Aspects of the planets

Aspects of the planets

Sun-Moon conjunction

Feelings and will are one. Emotional impulsivity is combined with the desire to concentrate all forces on one area. Difficulties with health, if the solar energy is stronger than the lunar energy, which controls the astral body, and the force field around which the physical body is built. Physical vitality is burned out by too much activity. The conjunction speaks of a new cycle of cognition, as for the houses in which the Sun and Moon are the masters, and the house where the connections are. These people tend to alternately play male and female roles – passive behavior can suddenly turn into aggression. Activity is directed to the home, husband, children.

Sun-Mercury conjunction

Creative forces and activity in the spheres of Mercury, new ideas, work, friendship. The tendency to carry out ideas, make decisions with willpower. It interferes with objectively looking at oneself, since the I is compared with the mind, it is difficult to look at oneself from the outside. Great spiritual strength and energy. If the connection is within 1 / 2-4 degrees – Mercury burned out: mental connections are oversaturated with solar energy, a spiritual shutdown occurs. In the heart of the Sun – gives the same difficulties as with the complete assimilation of the wave picture, the solar energy changes by Mercury and turns out to be ideal for frequent thinking – the will becomes an instrument for spiritual aspirations, this position gives great intellectual abilities, especially if the union in Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius , Libra.

Conjunction Sun – Venus

Gives strength of feelings, love of life, joy, optimism, love of fun and entertainment, albeit narcissism. Beauty and grace in self-expression, ability in art. If houses II and V are not affected, you can get rich on speculation. Thanks to love and a romantic streak, they can give happiness to others. They understand children well.

Sun-Mars conjunction

Will and courage, the masculine aspect. The houses where this happens are characterized by great activity, as well as the houses where the owners are the Sun and Mars. The tendency to aggressiveness and arrogance – the principle of the power of the Sun is expressed through the principle of Mars. How aggression manifests itself depends on the sign and the house, where the masters are the Sun and Mars.

Sun-Jupiter conjunction

They know how to expand their spheres of influence and achieve their goals. Their exciting personality and optimistic nature brings them happiness. A positive attitude towards life allows you to make the most of your chances. Enthusiasm captures others, encourages collaboration. They seek power and influence through projects that gain recognition. They take advantage of public ambition to support their ambitions.

Sun-Saturn conjunction

Limitation, inhibits personal self-expression and ambition. A person must cope with the area of ​​limitations in order to develop freely, which is achieved by extremely hard work; often, due to eternal failures, they suffer from an inferiority complex. But thanks to organizational skills, they can achieve influence, self-discipline will help.

Sun-Uranus conjunction

Power potential is manifested by the exploration of new areas of knowledge. They are able to experience and work with occult forces. They act decisively and suddenly. Those who do not understand their goals find them eccentric and strange. Their abilities are often beyond the ordinary. They have an intuitive understanding of a single universal law. They are often called geniuses.

Sun-Neptune conjunction

Not of this world, they alone hear the music of the spheres. Subjected to desires and feelings emanating from a subtle source, which leads them either to confusion and self-deception, or gives divine inspiration. There are many mystics, mediums, founders of religions. Whether they are messengers of the gods depends on: 1) The position of conjunction in signs and houses, on signs and houses where the Sun and Neptune are the masters; 2) from other aspects to connection. But the main thing is the general level of development of the entire horoscope.

It is important to have a well-developed intelligence, i.e. Mercury, Saturn and Uranus, who will control the impressions of the soul, since it is often difficult to distinguish real inspiration from the deceptive projection of one’s own unconscious desires. Due to its attitude to the astral body, Neptune is subtly connected with Mars (instinct) and gives sharp desires and longing, which, when combined with the Sun, lead to some ambition and a desire for the significance of their person. In the negative case, they are victims of their own ideas that mislead others.

Sun-Pluto conjunction

Their power potential is manifested by the ability to revive and transform themselves and their environment. They have incredibly great energy, they know how to penetrate into the essence of things. Pluto is the master of the ability to penetrate dimensions and discover sources of fundamental energy. This primordial energy manifests as sexual potency, which can manifest in spiritual or physical form.

Access to higher areas of consciousness is possible, these people can become an instrument of divine will. If they fail to combine their own and divine will, they risk becoming dictators due to the power complex, which leads to their destruction. They need to learn tolerance.

Sun-Ascending Node Connection

Birth coincided with an eclipse of the Sun or Moon, this significant natural phenomenon will entail important events, present great opportunities for self-expression and expansion of power. This connection speaks of an inherited karmic tendency to attract happiness, as a result of selfless fulfillment of duty for the benefit of others in an earlier period. When exaggerated, a tendency to waste energy, a weakening of vitality.

Sun-Descending Node Connection

The danger that external circumstances will not allow to express themselves, the narrowing of power, obstacles will not allow desires to come true, a person will not be able to collect the fruits of his efforts. This karmic situation means that in past incarnations, a person egoistically pursued his goals at the expense of his loved ones.

Now he learns from his own experience what it means when the behavior of other people interferes with development. But this aspect can also mean that a person owns everything that is at his disposal perfectly.

Sun-Ascendant conjunction

Strong personality. Consciousness and self-awareness in harmony with life force. They cope with themselves and with the environment, since their actions come directly from the solar source of life (the Sun is elevated here, as it is in Aries). These people are of strong constitution, healthy constitution, rarely get sick and rarely get tired; if there is no severe defeat, they quickly regain their strength. They are in harmony with the common consciousness that unites the past, present and future with the present moment.

Therefore, they are able, as strong beings, to exert a positive influence in the direction of good, especially if the entire horoscope speaks of a highly developed personality (a closely intertwined picture of aspects, including most or all planets with strong aspects with Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Sun, MC and Ascendant). Defeats associated with the VI or XII houses show that the energy of the solar inclinations is no longer in equilibrium with itself and therefore is used for self-destruction.

Sun-MS connection

People who have a strong influence due to their career, profession, authority.

Often the field of activity is politics and social life, often they are famous or famous for something bad, which depends on the aspects to the Sun and CH, to the sign in which the Sun and CH are located, to the position of houses and signs of the planet, which is the owner of the solar sign , and aspects to this host.

Moon-Mercury conjunction

The connection between consciousness and subconsciousness, a person knows how to evaluate his emotional nature and his reactions, mainly to other people. His conscious thoughts and relationships with people instantly affect his emotional reactions, especially responds clearly to what others think of him. But, if this connection is strongly affected, it is possible that feelings are stronger than the mind, then thoughts acquire an emotional color, the reaction is very sensitive to their personal comments and criticism.

In the positive case, this connection opens access to the information accumulated in the subconscious, which refers mainly to the experience in the emotional sphere. These people pay great attention to household and family affairs, nutrition and health become the main concern (Virgo – diet, Cancer – nutrition).

Moon-Venus conjunction

Strong emotionality, reaction to beauty and harmony, which often manifests itself in the ability to art. Women have a talent for dressing and cooking, beautiful interiors, and treat other women well.

Sensitivity, tact, cordiality, if there are no contradictions in the horoscope, happiness and success in romantic relationships. Good diplomats, subtle in dealing with others. With an affected connection – a tendency to too much condescension, the danger of being deprived, other people can play with their feelings.

Moon-Mars conjunction

Сильные эмоции, которые могут давать взрывы гнева. Дети склонны к приступам бешенства. При хороших аспектах к соединению – сильные эмоции могут привести к большой энергии, а при пораженном – ревность, гнев, эмоциональные разочарования в результате отказов и неудовлетворенных желаний. Эти люди действуют и чувствуют очень интенсивно. Могут быть опасными и мстительными врагами, если положение Меркурия не очень сильное или четко не прослеживается дисциплина Сатурна, иначе их поступки совершаются под действием эффектов, а не разума.

Их чувства способны заставить забыть благоразумие и осторожность. Но, если держать свои силы под контролем, могут смело и решительно бороться и побеждать.

Соединение Луна-Юпитер

Compassion and generosity, the desire to do good. If their interest in charity is manifested with political activity, good karma is obtained. They inspire confidence in themselves, especially from women, can count on their support and cooperation. With the defeat of this compound – extravagance, laziness, a tendency to a sweet life and revelry.

With good aspects to the connection – honesty, decency, efficiency. As a rule, good health, as the astral body of the Moon receives enough energy. Often they serve religion, education, but with the affected connection, they develop the complexes of the messiah. This aspect does not make a restless wanderer. Emotional attachment to home, friends, material values ​​does not allow taking long trips, especially if the connection is in a permanent sign.

Moon-Saturn conjunction

The tendency to identify in emotions with material values, things and associated memories. In their emotions, they are held captive by the past and old wounds. They should pay more attention to constructive activities and the desired goals.

Often melancholy, little optimism, if there is no support in other aspects, people are not companionable. But it gives practical realism, common sense. On other aspects, this connection depends on which is more: depression or constructivism.

Moon-Uranus conjunction

Intuitive abilities, original fantasy, volatility of feelings, susceptibility to strange and unexpected changes in moods, often act impulsively and unexpectedly. Home life can be unexpected, often home is a meeting place for friends, group activities.

With bad aspects, this connection is eccentric, whims, irritability, unreliability. With good ones – resourcefulness, creativity, they look for the rare, the extraordinary. Their emotions need a stimulus, something new; if defeated, extreme behavior is possible.

Moon-Neptune conjunction

Impressiveness, the tendency to assimilate oneself to the mental and emotional reactions of others. Sensitivity makes them sympathetic and understanding, but on the other hand too succumb to the mood of their environment. Parapsychological abilities, but whether they are real depends on other aspects. Often prophetic dreams.

A vivid imagination, when used correctly, can provide talent in music and visual arts. With bad aspects – a strong unconscious influence, pushing towards life in a world of dreams, castles in the air, loss of contact with reality. In a good horoscope – the basis of religiosity, spirituality.

Moon-Pluto conjunction

Perseverance in feelings, parapsychological and occult abilities, a desire to dominate one’s environment. Strongly influence others, sensitive to metaphysical areas of manifestation, but in a more developed way than with the Moon-Neptune conjunction Interest in spiritualism, life after death. They tend to forget the past and create new foundations for emotional experiences.

They do not know fear, they love risk. Pluto is the master of the principle of death and rebirth – often makes them seek drastic changes in life. They can act very dramatically with loved ones, which will lead to unexpected changes in the family. Harshness and imperiousness scares women.

Moon-Ascending Node Connection

Gives happiness. Intuitive adaptation to current events, using currents to your advantage. You can join the direction without thinking, without thinking about the consequences. Enthusiasm makes people popular. They have success with women, they know how to get along with the public. Good luck in trade, politics, public relations.

With other favorable aspects – generosity, religiosity. This is a good karmic influence caused by love for others and a willingness to help in a past life.

Moon Descent Node Connection

Difficult aspect. Inability to plan their time, lack of biological clock, they are always late. They cannot rely on the cooperation of others, they stand with their feelings against the whole world. Isolation leads to depression, negative emotions, which leads to even more alienation. But they can work in a disciplined, organized, concentrated manner. They can make a thing out of nothing that gives them strength of character, thanks to the schaw they cope with life, courageously and decisively.

This karmic position speaks of past abuses of position.

Moon-Ascendant conjunction

Their consciousness is equated with feelings. In the positive case, it is a good memory and understanding of the processes in the subconscious. Lively imagination, rich emotionality. The ability to enter into the position of others. It is better for women, gives femininity in appearance and behavior.

Full, round, lively face. They are easily impressed, everything touches them and everything touches them. Early childhood experiences greatly influence the further development of the personality. Medial capacity is possible if other factors confirm it. With bad aspects – too much subjectivity for everything in life.

Luna-MS connection

In the absence of bad aspects – popularity, spotlight. Good for artists, politicians. With good aspects, it benefits from rich women. Often professional activities within the framework of a partnership, obtaining a position from a superior, often inheriting a family business, connecting a career with family life, with household utensils, etc.

Mercury-Venus conjunction

Refined speech orally and in writing, the voice is soft and melodic, the ability to literature, poetry, earnings in this. Diplomatic in everyday life, as goals are directed towards aesthetic areas in partnership with others. Abilities in science and mathematics provide insight into connections and relationships. Enjoy the company of others, radiating beauty and harmony. May improve the health of others.

If nothing spoils, they give favor and sympathy. The mind is directed towards practical goals, especially if the connection is in the sign of the Earth.

Mercury-Mars conjunction

Sharpness of mind and great spiritual energy. They like to stick to one side, so they often get sucked into disagreements. Good for reporters, researchers who have to work hard to get information.

Aggressive mind, speak their mind openly. Make clear decisions and implement them consistently. They are interested in politics, they like to make speeches, they like to argue and discuss controversial issues, they like to compete and prove the superiority of their knowledge. Expression is often harsh and straightforward. With bad aspects – often arguments, instincts can prevail over reason and blind.

Mercury-Jupiter conjunction

Expands the mind and reason, interest in religion, law, education, rely on intellectual ability. They know how to persuade eloquently. Good for teachers, clergy, speakers, politicians, anyone who needs eloquence to gain support.

These are teachers, lawyers, advisers, serve humane purposes, it brings respect. They love to go far once. As a rule, they receive an education that promotes a career.

They are respected in their field and are regarded as authorities.

Mercury-Saturn conjunction

Not so eloquent and expressive, but in thinking they are precise, accurate, logical. Bright mathematical and scientific abilities, foresight, leadership skills. Other indicators will clarify the area of ​​manifestation of spiritual abilities.

They work hard, hard, study thoroughly and systematically. Consistency is observed in conversation and writing. A sense of form and structure gives good designers and architects. They have spiritual ambition, but there are many difficulties on the way to recognition.

In the worst case, criticism, anxiety, depression. Skeptics, poorly perceive the new and unusual, this does not fit into their view of the world.

Mercury-Uranus conjunction

Originality and ingenious mind, lightning-fast response. Intuitive insights lead to discoveries. Often interest in telepathy and occultism. Extraordinary intuition provides insight into important connections. Aspect of astrologers. Electronics and microphysics.

An independent mind, they want to think things over for themselves, they are constantly looking for new and unusual and often find original solutions to difficult problems. They need a good education in science in order to develop optimally. With bad aspects – eccentricity, casuistry, arrogance, quarrelsomeness, narcissism.

Mercury-Neptune conjunction

Living imagination and intuition of depth psychology. Interest in mysticism, parapsychology, essays on this topic. When this is reinforced by other aspects – clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy. Dreams, meditation, poetry, literature, etc.

Good photographers, Can be misleading, evasive, with bad aspects – insincere, go away from the decision, do not indulge in discussions, but carry out their plans, even if they are not advised. If the general horoscope has bad aspects – mental disorder, psychosis.

Mercury-Pluto conjunction

A keen, inventive mind, they see people through and through, get to the bottom of the essence, are impartial, objective, in judgments. Truth is more precious than convenience, strong will, genius, ingenuity. They see more events than material objects. Interest in science, especially atomic, they like to get secret information, they can be researchers and detectives. They often study the occult, write about it.

With bad aspects – spiritual arrogance, deliberate deception, deceit for the sake of achieving personal goals. The tendency to transform the thoughts and views of a friend

Mercury-Ascending Node conjunction

The ability to express ideas acceptable to their circle at the right time, hence the great popularity, intellectually set the tone. If there are other aspects that speak of the ability for original thinking, then the ability to help bring important new ideas to life.

In a negative sense – a tendency to be too sympathetic to public opinion, not trying to develop their own opinion; children of their time.

Mercury-Descending Node conjunction

Leading or lagging behind the ideas of the time. In a good case, originality of mind and independence can avoid mistakes of public opinion. If the whole horoscope speaks of good mental abilities – the views will turn out to be correct, in a bad case – they develop their ideas alone, because they do not find support, they do not know how to say the right word at the right time, or they are not listened to; the result is frustration and abandonment.

Mercury-Ascendant conjunction

An extraordinary mind, everyone thinks before acting. Express their thoughts clearly and logically. Consciousness is associated with thinking. They give the impression of being slightly nervous. Graceful, graceful, agile. Interest in education, language, writing. If they are able to fully use their mind, they can achieve great heights and respect, thanks to an extraordinary mind.

They tend to be talkative if Mercury has bad aspects.

Mercury-MS connection

They make an impression on their superiors, they know how to deftly express their thoughts orally and in writing, they are suitable for communications, the media, work in the editorial office, printing house.

Venus-Mars conjunction

Passionate and sexy, but this can apply to other areas as well. The instincts of Mars and the attractiveness of Venus want to express themselves in any creativity, sex, art or social plan – the whole horoscope and aspects to this connection will tell everything. Gives the emotional nature strength and warmth, love of life, aggressiveness combined with charm.

It is important who dominates: Venus or Mars, in what sign they are, what aspects they have. You need room for creativity. Impulsive in spending their own and other people’s money. Generous but wasteful.

Venus-Jupiter conjunction

Generosity and optimism. If there are no strong contradictions in the horoscope – a cheerful, affable character, sociability, willingness to help.

Donate money for religious purposes, for the disadvantaged. They know how to make others happy, have talents in the arts, often in connection with religious beliefs. Highly developed types know how to be peacemakers.

In the negative version – excessive carelessness, laziness, tolerance. Strong Saturn prevents this danger by helping the positive side.

