Ascendant in the signs of the zodiac


A strong will in the world around you is the mastery of the world around you. Aries is driven forward with intense energy and primordial strength. His determination helps to carry out any intention, does not waste time, is full of enthusiasm, desire to excel in everything he does. He cannot but assert himself, showing tireless energy.

Energetic behavior, punchy power, self-esteem, dynamics, ambition, dedication, professionalism, impulsiveness, passion. Multi-faceted social chances of success. Fanaticism, extremism, excessive haste, arrogance, quarrelsomeness, egocentrism, a thirst for struggle. You meet life fully armed, rush into the unknown with fervor and enthusiasm.

You are straightforward, open-minded, assertive and usually completely honest in everything you do. Sincere, incapable of deception, insincerity or falsehood, you give others the impression of being confident, sometimes arrogant. Often you lack tact and sensitivity, you can completely ignore the needs of other people, be inattentive, selfish. You are independent and not dependent on public opinion and support, at least as much as other people. You love originality and are not afraid to be alone. You may not feel very well in a team, and it is not easy for you to interact, cooperate with others. You prefer to be either a leader or a loner.

You are a man of action, crave freedom, challenge and activity. You tend to think clearly: either black or white, your views are somewhat simplified, and this allows you to act very decisively and confidently. Inspired by an idea, you feel such impatience and excitement that you often boldly strive to implement it immediately, but at the same time, in an ill-considered, untested way.

Patience and attention to detail are not your strengths. However, you will never admit that you are defeated, and brilliant, unprecedented achievements and discoveries await you, as well as painful defeats. It’s much better for you to try and fail than not to try at all. You disdain the weakness and passivity of other people, as well as their tendency to imitate others and follow others. You are not the type to follow.

Others see you as a strong personality, a person, perhaps daring and even shameless. You are turned to the world by a strong side and usually do not allow others to see your vulnerable, unprotected side.

Ascendant in Taurus

Provision of the surrounding world – preservation of property. Investing energy in money enterprises and in the processing of raw materials. He loves the pleasant sides of life and himself, with his creativity, creates beauty. Striving for stability, peace and safety, resilience, firmness, homeliness, affability. The environment meets the internal needs of property, harmony and material values. “I” requires a higher meaning, lives on the basis of facts.

A practical way of life. Selfishness, thirst for pleasure, stinginess, stubbornness. You are characterized by a reasonable, realistic outlook on life, and you firmly stand on the ground (although sometimes you can soar in the clouds in your thoughts). Others often see you as the embodiment of strength, strength, reliability and consistency. You are surprisingly consistent indeed, because you have tremendous self-control and do not like to make changes or improvements in the normal routine. You do everything deliberately and methodically, with difficulty adapting to the unexpected.

Outwardly, you are a gentle person, but you have tremendous willpower and stubbornness. You walk on your own and do not like to be rushed or pushed towards something in which you do not feel confident. It is easy to induce you, to persuade you to something with the help of charm, beauty, love, tenderness – but not strength. You will not fight anyone, but you will simply stubbornly resist any attempt to force you to do what you do not want to do. When you have a goal, then you strive for it persistently, with incredible consistency; You will not be knocked off course. Your stubbornness often enrages others, especially because it takes a lot of effort to get you to ignite or react to someone else’s anger.

Most of the time you look like a calm, indifferent and unemotional person, but there is tremendous strength behind your good-natured and peaceful appearance. When it comes to competition in willpower, you often win simply because of your relentless persistence that can overpower anyone. Another reason you are reluctant to change is your strongest need for protection.

You feel best in stable, relatively unchanging conditions and really want tangible evidence of your security – your own home, money in the bank, a stable position at work, etc. The other side of your constancy is the force of habit, under the influence of which you easily fall into and strive to remain in a familiar situation (at work, in the family – anywhere) long after it has lost its vitality and interest. You tremendously value material goods and receive much joy from the ordinary comforts of life and the physical world with all its countless pleasures.

You are very sensual – in a natural, healthy way – and you know how to please yourself. You have a natural, earthy attraction to the opposite sex. You are also a great connoisseur of beauty – and your tastes can be called conventional, classic, but not modernist.

Gemini Ascendant

Diversity in the world around us is a quick reaction, original creative thinking, distinguished in its circle by intellectual abilities. The ability to formulate their ideas scientifically and vividly, since they identify themselves with their ideas, therefore they correspond to an intellectual form of expression. Mandatory essence, joy of communication, quick perception, mental agility, adaptability, versatility, thirst for knowledge, curiosity, passion for travel, diverse scientific interests.

