Artery – Meaning of Dream


If your artery is bleeding in a dream and you put something over it in a dream, it means that in real life you can reach success if you react very fast. You have very unique skills, so you are able to perform the most unusual tasks and be a leader among your colleagues.

To see blood flowing through artery in your body, means that your close relatives will have problems. If you want to interpret this dream more accurate, you can also check the word “blood”, there you will find many interesting and useful variations of such dreams, and they are more precise.

If you see your artery on the neck in the reflection of a mirror, it means that you will have troubles, the solution of which will not depend on you. It is important also to check what a “neck” and a “mirror” means in your dream, and hence you will have the whole interpretation at your disposal.

In a dream you see your hand being blue because your artery is pinched, according to a dream interpreter, now you are very close to the solution of a problem that disturbed you a lot. Here also you can check the meaning of a “hand”, its condition or appearance in a dream.

To see somebody with visible arteries means that you will find somebody trustworthy, with whom you can become friends. There will be not need to worry or be suspicious – your new acquaintance will show that he is worthy of your attention.