Venus-Saturn conjunction

Found in talented people. Saturn gives shape to Venus’s aspiration for art, structure and tangible expression, and gives patience to go into detail. Saturn dominates time and space, therefore it also gives the ability to mathematics, if there is a union with harmonious Mercury. The striving for harmony and balance embodies the spiritual side of Venus, which, when combined with Saturn and Mercury, gives an understanding of the laws of nature harmony. The traits of this aspect are related to Libra, where Saturn is in exaltation and the house of Venus is a sense of justice, nobility, loyalty.

In society, they give the impression of closed ones, they only make vigilant connections, they look for fidelity in friendship. If other factors indicate the breadth of the soul, they will be able to see the problems in their reality and tackle them correctly. Their help is always effective. There may be an ambitious pursuit of money, improvement through marriage. If they act honestly and nobly for their own purposes, they will be able to have benefits and income. A bad option is marriage for money. They need to beware of using others to meet their emotional needs.

In the worst case, they are prone to depression, a feeling that no one loves or recognizes them.

Venus-Uranus conjunction

Subjected to unexpected temptations. Liveliness and versatility is given by the love of others. They love social events, parties, adventure; artists have their own original style. Strong social attitude, as the influence of the 7th and 11th houses. They confuse friendship with love, so their ties are fragile, the surprise of feelings also quickly passes.

It is difficult for them to contact one person, so they do not need to marry off the shelf, they need to check their feelings for a long time. If the signs of the Earth are emphasized in the horoscope, and Saturn has good aspects – a person stands firmly on the earth, he knows how to help others, serve, give happiness and joy.

Venus-Neptune conjunction

Reminiscent of the influence of Pisces, where Neptune is the master and Venus is exalted. With good aspects, soulful love. The highly evolved types have therapeutic talents and a spiritual understanding of the transcendental nature. Sensitivity, receptivity to beauty, their presence gives joy and peace.

Impressive, deeply worried. They are often hypnotic, good or bad depending on the aspect. Rich imagination, productive subconscious. They love insinuating music, mystical art depicting visions. They love everything delicate and subtle, the art of photography.

With bad – impracticality, hovering in the clouds, which is a burden on others. Underdeveloped people are unreliable in love.

Venus-Pluto conjunction

Passionate, often karmic emotions. For the highly developed, this is a saving, renewing love associated with spiritual strength, when the will is manifested at a high level. There may be a strong talent in art, especially acting. The negative position is the unrestrained sex.

Venus-Ascending Node conjunction

Dexterity in everyday life, relationships, which is important for romance, money matters, marriage, friendship. The talent to be in the right place at the right time. Attraction to everything that can bring happiness. This is good karma, friendliness and generosity in the past. In the worst case, excessive enjoyment, engaging in useless public affairs.

Venus-Descending Node conjunction

Seclusion, isolation in emotions, inability to choose the right moment for rapprochement with the public and for love affairs. They choose a time when others are busy or not in the mood, so they can be rude to them, hence the inferiority complex. In a good version – a serious deep relationship, a desire to help, they can hope for long-term spiritual reciprocity. This is karmic – a lack of recognition in the past.

Venus-Ascendant conjunction

Body beauty, especially women. Behavior is pleasant and balanced, brings harmony and beauty to the world, in the underdeveloped – narcissism and narcissism. Sometimes aggressiveness, since the 1st house is Aries.

Venus-MS connection

Good for artists, entertainers, public figures, diplomats. Women make their careers by seducing their boss. Developed public ambition. The situation can be improved by marriage, especially if Capricorn or Taurus.

Mars-Jupiter conjunction

They are very energetic, enthusiastic, fighting for everything that is important to them, be it knowledge, religion or creativity. Self-confident, not discouraged by refusals, confident in victory – good for work, where the main thing is initiative and profit. Their struggle often borders on fanaticism.

Military career or military connections. With bad aspects – greed, inclination to violence with the motto “power is right”. Perhaps inappropriate chauvinism, love of luxury, lavish feasts as a symbol of power over others.

Mars-Saturn conjunction

With a positive option, the ability to work hard, exert strength, endurance, resourcefulness and courage in dangerous and difficult options. Spartan habits promise good luck in the military field, where there are many dangers and discretion is needed. Dislike for people whose lives are less stressful.

With bad aspects – outbursts of anger, hatred, anger, violence. Anger is explained by disappointment through Saturn in activity and self-expression. The long-concealed rage erupts like a volcano. If there are many tense aspects to the connection, it is possible systematic deliberate destruction, lust for power, tyranny, dictatorship. Bone fractures, inflammation, skin diseases, tendency to numbness of the muscles.

Mars-Uranus conjunction

Impulsiveness, haste of action, protest against all kinds of coercion, inborn revolutionaries and leaders of the organized subversive movement. They cannot stand the monotony, they are looking for danger and adventure to tickle the nerves. Courage and decisiveness, forgetfulness of caution, the nervous system under heavy stress, one must relax in order to be recharged with energy. Any tension gives emotional satisfaction.

Interest in science, technology, experiments with machines, electricity. With bad aspects – constant dangers and accidents, the desire to tickle your nerves leads to negligence, ruthlessness, special care is needed when driving a car, during experiments.

If in the sign of Air there is an interest in aviation, but rather technical than participation, perhaps the position of Mercury and Saturn is strong. Computer design.

Mars-Neptune conjunction

A strong psychic attractive force, with good aspects – a therapeutic force, since there is an excess of psychic energy. Interest in magic and the use of occult energy. They are capable of noticeable spiritual results, but impracticality, romance are possible, and the activity will go in the wrong direction. Subconscious impulses often drive activity, which can lead to disaster; actions are mysterious, love for trivial secrets, affairs are always covered with a touch of mystery. Betrayal is often implicated in matters of the home where this connection is.

They react poorly to medications, are prone to poisoning and infectious diseases.

Mars-Pluto conjunction

Extraordinary energy and activity, access to cosmic energy sources. They can withstand more than usual and achieve more than usual. Courage and unbending will allow you to look even into the eyes of death. Whether this energy will be creative or destructive depends on the entire horoscope, the main thing that exceeds: instincts or the solar principle of will.

With the dominance of Mars – passion, greed, egocentrism, dangerous people prone to violence. Only the highly developed are able to apply the will principle of Pluto to suppress desires – then the power of regeneration, the realization of the ideals of mankind. The underdeveloped have criminality.

Mars-Ascendant conjunction

Aggressiveness, striking force, attract attention and influence the environment, love competition, want to play a major role. They have muscular strength, some roughness.

A tendency to hasty actions, if there are no strong Mercury and Saturn, do not think about the consequences, they want to change everything in their own way and for the sake of their goals. They are offended for interference and despotism, it all ends in tension and isolation. Diplomacy is needed.

Mars-MS connection

Extreme ambition, the desire to conquer public heights. For the sake of their plans, they use extreme measures, they are often employed in the government, industry, with machines, in engineering, the military.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction

Serious attitude towards life and heavy responsibilities, if other factors do not contradict. Conservatism, practicality. Often monetary difficulties, as there are obstacles in transactions. To achieve the goal – hard work and patience. If there are funds, they can create something for a long time. A series of disappointments can shake optimism. The influence of Jupiter on Saturn means help in a difficult period, although the principle of Jupiter contradicts Saturn, they can mutually destroy each other. Often, fate depends on the economic hardships of the entire nation, which leads to great personal hardships.

It is even worse if Jupiter goes ahead, since things started with optimism will soon run into difficulties and fail. This happens whenever a planet transits first Jupiter, then Saturn, or aspects.

Jupiter-Uranus conjunction

Дает необычайные возможности для развития. Получают доходы от внедрения новых методов, поддержку с неожиданной стороны, часто от чужих людей. Часто неожиданно едут в поездку. Им открыта возможность образования, получение прибыли в научных областях.

Интерес к новым прогрессивным или оккультным формам веры, сила позитивного мышления, йога, астрология. Не очень любят традиционные формы ведения дел, действуют по своему усмотрению, отличаясь оригинальностью и изобретательностью. Щедры к друзьям. Подстрекают ближних к неповиновению. В политике стоят за реформы, новые политические взгляды, против традиционных форм поведения.

Соединение Юпитер-Нептун

Воображение в искусстве, музыке, философии, религии; чувствительны в психических и эмоциональных переживаниях, склонны к религиозному экстазу и мистическим погружениям, участвуют в мистических культах.

Платят дань крайнему идеализму, мало здравого смысла и дисциплинированности, если не противоречат другие аспекты. При плохих аспектах – потеря контакта с действительностью, уход в свой мир и фантазии. Хотя и действуют с лучшими намерениями, но непрактичны и ненадежны, больше обещают, чем дают.

Соединение Юпитер-Плутон

Решительность, способность к общечеловеческим целям. Очень большая концентрация, могут справиться с высоким уровнем сознания. Занимаются йогой, медитацией, врачеванием, ясновидением, пророчествами. Но с каким результатом – скажут аспекты к соединению и общий гороскоп. Возможность духовной регенерации, развивает качества вождей. Хорошо для судей, для тех, кому надо разгадывать мотивы поведения людей.

Соединение Юпитер-Асцендент

Оптимизм, уверенность в себе, что мобилизует добрую волю и доверие людей. Философские и религиозные интересы часто, духовные руководители, основатели религий. Любят путешествовать, если Юпитер не в постоянном знаке.

При плохих аспектах – мания величия, склонность к полноте.

Соединение Юпитер-МС

Значительность и почет. Искренность и ответственность даст доверие общественности, хорошую репутацию.

Даже из бедной семьи приобретут положение в государственной службе, юстиции и пр. При плохих аспектах – стремление к почету становится самоцелью.

Соединение Сатурн-Уран

The gift to express original intuitive ideas concretely, they are not in the captivity of routine, they know how to overcome the negative tendencies of Saturn. Saturn does not allow you to become eccentric, hasty in actions. They know discipline, they express true freedom that comes from responsibility. They know how to use traditions creatively, build new on the basis of the old.

With a good horoscope – highly developed personalities, capable of giving a lot to the world, their creative power comes from rich experience. Good for science, mathematics, astrology, new discoveries.

With bad aspects – stubbornness, self-aggrandizement, the threat of dangerous incidents, harsh behavior, fluctuations between pessimism and optimism.

Saturn-Neptune conjunction

In a good horoscope – constancy, concentration, clairvoyance, spirituality, sympathy for the disadvantaged. Inspiration backed by Saturn is good for art. Undercover or behind-the-scenes activity, or, if defeated, foul play. With good ones, a person goes quietly on his own path and will achieve a lot.

Affected connection – depression, fears, morbid imagination, unable to resist destructive mental influences, hospitalization is possible if there is a 12th house. With bad aspects – avoid drugs that lead to a change in consciousness.

Saturn-Pluto conjunction

Aspect of magicians, Pluto’s desire for power is combined with the ambition of Saturn. Ideas and plans can bring about changes in the world. They use their plans for the effective use of the bowels of the earth and natural forces. These are serious people who hide their plans.

When the connection is struck – secret intrigues, enemies; selfish motives, desire for power. For a long time and patiently influence their surroundings, not disdaining heavy efforts.

Saturn-Ascendant conjunction

Reliability and responsibility, you can rely on them.

They give the impression of isolation, prosaicity, seriousness, spartanism, restraint, which frightens others. Restraint is mistaken for arrogance and coldness. It is difficult to imagine that there is embarrassment behind this, from overloading them not to trifles. Difficulties from an early age.

Bony, tall, or vice versa, dwarfs.

Saturn-MS conjunction

High position through ambition and tireless work. With good aspects – honesty, responsibility, foresight, foresight. They are good officials and administrators. In politics, they are conservative, focused on stability, expansion of the existing by traditional methods.

With bad aspects – overthrow, fall from office and shame.

Uranus-Neptune conjunction

Gives life to new political and social systems that contribute to the development of people.

This generation is in harmony with the forces of nature, has great intuition.

Imagination, originality, sagacity, inclination to belong to secret religious organizations. The activities of these people are inspired by occult-mystical philosophy. The highest form of expression of this connection is the synthesis of divine wisdom and love.

Uranus-Pluto conjunction

Occurs 115 years later. This is a revolutionary generation, called upon to destroy the old forms. It is the interaction of personal will with the will of God. A highly developed person can express an ideal, change people’s ideas, show the laws that underlie civilization.

This conjunction has the qualities of Scorpio, where Uranus is exalted and Pluto is the master. Therefore, it is highly occult, associated with death and rebirth. With tension and bad aspects – the desire to use the forces of the team for their own purposes.

The Uranus-Ascending Node conjunction.

Unexpected changes in social relations of the environment, unexpected chances in the profession from the introduction of new technology. Preparedness for the dynamics of rapid change, caught up in surprises, forgetting about the consequences of impulsive mass enthusiasm.

Uranus-Descending Node conjunction.

Social and sociological changes are knocked out of the saddle, for example: in the 4th and 2nd houses – they are forced to leave the house, since the highway will pass here, financial losses. This is found in the horoscope of people whose lives are shaken by a revolution, a war. With bad aspects and other difficulties.

In a good variant – decisiveness, independence, the ability to protect proven values ​​from harmful currents.

Uranus-Ascendant conjunction

Unusual appearance, great height, mental agility, quick reaction, extreme personality. Love for the unusual, science, occultism. Developed intuitive abilities, which allows you to look into the superconscious.

With good aspects – astrology. A life full of adventure, but suffer from nervous tension, especially with bad aspects. Often arrogance, a sense of superiority, the demand for personal freedom, do not tolerate interference in their affairs.

They are the driving force behind revolutions and new social and scientific ideas. With bad aspects – grabbing wild looks, making unexpected turns. But they are usually progressive, sincere, tolerant.

Uranium-IC connection

The extraordinary, ever-changing bustle of home life. Parents or home relationships are somewhat strange. Often forced to change their place of residence. The house is furnished in a modern way, with many household appliances or rare works of art. Home is often a meeting place for a hobby. With bad aspects – unexpected disagreements and breaks in the family, alienation of parents. With good – friendly relations in the family, common interests with parents.

Uranus-Descendant conjunction

Extreme individualism, striving to maintain freedom in marriage. Marriage is unstable. Aspect of divorce. We must learn to be tolerant and more patient.

Casual acquaintances, love at first sight, then breakup. Contacts and popularity are volatile. Other aspects to Uranus are important. Craving for people with occult and other interests. Love for surgeons.

Uranium-MS compound

Unusual attitudes at work and in public opinion. With good aspects – high office, advanced methods and attitudes. Good for science, electronics, physics, astrology. Other aspects can lead to career changes. With bad aspects, you can get bored with a professional routine, or a rebellion against the authorities over trifles, dismissal.

They feel free when they are in charge of their own work. In politics, revolutionary views, liberalism, if there are no other aspects.

Neptune-Pluto conjunction

The most subtle aspect has to do with changes in the behavior of human society in connection with religion, philosophy and the place of man in the Universe by virtue of consciousness. A turning point for the upward movement, the death of science, cultures, social institutions. Testing philosophy and cultural institutions to meet increased needs and replace them with better ones. The death of outdated views can have a corrupting influence on society, disturb and confuse a generation. For highly developed types, this is a sign of a spiritual mission, the transfer of a new, higher consciousness to people. This is the renewal of people by serving in order to achieve the renewal of all living things, this is cosmic love, which can be expressed only by forgetting oneself, placing one’s will at the service of humanity. How this connection manifests itself depends on the house and the sign of the owners. Three distant planets

Neptune-Ascendant conjunction

A vivid expression of intuitive and medial ability. Not from this world, to what extent – depends on the aspects. It is difficult to understand them, since their actions are based on unconscious intuition. With good aspects and a strong position of Mercury and Saturn – an in-depth understanding of reality, since they can perceive even hidden aspects. Subtle magnetism, enchantment, eyes have hypnosis.

Art talent.

Neptune-Descendant conjunction

Strange marriage and strange partners. Depending on the aspects, the partner can have ideal spiritual foundations or create confusing situations where one deceives the other. Bad for contracts, ships, as there are many unforeseen events hidden from view. Satisfaction can be achieved only with mutual goodwill. May confuse other people. But with good aspects, an intuitive sense of the partner and the public. This sensitivity also gives a disarming charm, and how it is used depends on other aspects.

Neptune-MS connection

Dreams and mystical inclinations of Neptune are not compatible with routine, discipline. They are good in a profession that requires creative imagination and asceticism. These are people of art. They can be on stage and feel spiritual isolation. They are alone in the crowd.

Not everyone understands their motives. The highly developed have a mission to help people come to a higher vocation and spirituality. With bad aspects – the danger of getting entangled in scandalous stories and falling out of favor with the masses.

Insecurity, alcoholism, drugs. They should not allow themselves to be entangled in secret intrigues, especially if they are not aware of all the subtleties. Their personal secrets are no longer personal in the X house. [10.000.11] Pluto-Ascending Node Connection. A special gift to guess the dominant direction, energy and will help them to use this to their advantage. The ability to intuitively grasp the forces that shape these directions, but more thoughtfully and calculated than under Neptune. They can make capital from this ability, disinterestedly or not, the aspects will say. In the worst case, a dangerous tendency to manipulate social forces that are very dangerous. This may turn out to be a trap, or the force will destroy the one encroaching on it, then the person will lose control over himself, a collapse will occur, in which area depends on the house and where he is the master.

