Attack – Meaning of Dream


Attack in a dream is a signal that you need to settle down the conflicts with relatives and friends.

Dreaming of the attack that is shown on TV is a sign of news from afar, that will have a great impact on a dreamer, but he/she should not worry a lot, because matters can change at any time.

If a wife is attacking a husband in a dream, it means that in real life their relationship will be spoiled, so she should not criticize the spouse and focus on his shortcomings. The best solution in this situation is to prepare a nice dinner more often, and praise him even for small things, so he won’t have any reasons to blame his wife and he won’t have grounds for divorce.

If a dreamer is attacking his boss, it means that he/she will have to defend own rights, but in result they will have a big quarrel, which can cost good position, so better to remain silent and agree with the arguments of the boss.

If you hit your enemy in a face it is a sign of problems with partners who will do everything in order to delay the moment of signing the contract.

Attack is an omen of change, but you can estimate whether it is a good or bad change only depending on the details. Attack in a dream can also be a sign of adultery; if it is directed on you, it means that someone is trying to destroy your life. This dream reflects your extinct feelings with your partner, but you shouldn’t divorce, as it is still possible to settle down the conflict and revive former passion.

If a girl attacks her rival in a dream, it means that she will be offered a good job with suitable salary and friendly staff.

If you dream of a fight between two men, it means that in reality you will make up excuses in order not to go to some public places with your wife/girlfriend, but it is better not to do that, because she will be offended and will deliver an ultimatum.

You should also pay attention to who was involved in attack in your dream. If it was a multitude of soldiers, then in reality you will have to deal with the problems of your friends, who are in a difficult situation, and you might need to spend a lot of money for that.

If a dreamer was attacked by a gang of robbers, it promises him/her an acquaintance with very dangerous people who will do anything to hurt the feelings and affairs. However, it is possible to avoid this, you only need to talk more about your predicament, and not to make shady deals.

If you attack or aggressively defend yourself – you need to stay alone for some time.

If you see how you reject the attack – soon you will need to take a fateful decision.

To be injured in the attack means that you will know more about your partner.



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