Superficiality, inconsistency, bragging. You always ask about something, learn something and seem to be a young, alive person, regardless of how old you really are. Your mind is always active, curious, flexible, open to new knowledge. You have a childish enthusiasm for everything new, you learn quickly, but just as easily you can get bored. You may be somewhat scattered because you have so many ideas that it is difficult to keep track of them all. You crave variety, change, food for the mind and active social life.

Eloquent, intelligent, often funny and witty, you are always a fresh and interesting conversationalist. You enjoy meeting and interacting with many different people. You are friendly, flirtatious, charming, light-hearted and playful. Even if you do not feel well, outwardly you will never say that it is hard for you, you never look gloomy. You may appear frivolous to other, more serious individuals.

You have a sense of humor and perspective, which prevents you from taking yourself and life too seriously. Indeed, you may get the impression that you are frivolous, inattentive to matters that others consider very important. In general, you perceive life mentally, objectively, and not emotionally, and you may not be very sympathetic to other people. You do not like to be burdened with too much responsibility or the burden of other people’s emotions. Moreover, if you cannot understand something with your mind, logically, then you often prefer to ignore it (this includes irrational feelings, desires and needs – yours and other people).

Consistency and reliability are not your qualities. Your restlessness fills your life with movement and change. You become a nervous and fussy person if things don’t move fast enough. You are interested in everything that happens here and now, the latest news.

Your merits are a quick mind, eloquence, ability for languages, sophistication and sophistication in society, sociability, talkativeness, the ability to build bridges between people and ideas. You can become overly chatty if you do not have a job or occupation where you can apply your mental, verbal and social skills.

Cancer Ascendant

Being receptive to the outside world is an emotional addiction. Indecision, but passion in feelings, expressed in a dramatic manner, with romanticism. Will supports emotions. Strong integration with family and family affairs. Sensitivity, willingness to help, diligence, empathy, self-sacrifice, family feeling. A fulfilled family life, changing (mostly simple) living conditions.

You give the impression of a gentle and calm person; in relations with others, they are very careful, and only after getting to know a person well, making sure that nothing threatens you, you can open up to him. You are in dire need of emotional protection, a desire to possess, and you are deeply attached to the past: inheritance, roots, family, loved ones and friends, familiar places, etc. It can be very painful and difficult for you to make drastic changes or give up what is already known and safe. You tend to “cling” to people, memories, everything personal and sentimental. It is very important for you to have your own home, a “safe haven”.

Your approach to life is emotional and subjective, you are sensitive to the emotional atmosphere, implicit moods and the subtlest feelings inside and around you. Instinctive and irrational, you are often unable to provide a clear, simple explanation for your actions. Something just feels right, or vice versa.

Your thoughts and opinions are colored by emotions and personal attachments. You look at life from a very personal point of view and are often unable to separate yourself intellectually from your personal inclinations, from prejudices. You tend to first of all care about how something will affect you and those who are dear and close to you, and not about the principle side of the issue or broad social influence. For example, you may be very patriotic and believe that everything that “my country” is doing is correct, without knowing anything about the politics and point of view of other nations. Simply put, “what is good for me and my loved ones is good,” and vice versa.

You are extremely loyal to those you care about, take care of and support them in every possible way, have a very strong maternal reflex (regardless of your gender). You are attentive to others, intuitively understand the feelings and needs of people.

Compassionate and sympathetic, you acutely feel the pain of others and often you are the one people are looking for when they need comfort, support or help. Your mood often fluctuates and changes. Sometimes you are open and sometimes emotionally detached. You can communicate without words and appreciate people who are able to take the slightest hint without needing an exhaustive explanation. You never forget good or evil.

Ascendant in Leo

The image of the surrounding world is an individual image of the world. They are full of dignity, energy, will, but often arrogant and harsh. They speak when they want, intervene when they are not asked. Conscious behavior, the need for authority, recognition, dignity, breadth of nature, openness, cheerfulness, creating a luxurious living environment.

Selfishness, mannerism, boasting, one’s own persona is projected onto the surrounding world. Very proud and somewhat vain, you like to make an impression, you want to be perceived as someone special. You are not timid, not meek, not modest, rarely satisfied with subordinates, not high enough position.