Pluto-Ascendant conjunction

The gift of intuition, which allows you to subtly understand the action of cosmic forces, is similar to Uranus and Neptune in the Ascendant, but is used more consciously and thoughtfully. Will, penetrating power, the ability to draw strength from nature to restore the self. Often they seem out of this world, since their attention is directed to higher things.

They want to change life circumstances and, having internal resources, influence the environment. Aggressive, but not in a Mars way, they use secret sensitive means to achieve their goals. With the afflicted – stubbornness, willfulness, but a high level of consciousness forces you to be objective and not act for your own benefit. The good aspects and strong position of Saturn and Mercury are important as they provide discipline and spiritual receptivity for the constructive use of forces. Highly developed types are indifferent to life and to themselves.

The whole horoscope will tell you what the strength is for, many simply will not be able to take advantage of the opportunities provided.

Pluto-Descendant conjunction

Dominates relationships with people, renews them or chooses a partner who pursues the same goals. If this tendency is too strong, friction is possible. They sense the motives and character of other people, or vice versa. They can make high demands on a partner. This aspect requires constant regeneration of intimate relationships, which can undergo profound changes – former friends can become envious. Spiritual connections are possible.

How the aspect manifests itself depends on the houses on the cusps of which Aries, Leo, Scorpio are standing.

Pluto-MS connection

They tend to constantly renew their profession and their authority. With a strong horoscope – a celebrity or the glory of Herostratus. They often try on subtle methods to accomplish professional tasks. The profession of a scientific or occult direction is astrology, physics, atoms. They use intuition and occult powers to influence the powerful. This has a positive effect on the pursuit of unselfish goals – it leads to political machinations.

Highly developed types can fulfill a spiritual mission in a certain area that serves to renew social forces. This area is determined by the house of Pluto and other aspects. As with the Ascendant, there is a special susceptibility to cosmic forces. There is a necessary motivating spiritual cause.

Their effect on others is imperceptible, but far-reaching.

Sun-Moon Sextile

Promises opportunities, friendship with the opposite sex. Nice marriage. Love and respect everywhere. If there are no conflicting aspects, good parents. Bonds of friendship and love with family and partner’s family, as well as patriotism.

Good health and vitality. Psychological balance. Harmony of feelings and will, conflict-free developed

Sun-Mars Sextile

Gives strength and courage, an intelligent, creative, entrepreneurial spirit. They are able to carry out projects in life, a leading force, they love cooperation and communication with friends. For the houses occupied by the Sun and Mars and where they are the masters, as well as signs, you can expect creative opportunities. When transit enhances sextile, chances for creative activity in these areas. Strong will, sense of justice.

They vigorously achieve their goals, are determined, are not afraid of work. If other factors do not contradict, and sextile in the sign of Air or a movable sign – the clarity and depth of views. Brave in danger, patiently endure pain.

Sun-Jupiter Sextile

Generosity, optimism, life is under special protection. Serious misfortunes are rare; something always softens the blow. They have an intuitive knowledge to overcome difficulties. Their work is always useful to others. Religious. Philosophers.

Optimism and self-confidence does not allow you to lose the goal, which, as a rule, is achieved. They like to help the less fortunate. Understanding parents take care of the family. Good intellectual ability, contemplation, the ability to enjoy life. They love modest living conditions. They love to travel, get acquainted with foreign cultures, know how to make friends in foreign countries.

Sextile Sun-Saturn

Patience and self-discipline, clarity and precision of thinking, practicality and methodology, organizational talent, ability to manage, know how to work for the sake of ambition.

In business, they are realists, honest, strict and prosaic, but loyal with friends. Often political ambition, desire and ability to take responsibility. Caution and discretion ensure good health; retain the merits gained by hard work.

Sun-Uranus Sextile

Originality and intuition. Willpower and frankness gives success, in which others would fail. Leaders, reformers, thinkers, inventors.

They radiate magnetism, awaken trust and delight in themselves. They have a dramatic talent. They are open to the world and are popular. Often interest in occultism, astrology, membership in societies of this type.

Sun-Neptune Sextile

Creative forces, inspiration in art, religion, mysticism. They know how to see a picture with their inner gaze, and then give it reality in form. People of art. The imagination is often focused on the practical area – money, power.

Empathy for the pain of others gives humanism. They love animals.

Sun-Pluto Sextile

Ingenuity, willpower, the ability to revive yourself and others. Almost imperceptible but powerful energy radiates from them, giving them stamina and endurance that others do not have. Even when the forces are running out, they are able to renew them unconsciously from the prana of the Universe. Interest in yoga, meditation, occultism.

Sun-Ascendant Sextile, trine to Descendant

Harmony of consciousness and self-expression. Strong will, manifested in the intellectual field. Creative energy, enthusiasm. Creative power, dynamics characterize personal relationships, marriage, contacts. Happiness in marriage.

Sextile Sun-MS, trine to IC

Dexterity in expressing their ideas, especially in career matters. Enthusiastic, temperamental, creative family members.

Moon-Mercury Sextile

Good memory, practical mind. The mind and feelings are in harmony, so they try to translate their thoughts into practice. Health and nutrition issues are planned and enforced intelligently. The seriousness of personal hygiene, samples of grooming and cleanliness. Home life is well organized, there is excellent mutual understanding in the family. Ideas are implemented and generate income. Smell for deals. They are good at dealing with the little things in life, avoiding unnecessary waste of time. Consciously perceive the thoughts and feelings of people, instinctively behave tactfully. Balanced in feelings, easily and simply express their thoughts, hence a good understanding. Oratory and literary talent.

Moon-Venus Sextile

Good luck in your marriage and household chores, a happy marriage. Men get along well with women, and women are feminine, loving, kind, charming, housewives. Creative imagination, artistic talent. Good cooks, they understand a lot about the household. Intellectual awareness gives a knack for social relations. They keep in touch with friends, neighbors. Strong bond with family. Success for the opposite sex and for everyone.

Moon-Mars Sextile

Energy and emotional strength gives you the opportunity to see things through. Participation in profitable businesses, diligence, improvement of the home and home situation, the willingness to fight for the family. Women have excellent health.

Moon-Jupiter Sextile

Generosity, compassion, kindness, charity, especially in relation to the family. They spare no money for comfort. Piety and idealism in matters of faith. Contentment and optimism, a cheerful disposition – contributes to success and well-being. Honesty, justice, sincere love for one’s neighbor contributes to success in business. Often engaged in the sale of real estate, food, housing, household items.

Instinctively know what contributes to convenience, know how to choose products. The connection to home does not allow for long trips. When traveling abroad, you are very lucky. A rich imagination and, if there are other aspects that indicate mental ability, creative talent. A special nose for good things.

Moon-Saturn Sextile

Patience in professional and household chores. Practical ability, organizational talent, economy, frugality, conscientiousness. Finances are always in order. They are not rich in ideas, but they have a sobriety of reason, so they know how to maintain the status quo than to build anew. State and position are often inherited. Lack of warmth, tendency to depression.

Luna-Uranus Sextile

They know how to free themselves from the past, react quickly, quickly establish emotional contacts. They instinctively feel new opportunities and plans for life and use it to their advantage, react to it in an original way, radiate a magnetic force, which brings dynamics and pleasure into everyday life. Home is a gathering place that promotes kindness in relationships, good relations with parents. Often the mother is an extraordinary person. A connection with a woman can provide extraordinary chances for moving forward. These men love to be friends with women.

Moon-Neptune Sextile

Paranormal abilities. Intuition gives you the chance to improve your money and home situation. They often join occult societies. Great imagination in the field of the transcendental. Subconscious insights influence decisions. Past knowledge accumulated in the subconscious gives extraordinary information. Strong emotional sensitivity helps to feel other people. Strong bond with family.

Moon-Pluto Sextile

“Thoughts are things.” Consciously use their will to manipulate their imaginations. Ability to renew practical deeds and the world of feelings. They are able to renew their vitality, improving resistance and health. A talent to develop techniques in transactions and home life. They know how to unravel their lives, abandoning old habits and starting new ones. They know how to find use for old things or throw them in the trash.

Mercury-Venus Sextile

Beauty, grace, dexterity in language. Literary ability, poetic streak. Good for commercial activities, art history; diplomacy, pleasantness in the exchange of thoughts. Calm, balanced.

Nice voice, good for vocals. There are many composers writing instrumental and vocal pieces.

Mercury-Mars Sextile

Spiritual energy and sharpness of mind. The main quality is decisiveness. They say what they think. They work purposefully and productively. They bring their ideas to life. They are doing their job well. They know how to clearly state their point of view.

Mercury-Jupiter Sextile

Good for intellectual pursuits, especially philosophy. Intuition and the ability to think abstractly. Love to study and travel. Curiosity and thirst for adventure, insatiability, love to explore foreign cultures and countries. They often write on religious and philosophical topics.

Authors, speakers, teachers express their thoughts well in writing. Home is a place of lively intellectual activity. They will always help in word and deed to the sick and those in need. Optimism is the foundation of a creative lifestyle. Thoughts determine life’s circumstances, as emotions and actions follow a thought pattern. They strongly attract good.

Mercury-Saturn Sextile

A disciplined mind, organizational talent, especially in professional affairs, since there are XI and X houses. Decisions are careful and judicious, good speakers, writers, teachers. Precision and discipline also apply to health and hygiene. Often talent is in mathematics, in general in sciences, if there are other pointers. Nothing is left to chance. Every step and thought is calculated.

Mercury-Uranus Sextile

Fast intuitive and agile receptivity, good memory, occult interests. Classes in electronics, physics, atomic energy, modern sciences. With a good aspect with Saturn, the forecast is enhanced. Independent thinking, insight, originality, drama.

Mercury-Neptune Sextile

Intuition, creative imagination, harmony of consciousness and subconsciousness. Visual acuity bordering on clairvoyance. Telepathy, a good sense of the thoughts and motives of people. Good for photographers, for anything where imagination is needed. Ability to operate with finances, as they know the opponent’s moves in advance. They plan and work often alone, making sure that others do not interfere or spoil.

Mercury-Pluto Sextile

A keen penetrating mind that allows you to see causes and forces behind external phenomena. In physics, natural science, occultism in the areas of the VIII house (insurance, wills, taxes). Ability to express yourself with power. Strong will, the ability to intensively study one thing, creativity, originality of mind.

Mercury-Ascendant Sextile, trine to the Descendant

He can easily make others understand his worldview. Harmonious exchange of thoughts, which reduces the risk of misunderstandings and conflicts. Reasonable cooperation with friends, family, know how to implement projects accepted by everyone.

Mercury-MS Sextile, trine to IC

Ability to reasonably plan business in the profession and at home. Good contacts with the authorities, the mighty of this world. They know how to bring their affairs to anyone they need. Good family relationships. Harmony at home and work.

Venus-Mars Sextile

Happy, energetic nature, harmonious gender relations: harmony in marriage and emotions. Sociability, liveliness, gaiety. Good for artists, especially sculptors, thin. trades where they work with tools. For business ventures related to art. Everyone’s favorite, which is good for financial transactions. Possibly a large legacy. The dual benefits of marriage, emotional and financial.

Love for movement gets artistic coloring (dance, sports). Impulsive generosity. Give their location and property.

Venus-Jupiter Sextile

Successful tasks, strong social tendencies. They bring happiness. Well-being and good nature. Artistic ability, subtle style of expression. Art on religious themes. Good luck for art deals and home decoration. Good taste, a nose for the desires of people brings success in business. Marriage and collaboration provide social and financial gains.

A positive attitude towards people, the ability to deal with them, which gives popularity and a lot of friends. They are affable and generous, but do not necessarily deeply understand what the good aspects of Saturn and Neptune give.

Venus-Saturn Sextile

Artists with extraordinary ability (the same applies to trine and conjunction). Saturn gives Venus aestheticism a real expression. Loyalty to friends and family, seriousness and constancy of feelings. Long-term marriage if there are no bad aspects in the 7th house. Positive qualities of Libra. They know how to give up their happiness for the sake of a sense of duty or the happiness of others. A lot of grace, culture, polite, but a little strained in communication. Dexterous businessmen, they know how to earn a lot, finances are in order, unpretentious.

Venus-Uranus Sextile

They love to speak in an emotional language, they do it brilliantly and pleasantly, they are loved, they have many friends. Special artistic or musical talent, or interest in art, in its contemporary forms. They often make money in an extraordinary way, in collective enterprises. They conduct business related to art, electronics, natural science, radio, television, gramophone recording.

Love at first sight, get married unexpectedly. Feelings need freedom, do not adhere to the usual romantic rules. In love, as a rule, she is lucky.

Venus-Neptune Sextile

Subtle imagination of the artist. Positive properties of Pisces. Feelings and inclinations have a religious connotation. They sympathize and understand people. They are kind in everyday life, they easily make connections, friendship, marriage, alliances with people with mystical inclinations. The pursuit of perfect love. In a weak horoscope – tolerance, hope for help.

Venus-Pluto Sextile

Intense emotional life, differentiation of perception. Knowledge of the transformative power of love. Ability to convince others of the need to take relationships to a higher level. The original creative force manifested in the visual arts or music.

Marriage is often predestined from the start. Intuitive understanding of the laws of harmony and balance, based on creative principles. Sometimes this understanding can be clearly expressed in words. With strong Mercury, Saturn, Uranus – scientific ability.

Venus-Ascendant Sextile, trine to the Descendant

They harmoniously express their personality, are dexterous in society, they know how to please the public, a successful marriage, a good relationship with a partner. Diplomats, peacekeepers. Their serenity infects others. If there are no contradictions, ability in visual arts and music.

Venus-MC sextile, trine to IC

Diplomacy in professional matters, harmony in marriage, good relations with family. Satisfaction in the profession and in marriage. They love nature, grow flowers. The house is tastefully furnished. The profession is often associated with art.

Mars-Jupiter Sextile

Enthusiasm and energy in work helps self-expression and personal development. Optimism, generosity in a practical manner. Practicality also prevails in religion. Help the victims and losers. They often participate in missionary acts of assistance. Capable of working with youth. No inertia. Success in material well-being.

Mars-Saturn Sextile

Strength and endurance. Favors hard work and physical discipline, craft precision. Ability in technique is given by thoroughness. Energy is focused on efficiency. Saturn restrains the impulsiveness of Mars, and Mars overcomes the fears of Saturn. Spartan lifestyle. Not particularly kind, cold, unapproachable.

Mars-Uranus Sextile

Ability for quick, decisive action, will and courage. There are many positive qualities of Scorpio, where Mars is the master and Uranus is exalted. Unprecedented achievements bring fame and high position. Often the motto “Do or Die” goes so far that the will becomes too strong for the body. Strong inclinations. They know what they want, they have strong nerves, they love hard work, they solve their problems in their own way.

Technical skill, love of electronics, science, aviation.

Mars-Neptune Sextile

Supernatural energy that can heal or practice the occult. Often clairvoyance or strong personal magnetism. They know how to conduct secret or behind-the-scenes business, bypassing obstacles. Like Mercury with Neptune, this aspect provides military strategists as well as dancers, actors (performing arts) who have subtle control over their bodies.

Good for filmmakers and photographers. Sincere, good at controlling their feelings. They see right through people, it is difficult to deceive them. They are fond of hatha yoga.

Mars-Pluto Sextile

Extraordinary energy, will, courage. They know how to use the forces of nature to bring about changes that are beneficial for themselves. Opportunities for business at home, where the master is Pluto. All sextiles with Pluto give renewal, expanding consciousness. Mars is musculature, hence physical culture, especially hatha yoga for the purpose of renewal.

Sextile Mars-MS, trine to IC

Constructive work in the profession and at home. Good chances for a career and satisfaction in the home. Home is the starting point of professional activity.

Jupiter-Saturn Sextile

Equilibrium of living space and consolidation of public affairs combined with caution and optimism. The ability to carry out their plans and fulfill their duty, which gives recognition and respect. Honesty, purity of connections. Interest in religion, philosophy, helping those in trouble. The requirement that those in trouble learn to be independent. Smooth home atmosphere. Pillars of society. Often a political post, the goal is always before your eyes.

They think about the future, are far-sighted. If there are no contraindications, good lawyers.

Jupiter-Uranus Sextile

Ability to use new conditions, interest in new forms of religious expression or religious practice, occult sciences. Prophecies, visions, if there are no contradictions in the horoscope. Aspect of astrologers. Optimism, friendliness, many friends, popularity.

They like to invite guests, participate in humane enterprises, often members of strange sects. They are frank, confident in the future, so they know how to fulfill their hopes and desires. Often happiness goes into the mouth by itself. They know how to benefit from new industries and scientific progress.

Jupiter-Neptune Sextile

Mysticism, excessive friendliness, no practical skills. Lively imagination, especially in the field of religion, philosophy, fine arts. There are too many emotions in matters related to Jupiter and Neptune, so there is not enough discipline and practical mind to implement altruistic ideas, if Mercury and Saturn do not help. Sometimes a lot of sentimentality and oddities.

Love for your neighbor. They themselves often receive help from friends and family. Sometimes they are prone to loneliness in religious principles, they go to a monastery.

Секстиль Юпитер-Плутон

Духовное обновление в силу философии, высшего образования, религиозной практики и конструктивных усилий ради создания лучших человеческих условий. Соприкосновение с высшими силами с помощью молитвы и медитации. Провидение открывает путь для творческого самовыражения, если это на общее благо.

