Aspirin – Meaning of Dream


A dream, where you try to find aspirin but without results, is a sign of your excessive worries about responsibility which lies on your shoulders.

To drink aspirin in the dream means that you need to request assistance in order to reach your goal.

To take aspirin while sickness, which can’t be treated means to be mistaken in judgments about a person. You think he/she can give a good advice and help, but it’s not true.

If you come to a pharmacy and ask for aspirin, but they give you something else, it means that you hope for help in real life, but nobody except you can say how to react in certain circumstances.

In a dream to take aspirin and then feel sick, it means that some conflicts may happen, and you will be able to prove your rightness.

You throw the pill of aspirin in the glass and water becomes pink, this dream warns that someone will attack you with the attempt to rob.

Few colleagues come and ask you for aspirin pill, it means that you will be promoted. You will get more responsibilities, which will raise you in the eyes of your colleagues. If you don’t have good relations with your colleagues, now the situation will change.

If you received the delivery with boxes of aspirin, it means that you made a decision to take control over your private problems, because you feel the risk.



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