11 is very self-motivated, and with your dynamic and precision type of nature you will desire to finalize and close your deals in the shortest possible time.

It is likely therefore, that in your work environment you will be involved in negotiations and the setting up of business deals.

These are the qualities of the entrepreneur, and many folk born on this day tend to be involved in entrepreneurial activities.

Inherent within this birth date is the requirement that you endeavor to turn deficiencies into strengths.

As result, you should work to identify those areas and aspects in your life that you consider to be weaknesses, and to then concentrate on, and deal with them, to the extent of totally overcoming them.

As example, consider that of a person who overcomes a speech impediment to the point of becoming an accomplished lecturer.

As an August 11 birth date, you can come under some influence from the planet Mars. Mars acts to inspire and increase the passionate side of your nature, and this can at times lead your becoming quite temperamental when it come to matters of an emotional nature.

When you do experience such down times in your life, then try wearing something that incorporates the colors of orange and blue and you could feel you blue periods improve.

Both the metal gold and mirrors with their reflect qualities resonate well from you, so that a gold-plated cosmetic compact or traveling mirror will be an item of benefit to carry about you.

In your case it is not vanity for you to check yourself out, but more the fact that the action of looking into the mirror will help to inspire your sense of self-confidence.

The colors of red, orange, blue, yellow, green, and magenta relate well with this August 11 birth date, and where you need to increase your energy level try wearing the color of red.

The ruby is a gemstone that can help to inspire your sense for ambition.

On the home front, the August 11 will love a home environment where they can enjoy a sea view. A sunny front porch, sun deck, or veranda would be a perfect relaxation setting for you.

You will need a spacious type home environment with plenty of light flows.

Your furniture and décor should project a relatively luxurious atmosphere to match your tastes, and be an attractive place in which to entertain your numerous friends and visitors.

As an August 11 you will like change, so that you might like to consider furniture on casters type wheels so that you can often and easily reposition it. Make sure that you have one impressive special chair in which you can lounge back in and think.

Mirrors with their reflective qualities are important for you as they reflect the light, and in particular the sunlight.

Consider some impressive gold colored or gold plated frame mirrors in prominent positions together with a number of smaller one positioned in strategic places throughout your home.

On the Outdoors front, the August 11 will enjoy water related environments and activities. The sea and sailing could form an enjoyable environment for you.

You will enjoy an organized garden in which you can wander and potter while thinking and contemplating.

You are likely to like trees, and while a sturdy tree such as an oak tree with a children’s tree house built in it would sit well with your nature, it may not be viable. Where so, consider growing some smaller trees of the nut variety.

A colorful garden that includes sunflowers and marigolds should appeal to your senses, and the brilliance of those particular flower varieties will help to remind you of the brightness of your own life.

Your special magic numbers are 1 and 8.

The eleventh day of the eighth month reduces to one, and the number one represents that of singleness of purpose and unity. This relates to a path of delving, ferreting out your apparent inadequacies, and then working to overcome them.

The 224th day of the year reduces to eight, and the number eight adds the influence of recurring cycles to your experiences. Inherent within the number eight is the sense of the realistic power that is concealed beneath the outward appearance.