Понимание, мудрость, творческие способности выражения и готовность действовать в философских, религиозных, филантропических предприятиях. Плутон дает благодетельным свойствам Юпитера нужную силу, чтобы они стали эффективней.

Секстиль Юпитер-Асцендент, трин к Десценденту

Умеют показать себя с лучшей стороны, пользуются популярностью. Благодушие и оптимизм обеспечивают им поддержку и сотрудничество. Счастливый брак, хорошие отношения с обществом, умеют приводить в восторг. Хорошо для работы в рекламе.

Секстиль Юпитер-МС, трин к IC

Success in the profession, excellent reputation: happiness in marriage. Recognition gives a luxurious life. Honest, generous, generous in deals. They are loved by the mighty of this world. Take family responsibilities seriously.

Saturn-Uranus Sextile

Good for things that require practical implementation of original ideas. A symbol of true freedom and opportunity arising from self-discipline and a sense of duty. Gives reliable, sincere friends who will help in word and deed. Collaboration in groups and organizations (XI house, where Uranus and Saturn are the masters of Aquarius). Ability for mathematics and science, the ability to organize and combine thoughts. Businessmen and government politicians.

Saturn-Neptune Sextile

Discipline, manipulating the imagination and directing it towards practical goals. The ability to meditate is the concentration of Saturn and the inspiration of Neptune. Group activities on occult and paranormal activity and abilities. Thanks to foresight, dexterous tactics and strategists are able to plan a professional career, carry out on the sly, often acting behind the scenes.

They know how to reveal secrets, get classified information. They are idealists. They make great demands on values, are responsible, obligatory, they expect the same from others. They sympathize with those in misfortune, help them.

Saturn-Pluto Sextile

They know how to control the will, using it expediently. Renewed through discipline and hard work. The highly evolved types are interested in occultism and magic. Capable of mathematics and physics. They are ambitious, they know how to intelligently and decisively use power, but the entire horoscope must indicate this, otherwise the effect of the aspect is weakened.

Saturn-Ascendant Sextile, trine to Descendant

Serious nature, has the support and respect of partners and the public. They are disciplined, have organizational talent, a sense of justice, and are faithful to principles. They are considered somewhat cold and formal, but due to their good qualities, they are appreciated and respected.

Saturn-MS Sextile, trine to IC

Nice home atmosphere, good professional position. They are constantly advancing in their careers. They know how to plan, they are disciplined, they are not afraid of hard work, they enjoy the confidence of their superiors. Despite a successful career, don’t forget about home. They continue the traditions of their ancestors.

Uranus-Neptune Sextile

Propensity for idealism, capable of developing spiritual consciousness. An entire generation will pursue a seemingly utopian lifestyle. Action only in corner houses or with strong aspects. If Uranus and Neptune have a connection with the cusp of the corner house – genius. Mysticism, occultism, possibly joining a brotherhood. Work in a publishing house. Art talent, imagination, music, mind-expanding knowledge.

Uranus-Pluto Sextile

The possibility of scientific discoveries, thanks to the possibility of using the subtle forces of nature, thanks to insights – the expansion of knowledge, to improve order. Higher knowledge, insight, deep understanding.

Uranus-Ascendant Sextile, trine to the Descendant

They are extremely unorthodox in their actions and relationships with people. They are striking with originality, arousing interest. They know how to deal with people intuitively, inspiring them to cooperate. They do unusual things. Alliances and marriages are unexpected and strange.

Sextile Uranus-MS, trine to IC

The talent for making a career, receiving the support of others and influential persons, with other confirmations – a successful political career. Desire to create your own individual home atmosphere. Hospitable home; parents (or one of them) are unusual people.

Sextile Neptune-Pluto

Long lasting aspect – affects a generation. The possibility of spiritual progress in world civilization. Our atomic age can lead to the emergence of an ideal world that will give everyone a state of satisfaction, but it can also mean the final destruction of civilization. We must use the moment to express the love of Neptune and the fertile forces of Pluto liberated by science. In the horoscope in corner houses and strong positions speaks of unusual occult abilities and abilities in art.

Sextile Neptune-Ascendant, trine to Descendant

Special charm, no one can resist when they need support; in highly developed types – sympathy, spiritualized love. Others have intuitions, active or passive. They are sensitive in relations with partners and the public, they know how to adequately respond.

Sextile Neptune-MS, trine to IC

Creates hidden factors that influence their careers. The ability to intuitively feel the reaction of employers and superiors. Leadership qualities, subtle influence on politics, avoiding any opposition. They guarantee happiness to others. Home relationships are subtly formed, a harmonious atmosphere at home. They love to live by the water.

Sextile Pluto-Ascendant, trine to the Descendant

They understand themselves and others, so they know how to make valuable connections that affect the social environment on a large scale. Good concentration. When confirmed in the horoscope – special spiritual abilities, clairvoyance. Decisiveness to act alone or with others.

Sextile Pluto-MS, trine to IC

Significant expertise and ambition. Ambition, cooperation and support from superiors. They know how to organize family affairs that want to constantly improve.

Sun-Moon Square

Не такой существенный, как другие квадраты Солнца. Он дает раскол сознательной и подсознательной воли, сознательного и бессознательного поведения. Эти нормы поведения мешают выражению своей личности. Недостаток уравновешенности ведет к эмоциональной неуверенности.

Часто дом и семья мешают творческому выражению. Обстановка в семье в детстве затрудняет понимание противоположного пола и не дает гармонии отношений.

Квадратура Солнце-Марс

Слишком энергетическое и импульсивное поведение, человек сам себе враг. Натолкнувшись на препятствие, выходит из себя, раздражается, а это заставляет во что бы то ни стало достичь желаемого. Других это возмущает, они считают это нахальством и эгоизмом. Надо сдерживаться, избегать таких ситуаций, сначала думать, потом действовать, сдерживать агрессивность и злость, быть тактичным и дипломатичным, так как цели можно достичь лишь терпением, не допуская ссор, а они растрачивают свою энергию на ссоры.

Если аспект в кардинальном знаке – проявляется как импульсивность и гнев, в постоянном – упрямство и злопамятность, в подвижном – раздражительность, трата энергии на ненужные дела.

Квадратура Солнце-Юпитер

Преувеличенное мнение о себе, желание многого достичь без дисциплинированности и размышлений. Все это ведет к разочарованию при попытке расширить сферу влияния. Защитная реакция – ярко выраженный эгоизм. Надо учиться терпению, развивая качества Сатурна, набираться опыта и дисциплины; это потребует времени, но принесет успех. Тенденция к экстравагантности в вопросах домов и знаков.

Надо остерегаться неумного оптимизма, необдуманных поступков, развивать свою личность. Они щедры без разбора, но часто с задней мыслью. Опасны непоседливость и любовь к переменам.

Квадратура Солнце-Сатурн

Препятствует самовыражению личности, жизнь трудная, полная невзгод. Но при других хороших аспектах и хорошем аспекте Юпитера это будет компенсировано. Препятствия в профессии и любви можно преодолеть тяжелым трудом и строгой дисциплиной. Подарков не будет, всего надо добиваться своим трудом. Часты разочарования при попытке проявления своей личности, что ведет к пессимизму. Все это относится к вопросам домов и знаков.

При сильном положении – это сформирует характер, но может привести к угрюмости, озлобленности, спартанскому образу жизни или традиционности. Надо сознательно культивировать оптимизм и жизнерадостность. Этот аспект плох для здоровья и самочувствия детей владельца гороскопа. Как правило, старший ребенок болен. Эти люди быстро утомляются, бывают переломы костей, плохие зубы, хронические болезни.

Квадратура Солнце-Уран

Капризное поведение, неумное и эксцентричное. Оригинальны, но идеи обычно неосуществимы, или не хватает опыта, терпения, дисциплины. Работа ведется взрывами. Своеволие, тенденция драматизировать свою личность, отвергание любой рутины, что может быть гибельно. В критической ситуации нервные напряжения ведут к иррациональному поведению, сводят на нет труд продолжительной работы.

Гордость и свобода любой ценой не позволяют прислушиваться к советам. Часто они на руководящем посту, выступают за братство, имеют много друзей, но выбирают таких, которые им поклоняются. Могут быть ожесточенными врагами, когда вражда подогревается действительной или мнимой несправедливостью. Эти тенденции не всегда проявляются, но часто в моменты, когда нужно собирать плоды своих усилий.

Квадратура Солнце-Нептун

Заблуждения. При склонности к мистицизму будет считать себя избранником божественного существа, чтобы приобрести уважение и значимость. Если гороскоп говорит о добром сердце – могут быть инструментами высших сил. При сильных Меркурии и Сатурне это сглаживается. Часто странные эмоциональные желания и романтические склонности, от платонической любви до болезненной, унизительной физической чувственности. Тайные, часто позорные, любовные приключения. Сверхвозбудимое воображение, подогревающее желания, что может привести к саморазрушительным действиям. Отсюда слабость характера, искаженное восприятие действительности, уход в мир грез, нежелание нести ответственность и подчиняться дисциплине. Сильный Сатурн – спасает.

You need to be careful when it comes to participating in cults, occultism. They must be avoided, the motives and character of the people associated with the owner of the horoscope must be checked. Avoid unreliable and unwise financial arrangements as get-rich-quick plans fail.

Sun-Pluto Square

Striving for power, imposing your will on others. They are domineering, imperative, violent, usually show people their good attitude towards them, but it is better if they did not. It seems to them that the strong is always right, which causes protest from others. Are aggressive towards the opposite sex. [01.090.11] Square Sun-Lunar Nodes The desire to express oneself contradicts the general direction.

They hold back when they need to act, and vice versa. Interfere with self-expression and creative endeavors. They do not know how to adapt in matters of love and contacts.

Sun-Ascendant Square, Descendant

Conflicts between personality and the way of its manifestation outside. It is difficult for them to show themselves as they are. Conflict between consciousness and its expression. The manner in which they approach business is not harmonious. Attempts to command and behave in an incomprehensible way, which leads to difficulties with the partner and the public. To gain recognition, you have to part with your individuality.

Square Sun-MS, IC

Conflicts with authority figures, bosses, government, parents. Obstacles in achieving goals, reputation at stake. You need to remake your personality in order to be successful. Often the desire for power, conflict in the family, uncomfortable at home. Difficulties at work exacerbate difficulties in the family and vice versa.

Moon-Mercury Square

Nervousness, subconsciousness affects consciousness, thinking in captivity of the past, from which objectivity and sociability suffer. Moods occupy such a large place that there is no time left for spiritual studies.

Tearful sentimentality interferes with clarity of thought. They talk about trifles all the time, wasting their energy. Torment others with stories of their family affairs. Sympathize with friends, loyal to family. But it’s hard to get along with the public. They may not be understood, slandered. Disruption of the nervous system, digestive system, body fluids, and nerves that control these functions.

Moon-Venus Square

Financial and social difficulties in the home. They indiscriminately give away their sympathy, which interferes with happiness in marriage and love. They are very gullible and begin to be used. They go for unwise sexual intercourse.

There may be difficulties with marriage, delays, especially if Saturn indicates this. Sentimentality and strong sensitivity allows you to play yourself. Feelings of unhappiness and emotional tension are associated with early childhood and domestic life. No happiness in money or wasteful.

Moon-Mars Square

Emotional impermanence, excitability, poor self-control, losing their temper. Everyone takes it personally, which leads to emotional outbursts.

Often too independent, they want to go their own way in life, do not tolerate interference. Often difficulties at home, disagreement with parents. This is bad for public opinion, professional position and aspirations.

Rash acts, aggressive, mistreating women. Alcohol is dangerous for them, as they lose power over themselves. Often a sign of poor health, stomach ulcers. Those who accumulate their adversities inside – diseases of the nerves, this manifests itself when transits go along the square.

Moon-Jupiter Square

Excessive feelings, for example: the mother spoils the child excessively Unwise generosity. You can pity them with a fictional sad story and extort money from them. Generosity should be discreet and beneficial. Tendency to carelessness, extravagance. Dreams of home luxury. Faith problems, as they do not share the views of the parents. They are either agnostics or fanatics in matters of faith – there is no middle ground. Jupiter does everything big.

This is emotional extremism, it doesn’t matter in what form. A tendency to wander, hike without a specific purpose, like to eat a lot, often overweight. It is possible for fluid to accumulate in the body, resulting in a flabby appearance. Misfortunes await abroad. With a weak horoscope – laziness. If you have money – idleness, sweet life and sometimes megalomania.

Moon-Saturn Square

Melancholy, lack of vitality, if the horoscope confirms this. Often strong attachment to the mother or other complex associated with early experiences. Feelings held captive by the past. Painful memories do not make you feel happy in the present. Because of their negative emotions, they are avoided, they act depressing, they bring boredom, a gloomy mood. They find themselves alone with their adversity.

Since the progression of the Moon moves at the same speed as the transit of Saturn, the latter can stand for a long time in a square to the progressive Moon, which means that a gloomy cloud is constantly moving overhead. Disappointments make them sour, martyred. They need to force themselves to forget the past, to meet every day with hope and trust, and only in this way they will acquire a positive image that inspires confidence in others. The square gives difficulties in communicating with women, men feel timid and helpless, an inferiority complex develops. They lack faith in themselves, they are their own enemies.

Moon-Uranus Square

Rich imagination, extraordinary abilities, but strong emotional perversion, unexpected, inexplicable moods. Often one thing gets boring and a new, more adventurous and exciting one is invented. Often unfortunate, higher circumstances – accidents associated with unexpected poor health, social and natural disasters, or an unstable home situation, frequent change of residence.

Extremely harmful violations in the family. Friends often stir up feelings, or vice versa. They are looking for the unusual, spiritually exciting. They always look at the world with new eyes, a strong desire to abandon the old, past, which creates excitement.

Moon-Neptune Square

Delusion, the tendency to be overwhelmed by the imagination, cannot cope with convention. Home life is chaotic, messy and confusing, filth and mess. Craving to indulge in feelings, often drug addiction, alcoholism. Mediumship and paranormal abilities that come from the lower planes of the astral, which leads to adherence to cults, megalomania, unrealistic ambitions.

If there are other indicators, this can lead to psychosis, insanity, and the conscious I can drown in the quagmire of the unconscious, which will lead to hospitalization. You have to stay away from spiritualism and other things like that. Often a large inheritance makes them parasites and leads to decay. They treat everything easily, they will always find people willing to help them in difficulties.

Moon-Pluto Square

Strong emotionality and a strong mental field that causes people, especially women, to feel insecure. The desire to forget the past, to break all bonds that interfere. They are harsh with parents and family, do not tolerate interference on their part, they are indignant and angry at pressure. Clairvoyance, resulting in material neglect.

Little things are annoying, because they want to do only the important, the unique. Impatient when things get stalled. They want to make a big difference in their life, to find solutions to emotional difficulties.

Mercury-Mars square

Unimportant sexual partner; maybe a liar. In the best case, a person who is always eaten by impatience, he does not sit still and does not have enough endurance to bring what he started to the end.

Mercury-Jupiter square

They are high in thoughts that cannot be realized, and which, moreover, are not thought out in detail, except that Saturn is strong. Little organization, poise, practical sense. They are impetuous and hasty in great thoughts, they promise more than they fulfill. They grab onto things that they have not grown up to.

Unreal optimism, they believe that they can handle everything and the sea is knee-deep. Often the mind and heart are in conflict in matters of philosophy and religion. Generous, full of good intentions, but lacking common sense, a sense of proportion. They are immodest, they can blurt out secret information to the wrong person.

When signing documents, they can fall for the bait of cunning, unreliable people. Often, interest in esotericism, turn away from everyday life, leaving headlong into the affairs of interest to them. They often talk a lot and with pathos to impress. Selfish and arrogant.

Mercury-Saturn square

Too preoccupied, limited or traditional mind, little imagination, fixation on irrelevant details. If you have your own thoughts, it is difficult to achieve from recognition, since it is the conservatives who interfere – this is the irony of fate. Received a strict education, disciplined, traditional. As a result, creativity is dulled.

Callous, soulless, strictly follow the order, fear of change. Cowards, waiting for failure all the time, jealous, pessimists. With a general bad horoscope – intrigue, deliberate dishonesty. They are harmed by written messages and contracts.

Mercury-Uranus Square

Agile mind, originality of thought, but nervousness. Ideas are eccentric and unrealizable. They are far away in their thoughts, prone to haste decisions. Abstruse ideas, little based on knowledge and experience. They are often stubborn, do not like other people’s advice.

They often change their minds, but you cannot impose someone else’s opinion on them. They make lightning-fast judgments, look for unusual, exciting ideas for the sake of ideas, push people away with tactless remarks, funny, stubborn looks and arrogance. They often consider themselves geniuses, although they are not. With a good horoscope – extraordinary insight, but they are unlikely to be able to use it intelligently, unless they learn to overcome self-will and selfishness.

Mercury-Neptune square

Absent-mindedness, daydreaming, confused thoughts about details. Unreliable, albeit unintentionally. The subconscious mind lets the mind down, pushes one to make mistakes, makes one be forgetful. This is a consequence of repressed emotions and feelings. Often they are not deliberately immodest, they can slip a secret out of negligence. It is difficult to contact people and exchange thoughts, since there is little objectivity, and also because of abstractness and mysticism, which others do not understand.

