Aries Woman


March 21 TO April 19

Symbol: The Ram

Slogan: I am, therefore I am.


The Aries woman is governed under her ruling planet of Mars, the god of war and, with the daring and bravado of that sign she is always preparing for or, setting forth into life in the search for new worlds to conquer. She is forever seeking to establish herself as both a separate and absolute individual, and one who has a unique and original perspective on life.

The Aries woman is particularly good when it comes to inspiring others, She is highly motivated person and, with incredible drive and ambition, is not the type of person who will take no for an answer. When she is rejected, she will retreat just long enough in order to regroup her resources to again charge on ahead once more.

The Aries girl is, without doubt, a definite leader, even if only she is only leading herself! As a Ram she is very direct in her approach to life even to the extent that, many people might find her to be somewhat tact less and too confrontational. She is not a patient person when it comes to matters of subtlety or diplomacy and is usually very straightforward and direct in her dealing with the challenges of life.

The greatest weakness of the Aries women is her tendency to be aware only of her own needs, desires, and objectives. She assumes that what is correct for her is also right for everyone else.

The word “compromise” is not a popular phrase within Ms Aries’s vocabulary and this can give her a reputation for being pushy and insensitive.

Irrespective, the Aries woman’s fiery nature tends to warm and excite other people to the extent it inspires in them the dreams of hope and promise for the possibilities of future.



In the manner of everything that she does, the Aries woman is dynamic, courageous and impulsive and, very self-projective.  Generally she is unable to foresee any possible setbacks or impediments to her actions.

She is certainly not afraid to take risks, and is far from averse to blazing new trails or to initiating a new plan or project.

Ms Aries world is a very immediate world, and she will favor an exciting high-risk venture that will result in a potentially greater rate of return of profit rather, than to adopt a far safer (and boring!) course of action. Under this aspect of her personality Ms Aries tends not to save money or to invest with long-range profits in mind.

The Aries woman is usually a somewhat impulsive and free spender and, while you will not want to go to her for financial advice, you will certainly like to be in her company, as she tends distribute and pass out her resources with enthusiasm and pleasure.


The Aries sign is a passionate sign that characterizes some one who is seeking an intensity of relationship that may not be matched by longevity.

She is easily aroused and attracted, but her flames generally tend to burn fiercely only for a short time.

The Aries woman is capable of a long- term commitment but only where her partner is able to generate situations and activities that will constantly stimulate her.

The Aries woman can, over time, accept and recognize the importance of having her fire properly contained, however she will never accept having those flames totally extinguished.

In any relationship the Aries woman will certainly provide direction, creativity, adventure, and sexual stimulation.

The signs of Sagittarius, Leo, and Aquarius are compatible to the Aries woman an, she can also very charmed by Libra. Libra however is not the easiest sign relationship for the Ram since the Scales and the Ram are complete opposites.

Taurus and Virgo can add some practicality and stability to Ms Aries’s life, however in order for this relationship to work, those Taurus and Virgo folk must also posses some fire of adventure themselves.

The most challenging Signs for Ms Aries are probably those of Cancer and Capricorn.


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