You are a born leader yourself, and you don’t really like to hear orders from others. You should have something of your own, something creative – some kind of project, business, something in household chores, etc. – what you could develop and implement in accordance with your own desire and your point of view. Whatever you do, you do it in a peculiar and dramatic way. You like the results of your work to bear your “personal stamp”.

You also have a very strong sense of dignity, self-respect, pride, and you are deeply offended if someone humiliates or shames you. You rarely confront the abuser – you are too proud for that – but you lose love and respect for him. You dislike pettiness and hate being rebuffed and ignored. You admire individuals as strong as you are. With those with whom you make friends, you are extremely sincere, loyal and willing to do anything to make these people happy.

You are very generous and generous, but your gifts are never anonymous – you are waiting to be recognized and appreciated for them. You also expect from people dear to you the same extraordinary loyalty as yours. However, you often find yourself in trouble when dealing with people who are as strong as yourself, as you have a hard time communicating and sharing power. If you do not occupy a leading position, then you strive to occupy it and compete with the one who occupies it.

You are generous and courageous, and people often come to you for support and approval. You always have your “best face” towards the world, and rarely allow others to see you as tough, heartless, or vulnerable.

You have a very strong need for love, to be admired, appreciated, praised, although at the same time you do not want others to understand how important all this is for you. Your outlook on life is highly personalized and rather self-centered. Your self-expression, self-fulfillment and self-realization occupy you more than anything else. It seems to you that if you in your place will do everything in the best possible way, then everything else will go by itself.

Virgo ascendant

Conscientiousness in the world around – order in the family and at work. Principleship manifests itself in practical matters. In the development and implementation of ideas, they act systematically and in a planned way. They tend to register every little thing and analyze it accurately. Success is based on this. The main goal is perfection.

Everything that is done must be infallible. Quality is more valuable than quantity. Modesty, conscientiousness, caution, observation, thoroughness, correctness, simple and orderly living conditions, practical overcoming of situations. Calculation, pedantry, ceremony, prejudice. Often the exploitation of others.

Modest, unobtrusive, often very quiet, shy. You are the kind of person who prefers to take a subordinate position, serve as an assistant, in an auxiliary role, and not in a leadership role. You are quite modest in evaluating yourself, demanding perfection from yourself in everything and extremely self-critical. No matter how well you did something, you always see the flaws and see how it can be done better. Often times, you simply refuse to try to do anything because you feel that you cannot meet your exacting standards.

You see the details well and get upset if something is not done quite well – usually in the little things that others think are completely insignificant or taken for granted. You find it difficult to please and can hurt your relationships with others. You are also exquisitely sensitive and very choosy and scrupulous in your choice of food, clothing, friends, work, etc. The order in the environment is very important for you.

You get down to business very carefully and only after a realistic assessment of all the risks and potential gains. If something is not safe enough, you are unlikely to do it. You tend to underestimate your own capabilities, in life you lack confidence and trust, which constrains your spontaneity.

You have a bad habit of worrying about everything. On the other hand, you rarely fall face down in the dirt, and everything you do is very good. Other people see you as an independent and rather reserved person. You have a highly developed sense of decency. Politeness, good manners and correct behavior are important to you. Other people are primarily struck by your clear, cold, objective and unemotional attitude, and although in fact you are capable of helping and caring, your sympathy is not so clearly expressed that others immediately feel it.

You may seem a dry and businesslike person, more conservative than you really are, at heart. You are the kind of person from whom people around you can expect technical advice or an unbiased opinion, but not emotional support. You are very observant, intelligent, have a great desire for learning and self-improvement, but not particularly ambitious and are often satisfied with the most ordinary, not outstanding position in life.

Libra Rising

Those with an Ascendant in Libra can say about themselves that they were born under the sign of Libra, since it was this sign that rose above the horizon at the moment of birth. Harmony in the surrounding world is a harmonious image of life. They usually show their personality in collaboration with others. Their actions give the impression of beauty and grace, combined with discipline, rigor and a sense of justice.

Their best quality is the ability to enter into the position of another and understand his point of view. They do not like loneliness, as they feel lost and left to their own devices. Sharpness of feelings, mobility, sophistication, harmony, sociability. Love for art and good manners define a sublime lifestyle. Vanity, vanity, exaggerated self-image, fear of work, lack of independence. Income and social recovery are often at the expense of others. You are a born diplomat: reasonable, tolerant, fair, always ready to listen to different points of view, look at the issue from a different point of view. Even if you strongly disagree with someone, you are more likely to try to find points of similarity and agreement, rather than emphasize differences.