Mercury-Pluto square

Helps to understand the essence of the matter in any situation, thanks to the penetration of the mind. They speak directly about their opinion, are strict in their statements and thoughts. This quality is vigorously put into practice, more strongly than when square with Mars. They say everything that they think, without caring about the reaction, but it would be better to hold back the language, otherwise there will be quarrels. They are silent, they will never speak out ahead of time.

They are often suspicious, like to intrigue, use forged methods, where they should act openly. They strive to influence people’s ideas as if it were their idea. A strong will, but wrongly applied or let loose, and this has far-reaching consequences.

Square Mercury-Ascendant, Descendant

Difficulty expressing yourself in contacts and with a partner. They do not know how to deftly express their thoughts either orally or in writing, they are misunderstood or disagreed. Difficulties in marriage, contacts.

Mercury-MS square, IC

It complicates relations in the family, with parents, the owner of the house and the employer, especially if the profession is spiritual or writing.

Venus-Mars square

Emotional difficulties in love. The tendency to use the other sex only for sexual gratification or to be used.

Lack of taste or tact in everyday life. Strong instincts. You need to be able to control yourself. Unbridled passions will harm themselves. Men treat women abusively, rudely. Women can make a man mad and angry.

With a strong position of Mars – love for rude jokes, and if Venus is stronger – sensitivity, rude behavior easily hurts. Emotional sensitivity does not mean that they care about the feelings of others. There is no harmony and satisfaction in the family.

Venus-Jupiter square

Thirst for pleasure, vanity, love of luxury, laziness, secular empty etiquette. This often hides hatred, which they try to hide, the hypocrisy of feelings. Excessive delight in everything related to signs and houses. Often legal difficulties, secret unpleasant affairs in marriage, with a partner, financial losses. Women imagine they are beautiful, boast about their social status, love the stage lights. If there are still bad aspects – debauchery, immorality, protest against religious foundations, extravagance.

Venus-Saturn square

Меланхолия, скованность чувств, застенчивость или натянутость, чопорность, официальность. Невзгоды, лишающие симпатий, приводящие к разочарованиям. Любовь без взаимности. В результате антиобщественная позиция, еще большая потеря симпатий. Могут быть расчетливы в делах, власти, уважении. Имея власть или состояние, пытаются завлечь более молодого партнера, или молодые путаются со старыми ради их состояния. В результате нет счастья, отношения без любви.

В искусстве дает техническое мастерство, но отсутствие оригинальности (если есть подтверждение). Часто материальная нужда. Большая ответственность мешает счастью. Родители могут быть обузой или давить эмоционально. Жадность и ревность (при подтверждении). С таким аспектом трудно найти мир и счастье; или суровая жизнь, или сильно реагирует на повседневные невзгоды.

Квадратура Венера-Уран

Любовь с первого взгляда, до одури, связанная с волнениями. Лабильность, быстрая смена настроений, сегодня влюблены, завтра равнодушны. Непостоянство, если квадрат в подвижном знаке; в постоянном – упрямство в чувствах, не внемлют доводам, хотят любой ценой эмоционального удовлетворения; в кардинальных – общественная сверхактивность, отсюда невозможность постоянства в любви. Часто путают любовь с дружбой, хотят остаться друзьями, но секс мешает, не умеют жертвовать личной свободой, ради длительности брака. Аспект разводов.

Потребность необычных сексуальных переживаний, что сочетается с практичностью. При соответствующем гороскопе и V доме – беспорядочный секс, извращенность. При невозможности удовлетворения потребностей – нервные расстройства.

Квадратура Венера-Нептун

Эмоциональные трудности, связанные с подсознанием и воображением. Эмоциональная и сексуальная проблема, связанная с прошлым опытом, засевшим в подсознании. Это кармический аспект. Уход в мир фантазии от грубой действительности, иногда наркотики, алкоголизм. Свою любовь дарят по-глупому, опасности скандалов из-за сомнительных отношений и финансовых осложнений. Секс – повод атак. Счастье в браке страдает от нечестности, неискренности. Сила воображения может дать сексуальные видения, которые накаляют страсть, что ведет к эмоциональным комплексам.

Часто застенчивость, сдержанность, но склонность к тайным романам. Тайные сексуальные оргии, иногда гомосексуализм. В положительном варианте – способности в искусстве, эстетическое восприятие, это при сильном положении Сатурна – иначе отсутствие дисциплины для практического применения этих способностей.

Часто сверхчувствителность, обидчивость без повода, лень, часто их используют, стараясь вызвать к себе жалость. Легко идут на сомнительные планы, лишь бы быстро заработать, а им надо в финансах и любви соблюдать осмотрительность. Иногда большие идеалисты, стремятся к невозможным связям. Надо опасаться культовых, нереальных форм и нереальных религиозных представлений.

Квадратура Венера-Плутон

Заставит близко соприкоснуться с эмоциональными и сексуальными вопросами. Возможно плохое влияние. Может охватить сексуальная страсть, которая сильнее их. В романах что-то роковое, кармическое. Общественность или безличные космические происшествия могут перечеркнуть личное счастье и не дать удовлетворенности в любви (жених умирает на фронте). Противоположение Тельца и Скорпиона может дать тягу к богатству. Секс и эротика окрасятся финансовыми соображениями, что может привести к проституции.

Брак тоже мажет быть ради финансов. Творческое вдохновение, выразительная сила, сублимация, эмоций. Может быть замешана магия, чтобы приворожить или добиться славы. Тайные любовные связи.

Квадратура Венера Асцендент, Десцендент

Emotional difficulties of self-expression in relationships with people, difficulties in marriage due to misunderstandings with a partner. Extreme sensitivity, in men, softness. Inability to be liked in society.

Venus-MS square, IC

Difficulties with domestic and procedural responsibility. Dislike for work and family life, as something secular. Work and family interfere with selfish, aesthetic and other needs. Misunderstandings with parents. There is no taste in the design of the home and workplace.

Mars-Jupiter Square

A very destructive aspect – a person uses the strength of the collective and social harmony to satisfy his passions and glorify. They glorify war, they are ready to wage holy wars in order to earn public recognition for their propensities for violence. It is owned by manufacturers working for armaments.

Great waste, abuse of other people’s funds. Religious and social fanaticism, participation in political disputes, extremism (everything refers to signs and houses where they stand or are in charge). Can cause disaster and destruction if not dealt with. They are restless, constantly striving for action, initiative. They find it difficult to relax. Sociable, but not always honest and reliable in actions. They are prone to hypocrisy, embellishment of the true reasons for their actions. Religion is often just a cover for pretense.

Mars-Saturn Square

Severity, prudence, eternal disappointment in business, which leads to anger, gloom, bad mood. Ambitious plans are often thwarted. Difficulties in marriage and communication. Excessive judgment and discipline interfere with normal healthy development. Often physical disabilities, violence, accidents, bone fractures. Careers can be severely damaged. Often these are the military. There is a lack of poise and clarity of direction.

Saturn does not interfere with affairs, but does not govern or direct, as it happens with good aspects. They do not bring things to the end, there is no sense for this. It is often hard, even dangerous work. Occupational risk often ends in death. Cold, insensitive, selfish. Unwillingness to help others if there is no benefit associated with it.

Mars-Uranus Square

Gives activity, ruthlessness, unexpected impudence, over-impulsiveness, thirst for tension, excitement in matters related to houses and signs. Disagreements with friends. Risk of accidents with electrical appliances, up to and including death from this. Desire for strong sensations from driving, car racing, dangerous sports. Airplane misfortune.

Anger and impulsiveness should be avoided, which are accompanied by stubbornness and eccentricity. Develop patience and a willingness to cooperate. Irritability, nervousness. The double aspect of Scorpio can lead to seizures and unexpected violent deaths. Curiosity about unusual things triggers a willingness to take risks. Things are fickle, there is no will to resist, to hold out. Idealists, revolutionaries, are ready to overthrow the existing order.

Mars-Neptune Square

Strange emotional desires that arise from the deep layers of the subconscious, not corresponding to the existing order. Aspect can be expressed in different ways, depending on whether the instincts are suppressed or not. If suppressed, neurosis is possible, sexual or psychosomatic, sometimes hallucinations. If not suppressed – alcoholism, drug addiction, debauchery. Sometimes stupid actions, confusion or following hidden reasons.

With bad aspects of the entire horoscope – treason, deception, dishonor. A sexual anomaly that can sometimes be positively used in the visual arts where imagination is needed. Inclination to self-deception, as the incentive reasons for their actions are often not realized. In relationships with people – confusion, confusion, embarrassment, embarrassment. One must learn to curb fantasy, inflamed desires, which leads to difficulties. Emotional control is important.

Mars-Pluto Square

A violent, frantic nature. If there are no softening aspects – the desire to achieve the goal at any cost, using force, frustrating carefully thought out plans, ruining love; negates diplomacy. Sometimes it is a sign of extraordinary courage, but more often it means the motto: “Do or die.” These people need to study in detail the driving forces of their self-sacrifice. Often this desire for sensational actions is explained by selfishness, and this need leads to senseless and unnecessary extremes.

With a bad horoscope – loss of composure, violence. With Saturn and Mars affected, this aspect can cause cruelty and criminal inclinations (in general, this leads to aggressiveness in sex). Strong will, but not directed.

In the absence of mitigating aspects, a violent death. They are often attracted by war, revolution, uprisings, dictatorial tendencies are possible, since they believe that who is strong is right. With spiritual aspirations, there is a discord between will and instincts. With discipline and diplomacy, great things.

Mars-Ascendant Square, Descendant

Are aggressively committed to personal or social relationships. Hence the problems in marriage and contacts. They are not liked. Disappointments can lead to rampage, blindness, crazy thoughts that they must fight for their goals. With a bad horoscope – hooligans, forcing them to obey their will. To overcome this aspect, you need affability and diplomacy, suppression of impulsivity.

Mars-MS square, IC

Bad relationships with parents, family, boss. Quarrels can shake professional and household chores. The tendency to transfer domestic troubles to work and vice versa, which interferes with other areas of life. They need to follow not emotions, but common sense. The tendency to conflict with representatives of the law and the state. Often, against their will, they are drawn into military affairs, for example, they are called up.

Jupiter-Saturn square

Difficulties in business and finance. Bad luck in the profession. Erroneous estimates in planning, especially finance. With a strong Saturn – lack of initiative or trust to take advantage of the chance, or take on obligations without being prepared.

With a strong Jupiter, there is little discipline and experience. With a strong Saturn – hard, hard work, but there is no scope, confidence to inspire others. They distribute their time poorly, are late, cannot convey their business or request to others. They need to learn to patiently go towards the goal, avoiding excessive ambition and excessive indecision, when necessary, they need to take responsibility.

Often they work in subordinate positions of institutions, often slaves of a monotonous routine, seem boring. They themselves are bored, hence the melancholy and depression. Often they are under pressure from professional and family problems, which prevents them from developing and acting freely. Difficulties in religion, too orthodox, conservative, materialistic. All are inflexible.

Jupiter-Uranus Square

Excessive impulsiveness, idealism, impracticality. They spend energy on a task, which is then suddenly abandoned. Easily inspired by unclear ideas. Bad for speculation. Many lose their fortune.

They are fond of strange religions, cults, strange things. Many mystics, adepts who are going to save humanity, live off their adherents. Representatives of bohemians wandering around the world have this aspect. They have friends who cannot be relied on, who can lead astray, and they themselves are capable of it too. A restless spirit seeks adventure.

Jupiter-Neptune square

Избыток чувств, недисциплинированный, религиозный идеализм, без связи с реальностью, приносящий странные плоды. Строят воздушные замки, а в жизненных делах – хаос. Стремление к необычайным переживаниям в поездках или мистических обществах. Страсть к путешествиям не дает сидеть на одном месте. Бесцельные странствия наяву или в мечтах. Приветливы, сочувствующие, симпатии расточают без разбора.

Часто слезливы, но не могут помочь делом, так как для этого надо делать усилие. Обещают больше, чем могут выполнить. Иногда бесчестны, краснобаи, болтуны, умеющие расписывать свои планы, за которыми ничего нет. Не хватает дисциплины и способности осуществлять свои проекты. Лень, если нет опровержений. Богатые живут в тщеславии, гурманстве. Избыток веса или скопление жидкостей в теле, тяжелая внешность.

Квадратура Юпитер-Плутон

Религиозный и философский догматизм, отрицание современных форм. Желание создавать новые общественные институты и идеи в области религии и воспитания. Сами себе господа, пренебрегают этикетом. Духовное высокомерие, упрямство, за это их не любят. Стремление совершить что-то великое может закрыть путь к счастью.

Квадратура Юпитер-Асцендент, Десцендент

Мешает общественной жизни, делает их неловкими в обращении. Высокопарны, хвастливы, напыщенны, всезнайки. Стараются сделать все сразу, что ведет к переработке и невезению. Очень расходуют свои силы.

Квадратура Юпитер-МС, IC

Великие идеи в карьере, хвастовство в семье. Для дома желают больше, чем могут. Чрезмерная амбиция и мало способностей. Надо учиться смирению, практичности, здравому смыслу. Часто большая семья, которая в тягость.

Квадратура Сатурн-Уран

The struggle between conservatism and radicalism, it all depends on which planet is stronger. With a strong Saturn – trying to maintain the status quo, opposing the progressive; with a strong Uranus – a protest against the existing order. In both cases, an irreconcilable position. Rejecting any change, they should know that what gives them reliability will be taken away from them, and that it will be taken away unexpectedly. If they advocate drastic change, then there will be no success, as they lack experience and practical ingenuity. This square gives dictatorial tendencies.

Even while fighting for progress and freedom, they will tyrannize those who disagree with them. A tendency to inconsistency. Actions are at odds with theory. Selfishness and hypocrisy, stubbornness that takes on eccentric forms – they are not liked, they annoy and anger, so they have few friends. In a career, there are often troubles leading to overthrow, disfavor. Accidents await. They mistreat people, lack common sense and flexibility.

Saturn-Neptune Square

Illness, fears, neuroses, phobias, originating in the subconscious. With a bad horoscope – a mental hospital. They can become victims of negative emotional influences, they need to stay away from astral, paranormal influences, sessions, experiments with psychic drugs. This is the danger of obsession. More often fear of the unlawful, an inferiority complex.

Even with hard work, they are not experts in their field. They are often insidious, doing unscrupulous things, for the sake of their own goals. They attract secret enemies like a magnet, fall into intrigues and scandals. Friends can be ruthless and indifferent, or they themselves. Their credo is unbending, dogmatic and tyrannical. Often a complex of martyrs to enlist the sympathy of the people. This is repulsive, many avoid them, hence loneliness and self-pity, which leads to psychosis.

Saturn-Pluto Square

Gives a feeling as if the whole weight of the world rests on their shoulders. Constantly changing social circumstances can lead to frustration, and large responsibilities are possible. Something melancholic and mysterious prevents them from advancing in matters related to signs and houses where Saturn and Pluto stand and rule.

The danger of conspiracies and intrigues in which they are victims, or instigators. They can become victims knowingly or for selfish purposes when using occult forces, or they themselves will use them. May resort to extreme measures to achieve professional goals. Their fate is closely intertwined with the karma of the masses.

Someone close to them can take on the role of a dictator or they themselves have a tendency to tyranny. Are willing to formulate and direct the lives of others. The desire for power can take extreme forms.

Square Saturn-Lunar Nodes

Aspiration and advancement stumble upon the dominant social forces. Cowardice and conservatism – they cannot be at the right time and in the right place, take advantage of the chance. Isolation from society is possible, voluntary or compulsory.

Square Saturn-Ascendant, Descendant

Blocked ability of warmth and affability, sour countenance, cold, lack of communication, indifference, few friends. Difficulty in marriage or inability to find a suitable partner.

Saturn-MS square, IC

Will not give professional success, home happiness and well-being, health. Often the overwhelming burden is heavy duty, which prevents personal happiness in marriage and work, and does not allow to unfold. Often this is the tyranny of parents, your own family is also a burden that requires hard work in the profession. Powerful, unreasonable bosses and homeowners.

Uranus-Neptune Square

A generation living in an age of social anxiety. They are prone to emotional and mental confusion. The effect does not appear in average people. If these planets are not in corner houses and have no aspects. What anxiety a person experiences depends on the house and the sign of where these planets are. These affairs are subject to strange, difficult to comprehend, exciting events. They are very irritable, stubborn, inflexible opinions and views.

Possible connection with secret societies, intrigues, perhaps idealists. Mediumship, occultism, you don’t have to look at the whole horoscope. Contradictions and disharmony.

Uranus-Pluto Square

A generation born in the 30s and living in times of upheavals. Life is shaken by wars, revolutions, collapse. The effect on an individual depends on whether the planets are strong, whether in corner houses, whether they have aspects with the planets and house cusps. Stubbornness, extravagance, radical political views, revolutionary tendencies.

This is the aspect of the masses, showing how the fate of the masses affects the personality, which depends on which aspects Uranus and Pluto have and where they stand. These people want to change the existing order. They have high and pure motives and ideals, but from birth they have to cope with carelessness. This period of history is associated with sexual excesses. They must remember this.

Uranus-Lunar Nodes Square

Love of freedom is contrary to social norms. Challenge customs and mores, displeasing conservatives. They are unlucky.

Uranus-Ascendant Square, Descendant

Failure to adhere to conventions leads to convulsive excessiveness. Prone to divorce, do not want to sacrifice their freedom. Their extravagance does not lead to a good relationship with parents and society.

