August 1 Birthday






August 1 Birthday interpretation

The August 1 Leo birth date identifies with an individual who is both highly sensual, and very romantic.

You must take caution however, because you can have that tendency to project your intentions in a far too forceful manner, and with result that you might well just frighten away that person who is the object of your intention and desires.

When it comes to romance and relationship matters the August 1 will achieve far better results by applying some diplomacy and care in their courting of any intended partner, and definitely avoid the launching of any form of intense full frontal attack.

The same principles should apply in respect of any professional and business dealings within your working environment.

As an August 1 Leo, you will have no lack of determination in your advances, however you a far more likely to obtain the results you desire where you apply a more subtle approach.

As an August 1 you are likely to have a gentle and understanding nature together with an awareness of the balance and harmony in all manner of our relationships.

An image for this August 1 birth date can be symbolized by that of a lion hunched up and ready to pounce on its prey, while at the same time he is holding himself back from the full expression of his power.

In other words this relates less to that of personal inhibition, and more so to that of wise restraint in the wild release of passion.

There are associations related to this August 1 birth date in respect of sorcery and magic. As result of these particular influences there is a strong likely hood that you may he drawn to read up on, or become involved with, interests that involve the mystery of the traditions of various cultures in this world.

As a measure to moderate the intensity of your energies you should chose items within your personal environment that will generate creative activity. As example, you are likely to enjoy a variety of games such as playing cards, charades, computer games and interactive videos.

Crafts that necessitate your manual skillfulness are excellent pursuits for those of the August 1 birth date.

As example, you might like to consider taking up glassblowing as a hobby or, building up a collection of fine hand blown glassware. Your collection will require care, and in addition, your watching of the light through the various pieces of glass will have an effect of not only focusing your mind, but also help to channel your energy.

Born on this August 1 day, you have a path in life of recapturing the spirit of delight that is possible with a childlike approach to life. The magic inherent in this pattern is an enrichment of your personal life when you bring it into line with your larger sense of the world and thereby reclaim your sense of wonder.

Go to the park, and push as high as you can on a swing. Play with the children in a sandbox, or climb a tree in the woods or your garden. You possess a refinement of spirit that complements your innocence.

The August 1 likes foods, and large buffets with an excellent selection of exotic and tasty dishes, plus of course some good quality wines.

Gold is both a powerful and inspiration metal for you and should be well featured in your jewellery for women or personal accessories for men.

Cooling herbs such as mint and basil are very good for August 1.

The colors of red, yellow, orange, light blue and green resonate well with the August 1 birth date, and the gemstone known as Sugilite, a relatively rare medium to dark violet colored stone, will help to improve your receptiveness and openness of mind.

On the home front, consider incorporating some representation of the colors of red and yellow with your home. This for example, could take the form of some tableware or prominent china ornaments that carry these colors.

Hand blown glass glassware can help to enhance your inspirations so that some such items within your home will be a beneficial bonus.

A low cedar wood coffee table is an advantageous item for your living room because the Cedar wood holds an association with magic that goes back into ancient traditions.

In your bedroom you should avoid deep colors such as reds, blacks and purples and look to the light colors. White, creams or light yellows can help to balance your sleep patterns.

The flowers of tulips and roses resonate well with the August 1 birth date so consider keeping a mixture (subject to availability) of these in your home. These can also help to add inspiration to your ongoing romantic relationship.

On the out doors front, the August 1 will appreciate a garden that presents a variety of interest.

Your garden will form a place in which you can wander about, a place to think, a place to contemplate, and a place in which you can dream up new ideas and concepts.

Evergreen trees, shrubs and low green bushes are excellent plants to inspire you and to keep your energies flowing in a balanced way, and a small maze or pathways channeled through the grass areas would form a perfect setting.

Water is a powerful influence in for the August 1 so that a water feature of some form positioned in your garden, preferably in a central position, will help to draw out the more tender side of your personality.

Include some flowers in your colors of red and yellow- tulips, roses, dahlias and marigolds resonate well with your birth date.

Your special magic numbers are 9 and 7.

The first day of the eighth month reduces to nine, and he number nine represents that of satisfactory fulfillment and completion. You do not like to relax until you have finished things.

The 214th day of the year reduces to seven, and the number seven indicates victory and rest after labors. This provides for innocent, childlike sleep after your healing periods of play.