You often avoid extremes and one-sidedness in anything. You have a strong desire for harmonious, enjoyable relationships, and you embody the spirit of cooperation, compromise, friendship and justice. You really want to be loved, and due to your need for approval and recognition, you are easily influenced by other people’s opinions, especially in your youth.

You are so eager to please that you often neglect interests and feelings in order not to offend others. Sometimes, behind your politeness, they try to see far-reaching plans or perceive it as weakness. Your need to establish harmony extends both to your physical environment and to your self-manifestation.

You value beauty and have a natural sense of balance, symmetry and proportion. In all matters you show good artistic taste and sense of style. From the decor of your home to the choice of clothing, everything should be aesthetically pleasing, not just functional or utilitarian. You also feel that relationships are an art, and you are especially interested in it, and you usually have a lot of experience in this area, because you have tact and heightened understanding of other people.

Marriage is of special importance to you, so it is extremely important for you to find the right person with whom you can live your life. It is natural for you to be half of a welded couple – you are not an independent loner. Having a partner increases your self-confidence. However, you have a tendency to become extremely dependent on your partner – to the point where you may not be perceived as an independent person outside of the relationship.

The problem for you is to find a balance between being yourself and fusion, merging with another person. Others see you as a compliant, gentle, harmonious and generally wonderful person. This is a kind of mask, which you are turned to the world, although for you it can be something much more.

You are characterized by personal charm and restraint, lack of aggressiveness. Your motto may be “it is better to have many friends than many enemies”, and you approach everything from the standpoint of friendship, cooperation, and not from the standpoint of strength, conquest, coercion.

Ascendant in Scorpio

Self-preservation in the surrounding world is the preservation of the clan. They show themselves energetically, willingly, ready to take risks to achieve the goal. As a rule, it is useless to explain the impracticability of the task, they will still seek its fulfillment at all costs. Enthusiasm is fueled by intense feelings and strong determination. They know how to discover hidden sources for the implementation of their plans.

Perseverance, diligence, willingness to take action, diligence, vanity, determination, subliminal energies. Cruelty, willingness to fight, stubbornness, aggressiveness, passion, instinct, mistrust, irascibility, violence. Often a violation of relationships with neighbors. You have a very strong will, proud, but also extremely secretive, you are not easy to get to know closely.

Behind your calm appearance lies tremendous emotional depth, sensitivity, complexity, and incredible determination. When you want something, you do it without haste, but persistently and with full dedication – and you usually achieve success. You are not one of those who live lightly and superficially. You want to live passionately, intensely, and do not shy away from challenge, danger, face to face with the dark side of life, human pain and struggle.

You do well in critical situations and often look for them because you like to feel like you are living “to the fullest.” You are very intuitive about other people and especially about their unspoken feelings and ulterior motives. You usually have a strong, immediate gut reaction that turns out to be correct afterwards. Your approach to life is largely instinctive; you are not always fully aware of why you feel or act in one way or another. You have a very strong contact with animals, an extremely sensitive wordless channel of communication with them.

In your relationships with others, you are very careful, sometimes even suspicious, until you get to know them intimately and begin to trust. In general, trust is not easy for you. When you connect yourself with someone emotionally, be it a friend or a loved one, you show extreme devotion, literally devote yourself to this person, but expect in return the same unconditional, without hesitation of loyalty. If you are ever cheated on by someone you cared about so much, then you are able to hate as passionately as you loved before. You are not doing anything by half. You are in fact completely gripped and often jealously attached to something or someone you care about – be it a person, an idea, or a business. There is definitely some kind of emotional bigotry in you. Because of your natural restraint, others may see you as a mystery person.

You put a lot of emphasis on self-defense and are often defensive. You are also very magnetic, especially to members of the opposite sex.

Ascendant in Sagittarius

Integration in the outside world is a harmonious relationship with the outside world. Optimists, ambition is aimed at high goals, friendly, interested, patronizing, everything is taken for granted, they think only of themselves. They know how to convince them that they are right, defending a point of view that is beneficial to them.

Their optimism is a source of inspiration for everyone who communicates with them. Joy of communication, social and religious interests, enthusiasm, sociability, love of nature, interest in sports, ability to self-expression, interest in learning and learning, sense of justice, versatility, hard work, many goals; relationships with neighbors are harmonious. Sentimentality, duality, vanity, anxiety, spontaneous mood swings.