Uranus-MS square, IC

Not able to adapt to home and professional life. Protest against authorities, bosses, parents, authorities. They often change places of work and residence, sometimes for no reason. They do not recognize family responsibilities, the house is often a gathering place for eccentric people, hippies.

Neptune-Pluto Square

A generation living in a period of unrest and disintegration of social structures. They can operate in social or political institutions or become their victims. There is often an unconscious and automatic response to this aspect. The aspect of the need for spiritual renewal, thinking. None of the people living now have this aspect.

Square Neptune-Lunar Nodes

Mysticism is contrary to the prose and morals of life. Dreamers, eccentrics or even destructive elements from the point of view of society, as they undermine tradition. They feel lonely in the crowd, they are not understood. Busy with fantastic goals, poorly coping with reality.

Square Neptune-Ascendant Descendant

Bias and subjectivity in relationships, give the impression of absent, prefer their own fantasy world. Unreliable and unfaithful in marriage and friendship, or the victims of deception themselves. [09.090.110] Neptune-MS Square, IC Unless otherwise indicated, they cannot be relied upon either at work or in the family. They have chaos, the house is dirty and messy, like in a tavern or a den of drug addicts. At work, deception, irresponsibility, laziness, carelessness. Sometimes deliberate deception and dishonesty. Or going into dreams.

Square Pluto-Lunar Nodes

The desire to subject everything to reform, a conflict with the existing order. Judging by the horoscope, this is either a light censure, or a life-and-death struggle. Dangerous revolutionaries.

Pluto-Ascendant Square, Descendant

Aggressive behavior, antisocial behavior in marriage, team. Divorce, processes, the desire to remake people, instead of remaking yourself, and people don’t like that.

Pluto-MS square, IC

The desire to change the order leads to conflicts with bosses, parents, family members, authorities. It seems to them that they know everything better, they criticize the bosses, the government, at home – the dictatorship.

Trigon Sun-Moon

Harmony of strength building and potential, with heredity and habits, good vitality, health, resilience, renewability. Balance of male and female components. Attracts the opposite sex. If there is no defeat of the Sun, Moon of IV and X houses – good understanding in the family and with children. Courage.

Trigon Sun-Mars

Смелость, воля, качества вождя, решительность. Хорошо для мужчин, так как дает чисто мужские качества. Честолюбие и уверенность в себе, физическая сила, выносливость, энергия, любовь к спорту, (но интересуются своими достижениями, а не чужими). Честь и порядочность, не боятся труда, берут на себя тяжелые задания.

Практичность и конструктивное использование своей силы позволяет разгрызать твердые орехи. Умеют применять теорию на практике. Потенциал сил Солнца выражает вдохновенно и творчески. Конструктивный энтузиазм.

Тригон Солнце-Юпитер

Also a fiery shade, the IX and V houses are emphasized – enthusiasm, optimism, spontaneity of trine in religious, philosophical, social and legislative issues, but not only in the physical plane, like Mars: positivism, altruism, enjoy trust and cooperation, which gives success in affairs. They radiate contentment and self-confidence, they are never completely defeated, they generously help others. Decent, adhere to moral and religious standards. The gift of prophecy is often withdrawn from the world to lead a life among books and close friends.

Trigon Sun-Saturn

Honesty, practicality, discretion. Economical use of energy and money. The emphasis is on utility and practicality. Organizational talent, concentration, discipline. The goals are achieved by hard work. Even in difficult times, they do not experience difficulties, since caution always leaves something for a rainy day. Patient, do not take risks, live to a ripe old age.

Trigon Sun-Uranus

Personal charm, spiritual insight, talent for leadership, creative powers. High spiritual sources are open to them. When going through transits and progressions – intuitive insights. Study of the occult. Good astrologers. Strong will, willingness to experiment in new areas of knowledge. Innovators, inventors, reformers, humanists. They look at all living things as a whole. They stand for a common brotherhood.

Trigon Sun-Neptune

Intuitive ability, but emotional in nature. This is sympathy, while Uranus is more rational. Intuition manifests itself in art, music, religion, mysticism; spiritual leaders. They love all living things. Sometimes they can strengthen and heal people. If there is no practicality of Mercury and Saturn – dreamers. But this aspect also gives practical skills in transactions, stock speculations. The ability to surrender to the subtle currents of life, but also to know where and when to be in order to do the right things

Trigon Sun-Pluto

Overconcentration, will, the ability to renew all aspects of life, improve and transform. With a high spiritual development – leaders who see through and through and know where it is best to direct energy and means. Interest in yoga, meditation and other forms of spiritual development. Clairvoyance and intuition often. They have supernatural powers, a fiery nature.

Тригон Солнце-Восходящий узел

Способность закалять волю и проявлять себя соответственно господствующим нормам, отсюда во всем успех. Умеют вести за собой массы, популярны. Хорошо для политиков, общественных деятелей.

Тригон Солнце-Асцендент

Жизненные силы оптимизм, сила воли, кипучая энергия. Великодушие привлекает других для сотрудничества. Хорошо для политиков, общественных деятелей.

Тригон Солнце-МС

Способности вождя, слава в карьере. Хорошо для политики, общественной деятельности, общения с вышестоящими. Профессиональный успех обеспечивает расширение домашней сферы, основа счастья в браке.

Тригон Луна-Меркурий

Хорошая память и хорошее взаимодействие сознания и подсознания. Конструктивное мышление в личных и домашних делах, особенно в вопросах здоровья, питания. Здравый смысл по вопросам повседневной жизни, выражаются метко и разумно, прекрасные собеседники. Прекрасно ведут дела по телефону, почте и прочим каналам коммуникаций.

Тригон Луна-Венера

Гармоничность, услужливость, любезность. Хорошо для женщин, развивает женские качества: красоту, нежность выражения и склонностей, сочувствие, чуткость. Их присутствие действует успокоительно.

Как правило – художественные способности, хорошие кулинарные способности, украшение дома и уход за собой. Если этот трин сочетается с хорошим аспектом Нептуна – необыкновенный талант в музыке или изобразительном искусстве. Хорошо для певцов, чтецов, артистов. Голос любезный, мелодичный.

Тригон Луна-Марс

Эмоциональная активность, много психической энергии. Предприимчивы в оборудовании дома, семейной жизни и сделках. Чувства сильные, но умеют ими владеть и использовать конструктивно. Борются за справедливые дела. Умеют придавать своему воображению волевую субстанцию. Крепкое здоровье.

Тригон Луна-Юпитер

Альтруизм, религиозное самоотречение, приветливость, великодушие, помогают ближним, экспансивны в воображении. Посвящают себя дому, родителям, семье ради мира и счастья в доме. Аспект дает богатство через наследство или в сделках.

Тригон Луна-Сатурн

Осторожность, консерватизм, откровенность, здравый смысл, организаторский талант. Могут выдержать трудности ради достижения цели. Умеют быть хитрыми и деловыми. Но не очень находчивы, развивают дело на старой основе. Хорошо для горного дела, земли, недвижимости. Часто это спартанцы, строги, дисциплинированы. Не придают значения внешним жизненным удобствам. Характерно чувство собственного достоинства и чувство долга.

Тригон Луна-Уран

Оригинальная способность стихийного преображения. Деловитость, когда речь идет о новшествах, изобретениях. Искрящаяся кипучая личность, очаровывает, энергичны, решительны. Домашняя атмосфера, родители – все необычно. Они ищут необычных переживаний. Часто паранормальные способности, интерес к астрологии и оккультизму.

Тригон Луна-Нептун

Medium and parapsychological inclinations. Depending on the general horoscope – clairvoyance, intuitive insights regarding the fate of people and the future. Interest in the occult. Hypersensitivity to environmental factors is possible. Lively imagination and, if the aspect is associated with Venus, talent in art. Sometimes they are just empty dreamers, if there are no strong Mercury and Saturn.

Trigon Moon-Pluto

The intensity of the feelings is controlled by the will and are expressed with extraordinary power. Courage and firmness of will in overcoming obstacles on the way to material or spiritual success. They often intuitively grasp the reasons underlying objective phenomena. To express objective and realistic thoughts, they use willpower and imagination, as they instinctively create the power of thoughts accumulated by will and energy.

Trigon Moon-Ascending Node

Harmony of feelings and instinctive reactions with the prevailing current in society. They know how to deftly lead their ship through the thresholds of changing public opinion.

Trigon Moon-Ascendant

Constructive expression of feelings. Sensitivity to the manifestation of feelings from others. Active imagination blends harmoniously with the home situation and at work. Dexterously settling with the family.

Trigon Luna-MS

The ability to deal with the public, negotiate with the right people, which gives success. Creates a harmonious home atmosphere, as well as the subtlety of feelings.

Trigon Mercury-Mars

Excess mental energy. Good for serious work, study, as well as good concentration. But the success of these efforts depends on suppressing anxiety. The good aspects of Saturn and the distant planets will help give stability to concentration. This aspect alone will not give a scientist, but it helps in the practical use of scientific knowledge. Mars’ ambition and competition enhances practical mental ability.

They are able to express their thoughts vividly and vividly orally and in writing, the work of a reporter or commentator. Aspect of the authors of detective stories (scorpion side of Mars). They strive to form public opinion, for this they go into politics, military affairs, and justice. They react directly to all mental stimuli. The rise of Mercury in Aquarius complements the zeal of Mars with a general overview or understanding, which further enhances sympathy, inspiring when promoting their ideals.

Trigon Mercury-Jupiter

Good for people dealing with higher education, students, teachers, publishers, foreign correspondents, writers, especially those writing on religious, philosophical topics and on issues of houses IX and III, V. Generous, tolerance of thoughts, speed of consideration. Thoughts are expressed easily and clearly, ideas are brought to understanding.

Good for politicians, those who make speeches often. Sincere, decent, because they think about the ethical consequences of their actions and thoughts. Good for legal professions. They love to travel to distant countries, in practice or in dreams. Generous with friends, hospitable. They like to study at home. Have a large library. They spend a lot of work equipping their home for social gatherings. Thanks to the optimism of thoughts, success awaits them. But sometimes contemplation prevails.

Trigon Mercury-Saturn

The discipline of the mind, good for mathematicians, the nature of probationers, wherever precise, systematic, impeccable work is required. Agility in manual labor. Good for managers, in political planning, it gives the ability to cope with responsibility. Good scientists, patient and capable of hard work.

But it does not give originality of thinking and, even if it exists, suppresses its use in practice. Good for writers, teachers, gives practical acumen, the ability to see little things. Good memory, a sense of form, a serious attitude towards life. They are loyal friends and not flatterers. Their complement must be earned.

Trigon Mercury-Uranus

Special intellectual abilities associated with intuition. Can explore new areas of thought. They have a natural understanding of energy processes. Attracted by natural and occult sciences. If their natural consciousness is in harmony with the universal, which is not alien to them, sudden insights can be expected. There may be genius abilities in a special area, but they are blind to things that do not interest them.

A good aspect for astrologers, it gives a scientific understanding of occult principles. They are not tied to tradition. They draw their conclusions regardless of the generally accepted ones, therefore they were ahead of their times in outlook on life. They express their ideas in an original and dramatic way. Phenomenal memory capable speakers. Good for electronics and computers.

Trigon Mercury-Neptune

Intuition, the sixth sense on the thoughts of others. Other such indications are the gift of prophecy. Visual abilities, in front of the inner gaze, can miss any ability to detail. A rich imagination gives the ability to write novels. Poets, authors of mystical works.

Ability for photography and cinema. Sensitivity, subtlety of feelings, so they have to avoid encounters with harsh reality. Success in subtly influencing others, with a good horoscope, is financial, political and military strategists. They know how to influence public opinion, subtly using the media.

Trigon Mercury-Pluto

They consider reality as a play of forces and understand the causes of external phenomena, as an atomic physicist understands atomic structures. It is the ability to get to the bottom of the cause. Interest in natural and occult sciences. Good concentration and will to optimally develop mental abilities. Good for researchers, detective writers.

Trigon Mercury-Ascendant

Vigilance, quick mind, fluency of speech, the ability to convince of the value of their ideas and to enlist support. Good for community service, representation, diplomats. High intelligence makes good researchers if there are good aspects.

Trigon Mercury-MS

Close connection between intellectual and professional ambition. They like to write special articles, they know how to please the bosses. The house serves for intellectual pursuits, they have a library. They share their intellectual talents with their families and use them in their profession. Aspect promotes harmony at work and at home. Relatives often help in home and work areas.

Trigon Venus-Mars

Inspires feelings, develops a penchant for art. They love jokes, have an attractive appearance. They know how to like, easily communicate with the opposite sex. They are dynamic, attractive people. Creative talent in music and dramatic art, energy and will help to manifest it.

Trigon Venus-Jupiter

Happy, optimistic, outgoing personality, success in music and other arts. Interest in religious art. Or art is used to express religious or philosophical ideas. Harmony in marriage and at home. Success in art, cooking, decoration, home decoration.

Interest in activities in hospitals or similar institutions. The voice is pleasant, melodic, soft. The gift of bringing joy and understanding people. They feel fine, good manners, popular, loved. In a weak horoscope – laziness, especially in the presence of wealth, acquired not by their own labor. With a bad horoscope, this aspect has a salutary effect, giving a joyful sense of life.

Trigon Venus – Saturn.

Sense of order, balance, proportion in visual arts and music. Often – artists. Gives a sense of rhythm, structural relationships in time and space. Good for architects, designers, mathematicians. The flair of businessmen, practicality and intelligence, fairness and nobility. Understanding the needs of the disadvantaged, willingness to help.

Loyal friends, reliable spouses. Excessive seriousness and restraint are possible, which can be mistaken for coldness and inaccessibility. With long-term and closer relationships, these people appear more and more.

Trigon Venus-Uranus

An ebullient, cheerful nature with a lot of ease, he always sees the beautiful side of life. Gives spontaneity, needed for artists. Love relationships are exciting, friends are unusual and very popular. In money matters, unexpected happiness. Art has its own style.

Often associated with radio, television, gramophone records. Happiness is attracting influencers and money. They radiate the satisfaction that everyone needs. Attractive sexy appearance, it is not difficult for them to strike up a relationship.

Trigon Venus-Neptune

Romantic nature. Talent or genius in music, fine arts, poetry. There is no practicality unless otherwise indicated. Novels are unusual, dating under strange circumstances associated with premonitions. They are welcoming to the disadvantaged. There is something mystical in the face, they understand the heart of other people.

Trigon Venus-Pluto

Emotional natures capable of higher forms of love. Often there is a spiritual rebirth from love, or their marriage and love are predetermined. Intimacy plays a big role. A strong ability to love is beneficial for everything.

Trigon Venus-Ascendant

The charm, the harmony of its expression. Good for women, as it gives them beauty and charm. They are pleasant to handle, they know how to win over. Popularity, happiness in love, a successful marriage, the help of others await them. They attract pleasure and money because they think about the well-being of people. Ability for art or just understanding.

Trigon Venus-MS

A professional career benefits from beauty, pleasant manners; loved, especially by high-ranking officials. Home is a great atmosphere for the community, which helps a career. These are figures in the field of art, they can become famous.

Trigon Mars-Jupiter

Ability to engage in practical activities with energy and enthusiasm. Philosophical and humanitarian impulses are manifested in constructive deeds. Energetic help to others, and not just pity in words. A double fire gives a fiery enthusiasm. They gain knowledge through positive activities in the areas of signs and houses, where these planets stand or rule.

This is good karma that they received in a past life by serving people. This aspect is related to the XII and VIII houses, which means that they can turn negative conditions that came from the past into positive actions. Mars culminates in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Cancer, which means that the aspect contributes to the expansion of ambitions, creates the basis for an active conscious family life. They love sports, travel, adventure. Craving for religious tasks or working in the fields of youth psychology and sociology.

Тригон Марс-Сатурн

Объединяет положительные качества Козерога. Любят тяжелый труд, планомерные действия, избегают ненужной траты сил, следят за получением полезных результатов. Большая сила воли, которая применяется разумно и систематически.

Математическая точность Сатурна позволяет работать в оптике, инженерами, с точными инструментами. Очень честолюбивы, трудолюбивы, отсюда авторитет и руководящие должности. Часто это ловкие политики и военные. Терпение и практическая сноровка, смелость в действиях. Хорошо для несущих большую ответственность. Хорошо переносят тяготы, не уклоняются от опасности. При стрессе – выдержка и терпение.

Тригон Марс-Уран

Оригинальность, богатство мыслей, воля, энергия, энергично справляются с жизнью. Умеют отказываться от устаревшего, заменить его новым. Этот процесс регенерации дает двойное влияние Скорпиона. Они откровенны и смелы, энергия переливается через край. Для удовлетворения профессионального честолюбия могут применять оригинальные методы.

Стремятся к руководящему положению в организациях и группах. Умеют практически применять оккультные законы. Талант изобретателя и инженера – электромеханика. Им нужно независимость, личная свобода. Любят приключения, не жалеют сил, чтобы пережить что-нибудь необычное. Продолжительное нервное напряжение переносят с трудом, нужны уравновешенность и самообладание.

