Aries Traits & Characteristics



  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Color: Red
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Ruler: Mars
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: LibraLeo
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17
  • Date range: March 21 – April 19


  • Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate
  • Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive
  • Aries likes: Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports
  • Aries dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that does not use one’s talents

As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything – from work to social gatherings. Thanks to its ruling planet Mars and the fact it belongs to the element of Fire (just like Leo and Sagittarius), Aries is one of the most active zodiac signs. It is in their nature to take action, sometimes before they think about it well.

The Sun in such high dignity gives them excellent organizational skills, so you’ll rarely meet an Aries who isn’t capable of finishing several things at once, often before lunch break! Their challenges show when they get impatient, aggressive and vent anger pointing it to other people. Strong personalities born under this sign have a task to fight for their goals, embracing togetherness and teamwork through this incarnation.

Aries rules the head and leads with the head, often literally walking head first, leaning forwards for speed and focus. Its representatives are naturally brave and rarely afraid of trial and risk. They possess youthful strength and energy, regardless of their age and quickly perform any given tasks.

Aries – the Flying Ram Guided by the story of the Golden Fleece, an Aries is ready to be the hero of the day, fly away and carry many endangered, powerless people on their back. The power of the ram is carried on his back, for he is the gold itself, shiny and attractive to those ready for betrayal. The story of glory that isn’t easy to carry is in these two horns, and if this animal doesn’t get shorn, allowing change and giving someone a warm sweater, they won’t have much to receive from the world. Each Aries has a task to share their position, power, gold, or physical strength with other people willingly, or the energy will be stopped in its natural flow, fear will take over, and the process of giving and receiving will hold balance at zero.

The first fire sign of the zodiac circle and also known as an infant of the zodiac, the presence of Aries zodiac sign always brings an energetic beginning. The natives born between March 21 to April 19 are born leaders, bold, optimistic, passionate and outspoken. They are likely to act before thinking and its impossible to ignore their excellent leadership and organizational skills. They are flexible, speedy, competitive, and always want to be on the top in all the areas.
The natives of this sun sign are the most active, competitive, and courageous. They always fight for injustice and are not shy about voicing their opinions and thoughts. They are ready to be the hero of any activity or event, fly away and take extensive risks. Hence, it is a little tough to win over them in an argument or take a lead in the conversation. Naturally charismatic Aries natives are able to convince and lead people effortlessly.

Aries is the warrior, the pioneer and the daredevil. Fittingly the first sign of the zodiac, magnetic Aries is a natural-born, energetic, and outspoken leader. This sign is enthusiastic, ambitious, and insatiably driven to accomplish goals and excel farther than anyone else around him/her.

People are attracted to fire-y Aries passion, loyalty, and strength. At the same time, though, it’s often Aries’ blunt, bossy-like honesty that may get him/her in trouble. Aries is so direct that sometimes he/she may come across as pushy and insensitive. So, Aries’ ability to work with others and forgive is a crucial life-long lesson – that and knowing when to stop (Aries has an innate propensity to “work ‘til they drop”).

What Is The Personality Of An Aries?

To a typical Aries, life is like one long, rampant Springtime: full of energy, the potential for huge growth, and the manifestation of goals. They are literally bursting with life and they’ll literally push and push until they find a way to expand, grow and progress.

They love to be in charge and make excellent leaders, although they’re not always as good at managing themselves. Their need to achieve and strong desire for challenge can leave them into some precarious situations. However, don’t tell an Aries to slow down or change track, or they’re likely to kick dust in your face and leave you behind.

Aries drive for perfection is unending. They are always trying to be the best at whatever they do and they rarely feel happy with achieving second place. To an Aries, you only enter a race to win. Anything else is a failure. Excellence in their chosen profession or in their chosen sport or hobby is of paramount importance. Attempt to hold them back and they’ll shake you off and try even harder to get what they want.

Aries can be bossy and overbearing but it’s not because they want to intimidate you or control you. They honestly want you to become the very best version of you that you can be.

They’ll support you completely and, as long as they can see that you’re committed to winning, they’ll help you as much as they can. Their true gift is that they really want you to get what you want – as much, or even more, than you want it yourself!

What Are Aries Good At?

Generally, Aries will be good at whatever ignites their passion. Once they get the bit between their teeth, they strive for perfection and will do whatever it takes to achieve success. They love to compete and will often compete against their peers, even when the other people involved have no idea they’re involved in a competition!

Aries make exceptional athletes. Their determination to win leads them to chase perfection until they get where they want to be.

They also make brilliant leaders. This can include Government leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers.

Aries love to help people achieve. That’s why they make great trainers, coaches, and inspirational speakers. Aries can’t help by being thrilled if they think they are truly making a difference to someone’s life.

They also make good mediators and lawyers. This is because they not only love to fight for the result they want, they’re also very good at it and not afraid to stick their neck out. For anyone fighting an injustice, an Aries in their corner is a good sign. If there’s a way for them to win, Aries will make sure that they do. Your success feels as good to them as their own successes.

Where do these Aries traits come from?

One of the fascinating things about astrology is the patterns which exist. Aries personality traits certainly aren’t random. They come from a combination of the signs ruling planet, element, polarity, house and quality. All of these are also used (consistently) elsewhere within astrology and come together to form the unique package which is the Aries personality.

Are the traits of every Aries the same?

No. The above traits exist if someone has an Aries sun sign. However every individual also has other planet placements (Moon, Mars, Venus etc) which modify this behavior. In some cases one or more of the basic personality traits listed above will be modified or even replaced. Only by examining all the planet placements for an individual can we get a complete picture of their unique personality. A skilled astrologer can often calculate these backwards from the ways that the basic sun sign behavior is being modified.

Aries traits – nurture versus nature

As children we are subjected to many experiences and influences. These can lead to a determined effort to modify our personality and behavior. The traits still exist, but they can be over ridden by free thought. It’s fairly common for negative traits to gradually diminish as a person gets older, wiser and more socially adept.