Auction – Meaning of Dream


Auction in a dream is a sign of possible luck in the nearest future. Also it means competition, soon victory or loss. Sometimes it is a sign of losing property.

If you make a purchase on an auction, according to the dream interpreter, be ready for good consequences of your deals and affairs.

You are a business man in real life and in a dream you make a deal on the auction, this dream means that you will have profitable contracts and affairs.

For a lady, a dream in which she sees an auction means luck and wellbeing in future.

To hear the sound of a hammer on the auction leads to gaining and unexpected victory.

If you hear the voice of auctioneer who names bets – you will have good perspectives and success in risky operations.

If you see yourself on an auction it is a warning for you. It will be better if in nearest future you are more discreet in your actions. Don’t start arguing or fighting, and if it’s possible delay any financial deals. Otherwise you risk giving into emotions and make a serious mistake.

Auction, due to love dream interpreter means that very often you connect your life with unworthy people. They use you, while you give them all the best of you. Sooner or later you will estimate futility of such relations and you will be very disappointed.



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