Highly spiritual, full of enthusiasm, with overflowing energy, you love adventure, change, exploration of new territories. You feel like a prisoner if you have to be in the same calm, familiar, safe little world all the time. You are restless and strive for something greater than anything you have experienced before, and you often live in your visions and dreams of the future. You tend to believe that the grass is greener somewhere else; You like to be constantly on the move – literally or figuratively. As an idealistic and optimistic person, you always expect something better from the future.

You love to have a goal that you can strive for, but having achieved it, immediately look for another. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, you are a gambler ready to take risks and explore new lands. The opportunity to discover something new is what makes life interesting for you. You have tremendous faith in life and quickly recover from disappointments and failures. Freedom-loving and independent, you cannot stand “imprisonment” for a long time, and your friends and loved ones should respect your need for freedom and movement.

Obligation and responsibility often weighs on you, and you may somehow resist growing up before having to accept the limitations of adulthood. You are friendly and open, cheerful and playful. Your mind is philosophical, and often you are completely frank in your beliefs and views. Sometimes, when you are overwhelmed by enthusiasm, you may tend to exaggerate.

Often you like to talk, make promises, and at the same time are usually very convincing. You do everything broadly, by and large. You like to have all the best, and you hate stinginess and pettiness with all your heart.

Your dreams are always big. You are able to perceive big pictures, general models and principles, and are well versed in politics, business, higher education and religion. Other people see you as a good athlete and a good friend, but not always consistent and dependent. You may also be considered a wise person, since you do not get stuck in a swamp of pettiness and triviality, but are able to see the situation as a whole, which opens up new opportunities.

You are one of those who believe in miracles, the favor of fate or just luck, never give up in life and inspire others to look to the future with optimism.

Ascendant in Capricorn

Concentration on the world around us is a purposeful portrayal of life. Discipline, systematic work, hard work, patience. Everything that is done makes sense and is aimed at achieving a practical goal. Seriousness, sobriety, melancholy and restraint. Materialistic attitude, vanity, self-restraint, endurance, diligence, efficiency, a sense of responsibility, diplomacy, toughness.

All relationships with the outside world are considered from a practical point of view. Sobriety, timidity, selfishness, cunning, distrustfulness, isolation, many conflicts with the outside world. You are careful, prudent, rather reserved, you approach life realistically; do not take rash actions and do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the overly optimistic or idealistic plans of baseless dreamers. Generally speaking, you are often very critical of such plans. Already at an early age, become a person of sophisticated experience, even a little cynical.

Often the world does not seem safe, friendly to you, and you tend to approach life with a cautious, moderate approach. In general, you are calculating, careful and rarely a person who is easy-going, changeable, open, like a child. You are pragmatic, discerning, an excellent strategist who carefully plans your actions to achieve maximum efficiency and the best result. You are ready to work long and hard to achieve what you want, although this is not easy for you. You do not expect someone to take care of you and sometimes reject outside help or simply don’t look for it.

You are often very ambitious, but you don’t flaunt it. You generally avoid everything that is bright, conspicuous. You are very responsible, judicious, extremely concerned about your responsibilities in relation to other people, how you look in society, so to speak, your “rank”. Others see you as a mature, serious, calm, judicious and emotionally detached person.

You don’t like tearful sentimentality and will not flaunt your feelings, especially positive ones. You always like to look balanced, keep yourself in control and hate the manifestations of weakness, vulnerability. You respect tradition, something that has stood the test of time, and you feel there is a lot to learn from history and from older, more experienced people. Often in life you are led by a wise teacher or father, and you, in turn, by hard work acquire the wisdom that you love to share with your younger ones. You take yourself seriously, demandingly, strictly. You expect the best out of yourself, and you cannot afford to experiment and be wrong.

You can be a rather stingy person, rather save and save your money and resources, rather than brag about them, do not waste and do not waste them on pleasure. You spend money on quality things that will last a long time, which can be considered a profitable investment of capital, and not on frivolous entertainment. Asceticism is inherent in you to some extent. You have tremendous self-discipline and self-control and can easily do without a lot. Your tastes are generally simple and unsophisticated.

Although your personality may have other sides, brighter and more imaginative, your face, facing the world, is rather moderate and conservative.

Ascendant in Aquarius

Transformation of the surrounding world – an image of the surrounding world. They are original, creatively independent, inspired by desires. They want to contribute to a common cause. They love jokes, pleasures, contacts. Nice, modest, do not like to attract attention. They want to be loved, not admired. They draw their strength from collective activities in a narrow circle of friends. Tolerance, commitment, humanity, openness, sociability, ideals, creativity, constructive ability, knowledge of people, adaptability, wealth of ideas, reformism. Changing mood, lack of endurance, frequently changing goals.

