Attorney – Meaning of Dream


Attorney is a symbol of management of affairs, need for friends, and confidence in dealing with important issues. First of all, dreams involving the attorney indicate your vulnerability. Most likely, the dreamer has some problems (not necessarily with the law), which require speedy resolution. And if there is an attorney in a dream, it is likely that very soon the dreamer will meet a person who will help him/her.

The appearance of attorney also means a lack of friends, those who can be trusted.

If there are unresolved problems (lack of jobs, money debts), in this case attorney in a dream is a sign of fast resolution of present problems. Perhaps not without the help of other people who will be very honest with the dreamer. You should definitely trust them and open your heart to start a friendly relationship. Such people are not able to betray now and in future as well.

Quite differently is interpreted a dream, in which an attorney pleads your cause in court. This suggests the possible problems with the law. During this period, you have to be very careful in dealing with important financial matters, signing important papers and other things that can negatively affect you.

If, however, in your dream you are an attorney, then soon in a dispute between friends or family members, will be a judge or arbitrator. The outcome of the situation will depend on the correctness of your judgment.

If you dream of attorney together with your friends, it indicates that very soon you will meet your old friend.

An attorney, who lost the case – creates the possibility of collapse of hopes and unfulfilled dreams. Thus, a dream involving an attorney may carry different meanings.

If you just see an attorney in a dream for no reason, and you don’t have any business with him, it means that you will be invited to your friends wedding.

Meeting with an attorney for some business in a dream means a scandal. If you hire him to solve your own problems, the dream means a subconscious feeling of guilt in some case. If you are an attorney and you attend the trial, it means that you will receive unexpected news.

If the guilt was admitted in court, this means that a dreamer will be caught red-handed when he/she is slandering his counterpart with the aim to denigrate him in the eyes of the authorities. Therefore, no matter what is your desire to annoy him, you need to control and restrain yourself; otherwise you can get in a very difficult situation.