August 10 Birthday





YOUR RULERS – Sun, Jupiter

August 10 Birthday interpretation

The August 10 Leo birth date identifies with an individual who will have a particularly cheerful, buoyant outlook and attitude towards life.

As a result of your happy outlook and attitude to life you will have numerous friends, associates and admirers.

In your relationships with others, you will have that special particular ability to be able to add a wonderful contribution of vitality and liveliness, into your to social situations.

As an August 10 birth date, you have an inherent natural optimism, together with a well-developed sense of humor. These are qualities that will allow you to see the ridiculous in the solemn or somber, the affected and conceited in the pompous, and the silliness in the serious.

This in itself can indicate that you have learned the art of identifying that, which is important in life, while at the same time not taking things to seriously yourself.

There can be a lack of fire and air energy in relation to this August 10 birth date, with the result that you can feel somewhat lethargic and sluggish at times. This can in turn tend to prevent you from making those necessary changes in life that will allow you to branch out into new and exciting directions.

As an August 10, you can have that tendency to relax as much as possible, and tend to neglect the benefits of physical exercise.

You should review your exercise regime, because you could suffer problems with your back, and your spine in particular which should be kept as supple and in the best condition possible.

You have been gifted with considerable mental abilities, and you are likely to hold a high regard for, and take an interest in, those group activities that are of a community nature.

The path in life for those born on this day relates to that of ceremony. A pattern that calls forth an inherent awareness and understanding that both your life, and your very existence, stems from a higher order of being. At your best, your life itself is a sacred ritual.

You will love to develop practices and customs to honor those things in life that you hold dear and of value.

This does not in any way constitute any form of idle superstition, but more so a way for you to be true to your enduring values.

You should celebrate your rituals and beliefs, and in turn share them with others, as this can strengthen your faith in the Divine.

As an August 10 birth date, you like to be surrounded by bright glittery items and materials such as gold items, costume jewellery and sequined type dress ware for example.

Gold in particular has an excellent influence for you.

The colors of green, royal blue, red, bright orange, yellow and gold resonate well with the August 10 day.

The gemstones of “hematite” and the “blue zircon” are stones that can help you to maintain your ongoing sense for tradition.

On the home front, the August 10 would like a home that is spacious with possibly some form of archway design feature between your lounge and dining room area.

If possible you should try to live in a home whereby you can look out to watch the seasonal movements of your ruling sign, the sun.

Bright, sunny windows for plenty of light will be an essential, and you may well favor blinds of the “Venetian” type over that of curtains in your home.

A particular area to enable dancing during you socializing activities would be an ideal feature to match with your nature.

An abundance of furniture, art, and props is likely to abound within your home, as you are one who is more interested in the enthusiasm of sharing life, than in that of keeping things in specific order.

Mirrors can be important for you, so that some gold-framed mirrors that will reflect the rays of the sun will help to keep you in a happy and cheery mood, even in the midst of the more dismal winter.

Some form of “den” room, or particular area in the home, complete with a large imposing chair can present a power spot (Lion throne) for you.

The particular elements of earth and water are well represented in the energies of this August 10 day, and this means that you are likely to be at your happiest when you are constantly surrounded by nature.

To cater to these qualities endeavor to make sure that you have plenty of lush plants around you. The influence of such plants can help you to feel more centered and secure in life.

On the outdoor front, the August 10 will like wide expanses of forest or parkland, usually with some hills or elevated areas.

In your garden, you might like to consider creating an “Arch” of some form. This might take the form of an entry construction leading out onto the garden or yard, or in the form of scrubs or hedges cut, shaped and trimmed into archway shapes.

Sunflowers and daffodils, with their color representation of the sun, are definitely flowers that you should include in your garden.

Flowerbeds of yellow daffodils in season can prove both inspirational and energizing for those of this birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 7.

The day of the eighth month reduces to nine, and the number nine represents that of attainment and completion.

The 223rd day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven contributes a sense of commitment and a promised oath to your ceremonies.