A forward-looking person, progressive, you support change, innovation, striving for progress and are often associated with something humane, with the improvement of society. You are acutely aware of the interconnection and interdependence that exist between all people and always correlate personal motives with some larger structure. You see the political or social significance of your actions and dream of leaving some kind of mark in the world, or at least in your community or group.

Your worldview and approach to life is colored by the ideals of equality, justice, brotherhood, human rights, etc. You are genuinely interested in the general welfare, not just your own. Sometimes you can ignore or ignore personal needs, desires and feelings – yours and others – especially if they do not meet your ideals of how to feel or act.

Although you do not tolerate a conservative narrow-mindedness, you yourself are sometimes dogmatic in views and ideology. You are attracted by all the advanced, the latest achievements of human thought and development, and your tastes are eclectic and cosmopolitan. You would rather call yourself a “citizen of the world” than preach the narrow, limited interests of race, nation, people, family, etc. You are much more influenced by the peer group interests of the time you were growing up than by your parents or family. You are active in groups, communities, cultural and progressive movements.

When it comes to personal relationships, you are friendly and show a kind of impersonal good attitude towards others. You probably have many acquaintances, but very few really close people, and your closeness with others is based on common ideals and principles, and not on emotional connections. Others see you as a good friend and companion – objective, fair, emotionally impartial. You rarely show your emotions and may be at a loss as to how to respond to other people’s emotions, as you tend to be very rational.

You are also very independent and avoid being at anyone’s disposal. You are at odds with traditional views on sex, rather tend to “free” views on marriage, relationships, sharing responsibility in raising children, etc. You feel the need for life outside the personal, home sphere, in interaction with a wide range of people. Maintaining family ties, close, deep, personal relationships can be on the sidelines, after work or social affairs.

Pisces Rising

Waiting in the outside world is solitude. Sensitive, compassionate, adaptable, airy, clairvoyant. The achievement is due to a subtle feeling of underwater currents. Their mystical insight helps them to intuitively understand human nature. They have artistic and musical talent.

Helpfulness, sensitivity, empathy. Diverse social activities, often contrary to their aspirations. Solitude, depression, interference, fearfulness, shyness, intemperance, uncertainty, susceptibility to influence, willfulness, passion for pleasure, mania, illness, phlegm. Accidents affect the life path, which leads to numerous crises.

You are a gentle, sensitive person, you have a deep understanding of people, tolerance, an unbiased approach to life. In a noisy company, in an atmosphere of competition, you often hang out, fade into the background, because you are a non-aggressive person, not a forceful person and have an extremely negative attitude towards conflicts. In fact, you tend to be a somewhat passive person – to feel a lot, to know, to expect, to observe, but to act a little.

Often your way of solving problems is to let them dissolve or exhaust themselves, rather than using your will and not interfering. You may have a deeply religious, spiritual attitude towards life – not necessarily in an orthodox sense, but as an intuitive understanding of the immensity and unity that underlies all life, in comparison with which so many human desires and struggles become insignificant.

To flourish, you need a peaceful environment, and periods of quiet privacy are needed for your emotional balance and well-being. You are also very compassionate and cannot bear the torment of any living entity – not a person, not an animal, not even a plant. As a child, you may easily get upset and cry if you hurt someone somewhere, physically or emotionally. The world of your imagination and fantasy was very real for you; he was a refuge for you when the outside world became too aggressive, demanding, or simply uninteresting.

You are very generous and magnanimous, and people are drawn to you with a compassionate nature. Often you continue to give gifts, provide a person, even if you understand that he is abusing your attitude or becomes overly dependent on you. You do not notice and forgive the weaknesses of others, as well as your own. Organization and self-discipline are not typical for you.

Although you may be as smart as others, you do not have a rational, logical approach to life, and attempts to prove anything to you using logical arguments are often in vain. You are guided by feelings, intuition, heart, but not head, which can infuriate or confuse your more rational friends.

You know for sure that life is much more than something that can be explained intellectually and put on shelves, and with an open mind, with interest in mental phenomena, telepathy, parapsychology, etc. You are not as structured and rigid in your relationships as many other people, which gives you the opportunity to see different points of view and accept them all as valid. This can lead to confusion, ambiguity and confusion in your approach – and it can be a very flexible, holistic path to achieving any goal.