Aries man personality traits and characteristics


Aries Man Traits

Strong, bold, impulsive, self-centered, ambitious, short-tempered, wild, fiery, enthusiastic, excited, energetic.

The Aries man is a mixture of fearless warrior and undisciplined child. Aries is one of the easiest signs to understand, these are action people, extroverted and assertive. They want to be in charge, the boss, the hunter, the instigator. They are typically confident, fiery, bold, spontaneous and independent.

This man is particularly masculine and virile (yes okay, macho and horny!) and is in touch with his inner child. The later manifests in both good and bad ways; on the plus side he tends to be very fun loving and adventurous, and on the negative he can be very sulky if he doesn’t get his own way, or is ignored.

He tends to be very competitive, but unlike some signs also has a strong sense of fair play – he wants to win for himself; to prove to the world he could do it – and isn’t interested in deceit or cheating. He hates to be bossed around, or feel trapped.

Uncomplicated, bold, aggressive and impulsive, Aries can sometimes be seen as selfish, insensitive, domineering, blunt, outspoken and impatient. They’re never afraid of taking a risk. Lacking in self control they more than compensate in resilience – this is one tough cookie, who will live life to the fullest.

Ambitious and hardworking, he will typically make a good living, though probably isn’t the best at saving the money he makes, instead preferring to enjoy it as it arrives.

The danger for an Aries in a relationship is being too controlling and confrontational. They need to consciously curb their desire to battle and win. More specifically, they need to learn how to lose when fighting someone they love. It may sound like a quote from Sun Tzu, but in love they need to learn the art of ‘winning by appearing to lose’.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Hence, Aries man love to be on number one and are attention seekers. You are ruled by the planet Mars, work in your style and on your own terms and conditions. You are stubborn and stick to doing things in a way you have thought of. Hence, it is very difficult and challenging for your colleagues and subordinates to keep up with you.

You need to accept suggestions and learn to accept peculiarities and points of view of others. By doing so it would be very easy for you to gel with surrounding people. You are a mixture of a fearless warrior and an undisciplined child.

Aries man is protective and fun to be around. He’ll keep you on your toes and will always plan something you weren’t expecting. He won’t settle for second best either so be prepared to visit the finest restaurants and holiday in destinations no one has even heard of yet.

Aries man is an energetic and strong representative of the zodiacal constellation. He does not know what a state of rest is. He always has many new revolutionary ideas, of which, however, not all of them have a logical continuation in his actions. Aries man can be entirely not hot, but cold and unemotional outwardly, but under his impenetrable outer shell hides the real volcano of passions. He is swift in his actions and deeds. If Aries conceived something, he will stubbornly move forward and no obstacles will stop him in his path. At worst, he will stuff himself cones, which often happens in his life, but unlike other zodiac sign, Aries does not learn from past mistakes, and he will with stubborn insistence return to this obstacle again and again.

Aries man is always creatively gifted, in a rush of inspiration, he is able to create the greatest works of art, which, however, are easily destroyed in a storm of self-flagellation, which Aries man often experiences. At such moments, he thinks about his mission in life, and he feels that he has gained nothing of what he could achieve. Aries’ “soul-searching” is always held in emotional agony. He is inclined to blaming, despising and accusing himself of all mortal sins. One good thing – Aries man does not stay long in such self-accusatory periods, and after them starts to work more actively and productively.

Aries is an independent person, this man does not accept the views of others, and even takes for granted objective arguments in favor of this view – he needs to verify, evaluate and see for himself. Aries man only trusts his intuition and his own eyes, and so it is very difficult to convince this representative of the zodiacal circle in something. Outwardly, Aries man is always smart, he has a sports figure and a youthful face often looks younger than he really is. With age, Aries man tends to lose shape and acquire “authority” on the tummy, because with time, his life image has become calmer and less mobile.

People around do often get the impression that Aries man is not mature – he will forever remain with his children’s maximalism, emotionality, capriciousness and directness, admiration to the world, and touchiness, and these “children’s” qualities of a quite grown-up Aries man attracts people to him – especially women, who can help, pity, and console him. But often, Aries man is simply intolerable for people around him because his selfishness and egocentrism make him demand for complete submission to his will from people.

Aries man can be sensitive, compassionate and generous, and moreover, selflessness in him can wake up under the influence of first impressions from what people’s trouble he saw. Sometimes, he is ready to help others but he does so publicly to earn a reputation of a magnanimous and nobleman.

He likes to be in charge but he needs to respect you too. You’ll never earn Aries man’s respect by simply going along with whatever he says. Although it can be hard to stand up to a determined Aries, stand up to him you must. If he’s wrong, tell him. If there’s a better way of doing something, explain it to him. He may blow some smoke at first, but he’ll see that you’re right. He’ll admire you for being strong-willed. He’ll also learn that you aren’t telling him he is wrong to score points, you’re doing it so he can improve what he’s doing. Aries is all about self-improvement, so that’s another way to impress him!