Тригон Марс-Нептун

Богатые энергией паранормальные способности в области врачевания или оккультизма. Благодаря предчувствиям, отводят опасности. Тонкое чутье обнаруживает неискренность людей. Втайне могут действовать решительно, выводя из строя противника, достигая целей без вмешательства извне. Выдержка, острая наблюдательность, интерес к хатха-йоге, оккультизму. Способности в искусстве, особенно танцах. Здоровые привычки в вопросах питания и гигиены. Очень чувствительны к эмоциональной атмосфере своего окружения, инстинктивно чувствуют, как им надо вести себя или действовать.

Хорошо для химиков.

Тригон Марс-Плутон

Развитая воля, способность обновлять свою жизнь и все то, что требует сознательного труда. Глубокое понимание и реализм соединены с волей и силой. Иногда интерес к новым естественным наукам. Умеют использовать оккультные силы на благо людей. При необходимости сражаются беспощадно, не уступая, не зная страха, их не запугать. Знают динамическую сторону жизни. Для них жизнь – поток энергии, а не ряд неподвижных условий.

Сильная, выносливая конституция, много выдержки. Способны восстанавливать силы, получая из высших источников.

Тригон Марс-Асцендент

Сильная конституция, воля, решимость. Прямота и сила снискали им уважение, доверие и сотрудничество. Жизнь активная, быстрая реакция, многого достигают. Физическая сила и честолюбие, особенно хорошо для мужчин, так как это их качества.

Тригон Марс-МС

Strengthens ambition and determination to achieve glory and honor. Energetic and tireless, hence the trust of the authorities and earnings for the family, a pleasant atmosphere at home.

Trigon Jupiter-Saturn

Responsible person, common sense and honesty. Abilities in business, finance, organizational affairs. See beyond your nose. Far-sighted, which is important for the implementation of long-term plans. Careers in politics or public affairs, leadership positions, government officials. Good reputation. Good for judges, lawyers. These people are serious and level-headed. Religious attitude towards life in the orthodox sense, if there are no strong outer planets. Sustainability, charity, but your choice.

Trigon Jupiter-Uranus

Creativity, interest in religion, inspiration. Progressive, occult or mystical plan. Often unexpected happiness due to karma (inheritance, position). Optimism, intuition, insight. They know how to notice and use a chance that others do not notice. They love personal freedom, they hate restrictions. Looking at the horoscope, they need variety. They often communicate with Freemasons, Rosicrucians. In politics, liberal reformists. Become famous, popular. With other good aspects, genius ability.

Trigon Jupiter-Neptune

Mystical tendencies, sensitivity to spiritual influences. If Mercury, Saturn and Uranus are weak, intuition is emotional rather than mental. Love for lavish ceremonies, performances, mysteries, religious music. Desire to experience feelings of awe as you plunge into a sea of ​​religious ecstasy. But often true spirituality is lacking due to promiscuity. If there are no factors of wisdom – victims of deception and delusion; generous, hospitable, take care of adherents of their religion and views.

Receive help from others without even deserving it. They are prone to seclusion, living in the village, by the water. Often, charity for psychoclinics, hospitals, religious societies, universities. But often they lead a bohemian life or wander around. Therefore, they are more likely to be capable of religion, art, than of prosaic worldly affairs. A tendency to exaggerate, since Jupiter and Neptune are both expansive.

In a weak horoscope – a parasitic lifestyle, inertia, a tendency to a sweet life. But with a highly developed personality – inspiration, sympathy, generosity, bordering on holiness.

Trigon Jupiter-Pluto

Faith that can move mountains, extraordinary spiritual forces of renewal, mental and physical. Spiritual life is backed up by a creative will. Ability to concentrate and meditate. They can give concrete expression to their inspiration. Extraordinary creative powers that allow you to change your life and environment for the benefit of the public. Deep understanding and instinctive knowledge of what is strange in a given situation and what needs to be done to fix it.

Trigon Jupiter-Ascendant

Optimism, self-confidence, goodwill, trust, cooperation, happiness in marriage, harmony in contacts.

Trigon Jupiter-MS

Conservative work ethic that makes it easier to gain recognition in the profession. Thanks to the sincerity and accuracy – the benevolence of the bosses, which helps in a career. Good for legal and political careers. Success brings money for a happy family life. They love their family.

Trigon Saturn-Uranus

Intuitive understanding of the operation of cosmic laws, the meaning of karma, therefore, the ability to organize your life accordingly. Strong will and ability to make practical use of creative inspiration. Good for math, science, astrology, yoga, occult. They know how to master the subtlest energy accurately, systematically, scientifically.

Organizational geniuses. Clarity of thoughts. Excellent statesmen and heads of government, leaders and coordinators of big plans. They are capable, work for the public, because they know the motives of people. They often work in lodges, groups, religious and occult societies. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn, and Uranus is of Aquarius, which gives the ability to organize collective means and forces, and the culmination of Saturn in Libra gives diplomacy.

Trigon Saturn-Neptune

The ability to plan behind the scenes. Often associated with research and secret plans, especially government projects. Good for military strategists, generals, occult researchers. Revealing secrets, solving riddles. Not a single signal, even a fleeting one, will pass them. They can deal with a secret society of the mystical direction. A practical, creative expression of vision and understanding. The imagination of Neptune has a precise form, which can lead to a prophecy. Good for film makers, photographers (trine is related to the V house – entertainment, and Saturn promises organizational talent).

Through patience and concentration, the ability to meditate and use their occult powers. They know how to analyze subtle facts that play a role in playing on the stock exchange and investing money, they have a sixth sense for this, especially when it comes to the 5th and 6th houses. They know the law, causes and effects in relation to their karma and the karma of people. This aspect is enhanced if the fast planets have aspects to Saturn or Neptune. For the average person, it is not perceptible.

Trigon Saturn-Pluto

The ability to understand the laws of organization of subtle energies and apply their power consciously or unconsciously. Good for physicists, occultists, magicians, astrologers, meditation. If there are still good aspects to Pluto and Saturn and the entire horoscope speaks of a penchant for occultism – a broad understanding of life and the world, an extraordinary will, tireless work to achieve the goal. Plus the ability to lead.

They work carefully, deliberately, causing fundamental and irreversible changes in their own lives and the lives of others. They feel like messengers of fate, a special karmic task that they have to fulfill. This is one of the deepest aspects. In the horoscope of the average person, it has no weight unless Saturn and Pluto are in corner houses or have other aspects.

Trigon Saturn-Ascendant

A dignified, slightly cautious demeanor does not allow to act hastily. Thanks to their practical acumen and sincerity, they are respected, although they are considered cold. But they can enter into promising relationships by completing plans with others. If there are no contradictions, they cope with responsibility. Few favorable chances for marriage, but stability in marriage.

Trigon Saturn-MS

Professional ambition, hard work, endurance in work to achieve the goal, reliability, organizational talent, hence the trust of the superiors, promotion. A slow but steady ascent to the very top. Good for politicians. Integrity in public service, unless other factors conflict. Hard-won professional successes ensure an orderly family life.

Trigon Uranus-Neptune

Высокоразвитые духовные способности. Аспект касается поколения, родившегося в 1939-1945 гг., в личном гороскопе не очень важен, если планеты не стоят в угловых домах или не имеют сильных аспектов, в этом случае – гениальные способности. Склонность к мистике и оккультизму.

Это поколение склонно к ясновидению и развитию интуиции. Среди них много астрологов, йогов, магов, парапсихологов. Тяга вступать в такие общества, чтобы научиться этому. У них утопические идеалы. Их судьба – поднять общий уровень духовности цивилизации на высший уровень.

Тригон Уран-Плутон

Поколение, обладающее динамической волей преобразования цивилизации и проведения реформ. Сильная тяга к наукам и оккультизму. Способствуют программу и политическим переменам благодаря наукам и оккультизму. Не выносят оппозиции и не допускают всего того, что препятствует прогрессу. Благодаря коллективным усилиям, формируются новые формы цивилизации, открываются новые виды энергии, параллельно с этим идет развитие интуитивных способностей.

Это влияние чувствует не каждый, если только планеты не стоят в угловых домах и не имеют сильных аспектов. Это поколение интересуется вопросами жизни и смерти, жизни после смерти, духовным возрождением и обновлением. Этот аспект несет двойную окраску Скорпиона, отсюда все духовные и оккультные качества Скорпиона в высшей форме проявления.

Тригон Уран-Асцендент

Сила воли, проявляющаяся своевременно, умно, ярко и интуитивно. Высокий рост или броская внешность. Часто предвидение будущего и особая интуиция. Это вожди, умеют воодушевлять, пользуются поддержкой и сотрудничеством людей. Знакомятся при необычных обстоятельствах.

Тригон Уран-МС

Профессиональный успех, слава, благодаря необычным достижениям, часто в оригинальной области. Слава приходит часто неожиданно. Хорошо для ученых, оккультистов, астрологов, электроники. Семейная жизнь окрашена личностью или необыкновенная архитектура и обстановка дома.

Тригон Нептун-Плутон

Очень оккультный, продолжительный аспект. Касается всего поколения, а личности – только в угловых домах и при сильных аспектах. Дает общую склонность к мистике, ясновидению, интуиции. Интерес к естественным наукам, оккультному исследованию, перевоплощению и жизни после смерти.

Trigon Neptune-Ascendant

Subtle sensation, clairvoyance, intuition. Unusual appearance, mystery. They radiate magic, the eyes attract like a magnet. Through empathy and intuition to feel the mood of others, it is easy for them to gain trust, love, and cooperation. Close bond with spouse.

Trigon Neptune-MS

Ability to constructively use intuition in the profession, creatively solve problems, sense the mood of the boss. Good for painters, sculptors, musicians – gives public recognition. Happy family life, close relationship with parents. An artistically designed house, often by the water.

Trigon Pluto-Ascendant

Ability to concentrate, subtle perception, clairvoyance, strong will. The ability to increase your level of expression by changing cooperation, hence the partner has a more intense consciousness. Strength and self-confidence builds trust and stimulates cooperation. Leaders and organizers. They make discoveries, plan projects, invent the best working methods. They have a dynamic influence on the environment.

Trigon Pluto-MS.

Professional and social ambition, the desire to constantly improve their working methods, the ability to deal with the powerful. Leaders, forward-thinking, convinced, proactive. The will to win. Professional success renews home life. Home and work are the basis of occult pursuits. Good for physicists, politicians, metaphysicians.

Sun-Moon Opposition

Conflict between conscious will and subconscious motives. Tension in relationships with the other sex. Difficulties in home, financial and marriage relationships. Hence, health disorders, a tendency to anxiety, nervousness, psychosomatic disorders. Internal imbalance, internal potential is subject to significant fluctuations. Parenting is difficult due to bad childhood experiences. We must learn to break away from the past, as it fetters further development and the ability to express oneself.

This aspect has a general meaning, it means psychology, not specific problems and abilities. Its influence is felt in all matters related to signs and houses, where the Sun and the Moon stand and rule. With the trigon of another planet, the tension is softened as opposition creates constructive manifestation opportunities for energy. If the opposition is part of the square, then the planet in the square to the Sun and Moon becomes a focus of tension and conflict and a resolution of problems. They do not need to aim at big things without weighing all the details.

Sun-Mars Opposition

The spirit of contradiction, the search for quarrels, often quarrelsomeness. Aggressiveness attracts other roosters. The desire for power confronts them with people like them. Hence volitional conflicts. The tendency to use violence instead of reason and diplomacy creates unpleasant situations and spoils the blood. The spheres of life related to opposition are indicated by a sign and a house. Often these people speak on behalf of a particular group. For them, people fall into black and white. They are too impulsive, there is no subtlety in dealing with people. They are often aggressive in sex. Frequent overload puts stress on the heart.

Opposition Sun-Jupiter

Excessive optimism and excess of feelings about people. They promise more than they can do, hence their reputation suffers. Often haughty, harsh in words. Sometimes they impose impossible, unrealistic demands on loved ones. They need to try to stay on real ground, be indifferent, restrain bragging and show.

Opposition Sun-Saturn

Blocks the ability to express yourself, which looks like coldness, inaccessibility. Restraint and formality in friendship and romance leads to difficulties of understanding. Friends and spouses often bring heavy responsibilities. They cannot prove themselves because of disbelief in their capabilities, as well as because of hostility from others.

You have to work hard to overcome a lot of obstacles. Whether they have no children, or children give misfortune. No marriage or very late. Parents are often very strict or a burden. Difficulty with teeth, little vitality. We need to develop humor and optimism.

Opposition Sun-Uranus

Desire to break the wall with your head. Oversensitive, defending the independence of your person, therefore it is difficult to communicate with partners and friends. They suddenly change their point of view, and not always wisely. Nervous, effeminate, tense, easily excitable, others do not like to be in their company. Often deliberately traditional to create excitement and discussion. It is difficult with them, since they suddenly change their behavior and have eccentric views; not yielding one iota.

They often consider themselves to be geniuses, but, possessing unusual abilities, they do not know how to use them intelligently, and in general, they are not as talented as they themselves think. Their inconstancy, unfriendliness does not allow them to finish the job, and they cannot receive the necessary education and experience to realize their goals.

Sun-Neptune Opposition

Difficulties in personal, love and religious relationships. Prejudice is based on past experience. We must learn objectivity in dealing with people. Because of emotionality, maximum imagination and imagination are put into relationships, which leads to disappointment.

They are often deceived without intent, very unreliable. In love, they fall prey to illusion. They believe that they have been given something from above, but in fact they are victims of megalomania. They are often in danger from astral beings and deceiving psychic forces. They need to stay away from sessions and astral phenomena, try to be sincere and honest in relationships.

Opposition Sun-Pluto

The danger of overflowing will. The tendency to forcefully induce circumstances, forcing others, prescribing norms of behavior for them. They are very impulsive when they want to enlighten the world. They enter into a fierce dispute with those who disagree. The need for self-renewal for the sake of success.

Straightforwardness and the power of self-expression is intimidating or annoying, and people refuse to cooperate and support them. Too aggressive in love. They cannot participate in wars, political and social revolutions, it is dangerous for them.

Moon-Mercury opposition

Confusion and troubles in public relations, as they like to talk endlessly about trifles, especially women annoy their friends, and they try to sneak away. Emotions do not make it possible to think and speak clearly and objectively. Criticism is often taken personally. They are prone to nervousness and emotional excitement.

Health suffers from unhealthy diet and lack of hygiene, or is it fanatics of cleanliness, personal and home. They do not know the golden mean. Money is spent on nonsense, more often on household items and clothes, or these things are of excessive importance to them. Mutual understanding in the family and with neighbors is not very good. Excessive concern for loved ones gives rise to trouble.

Moon-Venus opposition

Oversensitive, feel unloved, hence home and material problems. Often lazy, interested in material life, luxury goods. The aspect has the double negative side of Taurus. Sexual excesses or unhealthy diet, excessive consumption of sweets and carbohydrates. Often the family puts in a difficult position by interfering in marriage, sometimes in the form of a conflict with the mother-in-law or mother-in-law. If you concentrate on important aspirations, the material comforts of home life will not seem so important.

Moon-Mars opposition

Impermanence of feelings. They often lose their composure over trifles, especially in the household, poisoning domestic relationships. Men are harsh with women, and women lack softness. Alcohol is dangerous for them, under its vapors they become aggressive. We must develop a cheerful disposition and control ourselves. Impulsiveness can lead to rash actions. Extravagance, and hence bankruptcy and debt.

Carelessness in dealing with other people’s money and property leads to quarrels. Often conflicts with parents, especially with the mother, and later with the spouses and children. They cannot stand routine, therefore they cannot perform their duties for a long time. Thirst for adventure leads to unwanted relationships, revelry, violence. Loss of family members in war and violence. You need to protect your home from fire. In a very bad horoscope – dishonesty and criminality.

Moon-Jupiter opposition

A tendency to give in to impulses of benevolence. All intelligence and criticism are absent in charity. Relationships with people are problematic, as they are misled, or more promises than necessary. Inertia, laziness. Excessive food, excess weight, wastefulness, disorder.

Sentimentality to tears, often in connection with religion. Their oddities create difficulties in relations with parents, family members, often disagreements on religious issues. Unwillingness to objectively analyze family problems. They often interfere with themselves, adhering to outdated forms of behavior and habits that for them are equivalent to reliability.

Moon-Saturn opposition

Repression, stagnation, as they cling to fruitful relationships and family ties. Parents are often responsible for allowing inflexibility in children at an early age. In relationships with people, there is not enough mobility, optimism. They are often boring and uncomfortable for others. They love to weigh relationships, compare them with past experiences and disappointments. This interferes with easy communication.

They are constrained, unnatural in their reactions. The development of abilities is often hampered by perceived parental and family responsibilities or financial difficulties. They find it difficult to strike up a friendship or family against this friendship. Poverty of fantasy, complexes, coldness of feelings, indifference, lack of contact. It is possible that domestic and professional responsibilities collide. Bosses remind them of their parents, so they don’t know how to deal with them.

Moon-Uranus Opposition

Stubbornness and lability in emotions. Frequent sudden changes in mood and behavior that confuse people. Insecurity can drive family and loved ones to despair, to the end of a relationship. Nervous tension, irritability. Often unexpected new acquaintances that are fleeting. Unstable family life, often a change of residence.

Finding unusual experiences that costs time and energy, but doesn’t have time for important things, have to break family ties in order to satisfy the need for adventure. Mothers forget about their home, hate routine work. Men are irresponsible towards their wives. Swinging moods are driven to despair. Parapsychology is not conducive to spiritual development.

