Atelier – Meaning of Dream


To see an atelier in a dream as a rule means some important changes in life. If you are a creative person, and you make money of that, such a dream means that now your business will be the most profitable. For a young lady, a dream about atelier is a sign of important event, such as prom or even wedding.

If you talk with somebody about atelier, you will lose your time and be involved in rumors. You should choose your friends more precisely in order not to be disappointed when your secrets will come true, and you will not be able to reach what you wanted.

In a dream you can’t find an atelier, but you have an urgent need to sew something, it means that you will have some difficulties at work. You need to concentrate and find the solution alone; otherwise no one will take you seriously.

To walk inside an atelier in the dream means that in real life you have doubts about something.

If in a dream you are trying something on in an atelier, it is a sign of possible romantic evening. If you don’t have a partner, you will finally find him/her and will spend a good time together. But also this dream can mean that in order to make a serious decision you need to think carefully. You have many responsibilities and a lot depends on you.


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