One thing Aries man must be careful of is learning to tone himself down when necessary. He must be careful not to intimidate people who don’t share the same energy. He must learn to recognize and honor the feminine traits in himself and others. It is only by doing this that his empathy will develop. He must learn that sometimes there is more to winning than being first in the race.

Strong & bold

You are always strong, fiery, bold and confident. These qualities keep you ahead of others. Your strength and confidence would be at the same pace during uncertainties and tight situations. You are not afraid to explore the unknown. You are a bold and confident creature and ready to take a lead. Your naturally competitive nature would force you to head on for challenges and obstacles coming in the path of success and reaching a milestone.


Aries men are impulsive and stubborn with thoughts and ideas. You are spontaneous and independent. You don’t accept suggestions and get overly upset if someone argues with you on a regular basis. You won’t answer anyone and work with your pace and zeal. You are impatient with slowpokes.


At first sight, people judge you as a selfish and self-centered person. You become selfish and demanding when your goals and desires get delayed. In fact, you are selfless and a true best friend as you are ready to help others without any expectations to get recognition in return. You are completely involved in your goal achievement and perfection at work. But it would come at a cost of personal relationship. You can break the heart of your loved ones when you are in too much work pressure and surrounded by challenges in professional life. You often overlook the bigger picture of your actions and handling things.

Competitive and Ambitious

You have the core strength to win over the universe. You are ambitious to be number one in your respective field. You are highly competitive and hardworking in all areas of life. You are the one who carries a level of determination which is unmatched by most of the people in his lifetime. You love to compete with yourself equally as you love to compete with others. Your career would have a benchmark of accomplishments and you will attain some successes and milestones to be an ace in your respective industry.

Short-tempered, wild and fiery

Aries men rarely admit their shortcomings and are not so keen to rectify their mistakes. You mostly lose your temper when people don’t follow your ideas and come up with suggestions and arguments. The cardinal and fiery forces of the sign makes you aggressive and sometimes unbalanced. The ruling planet Mars would create the thirst for waging war. You may constantly incite fights and arguments with other men in an effort to alleviate your warrior drive.

Enthusiastic and energetic

You are highly active, energetic and enthusiastic. You love to do things quickly and sometimes even ruthlessly. You are never tired and love to take challenges. You would start projects with great enthusiasm and passion but it doesn’t last for a long time. You are energetic and excited till the time things are going in the way as expected and there is something new to do in it. After some point of time when things become repetitive and monotonous, your energy and enthusiasm would slow down. Maintaining enthusiasm is the biggest challenge for you.


You are very excited to do new things and have a different approach to do things. Anything predictable and/ or straight from the text-book dampens your spirits. You are always ready for adventurous games and trips. You love to have a thrill in your life. You are excited to play sports that are challenging in nature. Your love activities like mountain climbing, biking, car racing, and martial arts.

The Aries man: home life & family

This is not the sign of a homebody, so don’t expect the living space of the Aries man to be welcoming or comfortable. It works for them, and they have it all arranged the way they like it, but concessions might not be made for the desires of anyone else. There may just be one place setting or chair at the table, or one pillow on the bed. It’s not that they didn’t think of you, it’s just that they often don’t think of home as a place to share, or even really a place where they want to spend too much time  – not with all the exciting things to do and see out in the world.

Home is a place to crash, to change clothes, and maybe to roll in the hay – so don’t be surprised if your Aries paramour invites himself over to your place much more often. In fact, you may never see his space at all, unless you happen to share it with him. In which case, get ready to finish up the dishes he started to do before he got bored and moved on to something else, and make sure that wet laundry gets into the dryer before it starts to mildew. He’ll definitely begin a chore with great enthusiasm, but often get distracted by something new that absolutely needs doing before the first thing is ever completed.

Aries Man as Father

As a dad, the Aries man is excellent at making little ones explode into fits of helpless giggling and happy to unleash his inner clown to delight children of all ages. This is the kind of father who may toss his babe high up in the air before catching them again, or toss them in the pool to teach them to swim – much to the chagrin of their possibly more safety-conscious and risk-averse co-parent.

The Aries father is considered as the most protective dad of the zodiac (however he has a tough competition in the form of a Cancerian dad). Although loving and warmhearted, he is very dominating and bossy. His sensitive and timid children may suffer due to his impatience and commanding nature; whereas his more rebellious and strong-headed children may refuse to submit to his controlling nature. However, if one tries to inculcate virtues like humility and modesty in him (obviously in a milder and tactful manner), he can be a wonderful father. For an Aries man, his wife and family always come first. He is often a very generous provider.

An Aries man is also very expressive and always faces the world with confidence. If you support him in carrying out his plans and ambitions by preserving your own independence, you will have a loyal partner and a friend who will be by your side till the end!