Moon-Neptune opposition

Internal emotional confusion is projected onto others, on the whole world, subconscious processes play a big role. They do not understand what the root of the problem is – in themselves or in a partner. Strong impressionability, adopting the moods of others. They can get into a bad society, become drug addicts, alcohol can ruin.

We must be wary of dubious money transactions and financial adventures. It is risky to engage in astral phenomena. Household chores are chaotic, chaotic due to laziness or irresponsibility, or mental difficulties for reasons in the past. Other people cheat them by playing on their feelings. Psychosomatic illnesses and emotional stress are frequent. Weak persons have a parasitic existence.

Moon-Pluto opposition

The tendency to command family and friends, make changes. Feelings are manifested with such force that others become afraid. Disagreement in money matters and the use of common funds – often disputes about inheritance within the family. Stubbornness leads to quarrels. Do not allow themselves to be taught and read morality. In love, sobriety or aggressiveness.

Opposition Mercury-Mars

Militancy. When insulted, they lead a sharp verbal skirmish. Often, for the sake of controversy, the opposite point of view is defended, which does not contribute to their popularity. Critics, grumblers, pedants, petty in thought and in words. And they do not notice essential details, as they are too impulsive. Often unable to understand another person. Tendency to identify with ideas.

Not able to see things from different angles. If their views are questioned, they see it as a personal insult. Often their feelings and instincts are at odds with their thinking. Tendency to nervousness, hypersensitivity. Sharp language, and among those of little culture, it is coarse, and this interferes with harmony in relations with others. Quarrels over the use of shared funds.

Opposition Mercury-Jupiter

They promise more than they can do; in words one thing, in deeds another. Absent-mindedness, throwing, one must learn to be more thorough and reliable in thinking, plans, contracts, pay attention to details in order to have success and people’s trust.

Faith difficulties – either agnostics or adherents of illogical forms. They cannot vouch for others, they cannot sign, as they are unreliable. Often studying literature, esotericism, but these are all hobbies, not practical values, and they often neglect secular duties for this. Intellectual snobbery. They are easily embarrassed, they do not know how to logically prove their point of view during cross-examination, their memory changes due to stress. They do not know how to keep secrets, they give out at the most inopportune moment.

Opposition Mercury-Saturn

Suspiciousness, defensiveness. With a bad horoscope – intrigue, deceit. Pessimism, they see bad everywhere, so they have few friends. A great ambition that requires recognition, but the path to it leads through a lot of obstacles. Intellectual jealousy creates hostile feelings in their colleagues. Communication difficulties, conservatism of thinking, inflexibility interfere with a career. They’re a target for attacks. With a very bad horoscope – narrow-mindedness and stubbornness. Nervous disorders and respiratory diseases. Smoking is very harmful.

Opposition Mercury-Uranus

Eccentric views, inconsistency in thoughts, persistence in ideas, no one can force you to change your mind, but they themselves can change it several times a day. A rude and tactless way of expressing myself when there are no softening aspects.

Arrogance, conceit, consider themselves geniuses, although in reality they are impractical and strange. People are annoyed by such conceit, and friendship does not work out. Difficulties in the team, as they impose their opinion on everyone, and do not listen to others. They are hasty in their conclusions. If Saturn does not have good aspects – nervous tension. They cannot deal with one problem for a long time and get bored without stimulation. Often busy with many things at the same time, if Saturn is strong. They do not bring things to the end, hence the unreliable reputation.

Opposition Mercury-Neptune

Intuition, the ability to recognize the thoughts and motives of people. Unconscious telepathy can lead to machinations, but not always malicious, it’s just a game in which the enemy loses. If they were sincere and honest, there would be success, and so they spoil everything with intrigue, which arouses people’s suspicion. If other factors speak of naivety and lack of discernment – they do not understand people, hence the unclear relationship, people become a victim of deception.

We must try not to divulge secrets. Impressiveness does not allow them to notice the influence of the environment, it is easy to make them forget their duties. It is difficult for them to keep fantasy in check, especially in relation to others.

Opposition Mercury-Pluto

Great mental stress, as they are busy with classified or dangerous information. Researchers working on secret projects are often trusted with secrets. Sometimes they themselves are involved in espionage or work as detectives and find themselves in difficult situations, as a result, death is possible. Thoughts are expressed harshly and harshly, others talk to them as well. They can do natural sciences. They often show too much curiosity about others, which leads to trouble and bad personal relationships.

Venus-Mars opposition

Difficulty in emotional relationships, especially sex. Great sensitivity, quick resentment due to coldness. The aspect manifests itself in two ways, depending on which planet is stronger; if Venus is in the female horoscope, then she will be treated in a bestial manner, if Mars, then the opposite sex will be used for personal satisfaction, not paying attention to the partner. Bad for happiness in marriage, there will be no emotional and sexual understanding. Often, apart from sex, spouses have nothing in common. Mars is the lord of the V house, and Venus is the VII, so the principles of the sexual instinct are involved. Disagreements over shared finances with a spouse or companion. Often parting with a spouse if he is absent for some reason, making the other unhappy and dissatisfied.

Venus-Jupiter opposition

Sweetness that sickened. With wealth – softness, thirst for pleasure, empty pastime in the world from one party to another. Women are very vain, consider themselves irresistible, think that everything revolves around them, especially if they are rich. They can be sentimental to tears, but if you need to help those in need, everything turns out to be hypocrisy. They take on a lot. Marital problems can arise on religious issues. They love to be in the spotlight.

Sweet tooth, spend money on luxury goods.

Venus-Saturn opposition

Причина эмоциональных разочарований и финансовых невзгод. Несчастная любовь, мало счастья в жизни. Депрессии, так как Сатурн уничтожает естественные тенденции Венеры к радости. Из-за длительных лишений и тяжелых обязанностей становятся холодными, ожесточенными. Часто несчастный брак, партнер несчастный, бедный, неспособный, грубый, повелительный или старый. Возможен брак по расчету, без любви. Скудные доходы из-за низкой должности, начальник эгоист и скупой. Друзья не понимают их или друзья намного старше. Трудности взаимоотношений. Сдержанны, а потому непопулярны. Брак задержан или его не будет. Родители могут плохо влиять, так как бедны, слишком строги, холодны, тираны или заставят раньше времени взяться за непосильный труд.

Оппозиция Венера-Уран

Неустойчивая эмоциональность. Жажда приключений, не думая о последствиях. Несколько браков и разводов, периодические романы, неожиданно прекращающиеся, оставляя хаос. На них как будто бы действует сила, которую они не могут понять и обуздать. Бросают деньги на ветер, тратя на случайных знакомых и бессмысленные удовольствия. Часто упрямство в чувствах, не следуют увещеваниям собственной совести, не говоря уж о советах других. Сильные страсти приводят на зыбкую почву.

Потребность личной свободы не позволяет брать на себя обязательства, которых требует брак. Поэтому с ними стараются не иметь дела, им уготовано одиночество и отчуждение. Жажда удовольствий ведет на ложный путь. Дружба и связи, построение только на удовлетворении страстей, ведут к несчастьям.

Оппозиция Венера-Нептун

Эмоции и аффекты управляются подсознательными силами. Часто сами себе вредят в вопросах денег, брака, общественной жизни и творчества. Подсознательные инстинкты создают иллюзии, искажая действительность. Лень и жажда наслаждений приводит к алкоголизму и наркотикам. Чувственные эксцессы могут опустошить кассу, из-за пьянства нет карьеры, должности все ниже. Тайные любовные связи приводят к скандалам. Нептун дает склонность к тайнам в личных вопросах, пока все не обнаружится насильственно. Склонность к половым извращениям – они развращают или их. Часто гомосексуализм. Брак постепенно разрушается и наступает развод.

Оппозиция Венера-Плутон

The dangers of intense emotional and sexual relationships that are harmful. Unbridled eroticism, sexual problems create a lot of difficulties, will and regenerative power are expended. Relationships are often unpleasant. In extreme cases, prostitution and pimping for a living. Marriage problems due to dictatorship. The desire to change your partner, not yourself. Difficulty with taxes, insurance, general finances or inheritance. Karmic influence on life, which manifests itself in sexual obsession. Danger of suicide from unhappy love.

Opposition Mars-Jupiter

Waste, especially other people’s money. They pretend to be helpful and friendly, but for selfish reasons. Their crusades are needed only for themselves, for the sake of material interests or to be important. Stubbornness, aggressiveness in promoting their views, which others do not like. Arrogance, they can start a big business without means. They are adventurers.

Restless, wanderlust and adventure. In extreme cases – greed, dishonesty. Bad for speculation or you need to look for reliable partners. They overestimate their importance. In fact, there is not enough regular work.

Opposition Mars-Saturn

Tyrants think that they have been bypassed, demonstrating their heroism or superiority by violent aggressive actions in order to mask the inferiority complex. The desire to take the initiative into their own hands meets the resistance of others (Mars is the lord of the I house, and Saturn culminates in the VII).

Professional dreams are thwarted by unfortunate circumstances or the mighty of this world. Bad relationship with parents, especially with the father, since the father is a tyrant (Mars culminates in Capricorn, where Saturn is the master). The pursuit of a good job encounters obstacles and resistance in a destructive way. Or becomes a victim of similar behavior by others. Difficulties with general finances and public funds, hence the strained relations. They are often unfriendly, do not help others, others are also not going to help them. In extreme cases – cruelty, crime, involvement in military affairs.

Opposition Mars-Uranus

Explosions of strength, quarrels, bad mood, irritability, dislike for routine and discipline. When the desire to work appears, they reach exhaustion. There is no measure in this aspect. Danger of violent death, as Uranus culminates in Scorpio, where the Master is Mars, hence the double influence of Scorpio. During a war, with appropriate transits or progression, this means violent actions, they become victims or aggressors.

Stubbornness and unbridled love of freedom – it is difficult to deal with them. They cannot be persuaded. They only learn from bitter experience. Young people fearlessly participate in revolutions, if only other factors prove it. Often they find themselves in dangerous situations, by rash actions of friends they turn into enemies. With them it is difficult, stubborn, there are many unexpected changes in life. They themselves are trying to change the state of affairs, but without a clear goal. Rash actions drive loved ones to despair. They confuse instincts with will. Danger from cars and electricity.

Opposition Mars-Neptune

Subtle, difficult to comprehend nature, instincts. Aggressiveness of Mars and violence in the form of subconscious motives. Emotionally dangerous. Subconscious urges are not subject to control. Life is chaos. They often hide their plans. Sometimes they are false and insidious. This is not always intent, just an automatic reaction (Neptune is the subconscious, XII house, self-destruction). Often, abnormal sexual urges poison a marriage.

Looking for unusual emotional satisfaction. Avoid drugs and alcohol that can push them down. In a good horoscope, these are neuroses associated with the repression of instincts. Difficult to diagnose diseases, a strange mysterious death are possible. When carried away by mysticism, they become victims of unreal visions. The excess of feelings nests in the desire to be unusual. The danger of associating with dishonest people who take advantage of the location of these people. Neptune is the Achilles heel of the zodiac. Neptune is subject to the subconscious, in this aspect it is especially dangerous, since Mars itself pushes you to rash actions.

Opposition Mars-Pluto

The conflict between instincts and desires and actions and will. Mars, Uranus – Pluto – planets associated with action and change. The action of Mars is based on personal desires, and Uranus and Pluto give action as a result of cosmic forces, higher consciousness and spiritual will. In the highly developed, it gives a check on the path of development.

These people can use the collective will of Pluto for Mars’ own purposes. In the worst case, the devil is extremely cruel. We must learn to use the potential of the forces correctly, since their actions have far-reaching consequences for them and their loved ones. In a war – participation in battle, revolution, crime, natural disasters. They are either the rapists themselves or the victims of the crime. The tendency to rule and change people, which gives rise to quarrels and dislike. In the worst case, theft and violence.

Jupiter-Saturn Opposition

Problems in the profession, marriage, friendship, religion, team. Their responsibilities and credibility depend on how they handle them. Often you have to take on tasks that you have not grown up to. Due to poor time planning and distribution, financial and professional difficulties. Little imagination if there are no other pointers.

Not flexible, conservative, danger of stagnation in monotony. Ambitious dreams come true with difficulty due to inability, misfortune, or lack of chances. They are rarely happy at work, because they work only when necessary. Often you have to adapt to the routine, taking a subordinate position. To do something successfully, you have to sacrifice your personal ideals in favor of the demands of the job. Nobody helps them. There is only one choice – to adapt or to suffer, and in adapting – they become narrow-minded.

In religion, they are inert, traditional. They are often hypocritical. Barriers to Higher Education. Life is full of hardships and struggles even with modest goals. Tendency to depression, denial of all optimism. Parents are intolerant, tyrants. Danger of legal difficulties. Difficulties abroad.

Opposition Jupiter-Uranus

Restless spirit, stupid experiments with finances, religion. Striving for development often requires huge funds, hence often ruin. If there is a square of Mars – great optimism, gullibility, become victims of machinations. A high degree of idealism, benevolence, but the construction of castles in the air, the loss of a reasonable scale. Interest in extraordinary religious cultures and practices. Supporters of the faith are recruited, which creates the glory of eccentricity, they are not liked.

They come into conflict in matters of religion, education, philosophy and law, stubbornly adhering to their opinions. A tendency to vagrancy, unexpected trips that bring only losses. Tactlessness with friends, non-diplomacy. Because of them, eternal quarrels. This aspect is a soap bubble that bursts at the slightest touch. They promise more than they can deliver. They can fall for the dubious plans of other people.

Jupiter-Neptune Opposition

Are insincere without intent, absent-minded, promise what they cannot. Unreliable, impractical if there are no other factors. There is a flaw corresponding to the sign and the house, where either the masters Jupiter and Neptune stand. In the worst case – religious megalomania, it all depends on the position of Mercury and Saturn. Often a tendency towards religious mysticism, beliefs are distorted. Idealism is of no practical use to people. They are generous, ready to help, but they do not have the ability to judge.

Sentimental, an excess of feelings, which is unpleasant for others. Cult-prone. Feel like a chosen one in a spiritual sense. They dream of unusual trips. The aspect of religious pilgrimage. Danger threatens through gas, vapors, drugs, alcohol. Little practical experience, obstacles in financial and public affairs.

Jupiter-Pluto Opposition

The imposition of their worldviews, they consider it a sacred duty, to carry out spiritual reform. Those who do not succumb are in conflict with them. Often the thirst for power and money pushes one to dirty machinations. Recognition does not go to them because of inharmonious relationships with people. Self-conceit and lack of humility make them unloved. If they go too far in this, it will be their death.

Opposition Saturn-Uranus

Inconsistency, dictatorship. They themselves do not fulfill what they preach. Idealistic philosophy, but behave intolerantly. They demand freedom for themselves, but do not recognize it for others. They have few friends. With a large position, subordinates work for them and soon begin to go on strike. With a low position, they become a victim of the whim of their superiors. In life, there is not enough stability and reliability, since higher circumstances can suddenly deprive this. They lack modesty, they cannot admit the unreasonableness and inconsistency of their views and actions.

Despite the ability to work hard, they lack common sense and smart planning, patience and discipline, endurance. Capricious and irritable.

Opposition Saturn-Neptune

Suspicion, sour face, soreness, unreasonable fears from the subconscious and past memories, which leaves an imprint on relationships with people. Shy restraint causes people’s distrust. One must learn to be straightforward and frank in addressing, since an openly negotiated conflict is considered resolved.

In the worst case, they are cunning, insidious, or they themselves are deceived. They often use hidden means to satisfy their ambitions, or fall into the trap of others, which can affect their reputation. Public scandals are possible. Persecution mania, a martyr complex often leads to a mental hospital. Psychological difficulties are deep and cannot be diagnosed and treated.

Opposition Saturn-Pluto

Serious, karmic difficulties can overwhelm others, abuse them, or be victims themselves. Bad fate does not allow ambitious plans to come true and threatens security. Saturn with a scythe brings misfortune in life. Often involved in wars, cruelties, guilty without guilt, convicted. But only in corner houses and bad aspects to opposition. Death by fatal accident. Opportunities to show your abilities are limited. It takes hard work and discipline to be successful.

Opposition Uranus-Neptune

An entire generation raised in an age of stress. Compulsion to make decisions in all matters. The average person reacts to it automatically, in accordance with established norms. But in corner houses and strong aspects it gives a conscious intuitive sensitivity. They need to watch how they use their psychic abilities if there are still bad aspects. Destructive events on the astral plane can have harmful consequences.

In bad horoscopes – neuroses, alcoholism, sexual problems, confusion, stubbornness, fanaticism in opinions. Feelings are contrary to will and intuition. Necessarily mental problems.

Uranus-Pluto opposition

A generation living in a period of social change. The fate of the masses is associated with wars, violence, revolutions. Fanaticism, extremism for political purposes. Occult interests, dangerous without the right direction. Extreme tendencies, outbursts of anger, radical acts that threaten violence. Critical life situations due to economic devastation. But all only if in corner houses and with bad aspects. The average person reacts automatically, according to fate and time, manifested in the houses and signs where the planets are or are the masters.

Neptune-Pluto Opposition

Only in corner houses and bad aspects. Paranormal and occult tendencies leading to subtle emotional and mental tensions. The bifurcation of feeling and will leads to conflicts between subconscious instinctive desires and the desire for power. How this opposition manifests itself is shown by signs and houses. These people are struggling with racist, religious and social issues.